Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Please allow me to pull my teeth out so you can get a better look. Tea stains give the gang a golden tan, blood from gums trickling down over the endangered species make them ultra poignant. It's ok to cry.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Blog called Nowhere's one year aniversary is apon us. Our birth date is February 24, 2005.

Turns out we're Piscean.

Experts agree that our traditional Pisces traits include;

Imagination and sensitivity,
Compassion and kind
selflessness, unworldly
intuitition, sympathetic to most animals
and decent oral hygiene

On the dark side....

Escapist and idealistic
Secretive and vague, Churlish,
Weak-willed and easily led.

I'm not sure why they call the "dark traits" dark. Escapist and idealistic are great traits for a perptrator of the paint.
Secretive or mysterious? Churlish or Provençal? Weak willed or open minded? Easily led or easy going?

Heres the rub.
Our original plan was to do this blog as a one year project maybe as the basis for some other kind of project like a new diet book or a theme park, but I'm enjoying it and can't stop. Boadwee has suggested shutting down ABCN and starting a new site, conceptually maybe thats the way to go but it just seems like more work I don't want to deal with. So lets just say this is it, this is the last entry of the OLD Blog called Nowhere. Tomorrow begins Book 2, THE AWAKENING!

Yesterday we celebrated Anthony Burgess's birthday with a small celebration at The Mounds.

If you haven't read A Clockwork Orange since high school it's worth revisiting. Burgess was a genius, we throw that word around a lot but in this case it's actually true. The invented language is brilliant, theres a lot of humor in the book that I'm just now getting and of course it's meant to be a disturbing vision of a violent future. This book really resonated with me when I was a lil shaver, I was shocked by it, but at the same time it opened up a world of possibilities, like hey, you can actually make art that's that sick?

Also the sound track to the film is AMAZING. There are two versions out on CD and they look almost identical. One is put out by Warner Brothers and is called, A Clockwork orange/Music From the Soundtrack the other/ better one, the one you really need to hear is the Complete Original Score by Wendy Carlos .



If your looking for me you'll know where to find me, asleep on the floor.

Friday, February 24, 2006

A.l. Steiner and I (see skull) are working furiously in our giant grassy office (as pictured) plotting the world wide distribution of our zine RIDYKEULOUS!!!!

It's comming to a Walmart or Starbucks near you as soon as NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned. In a weeks time no one will remember what the world was like before the advent of Ridykeulous.

Also if your in LA, today is the last day of Steiner and Eve Fowlers show at Levin Gallery in Culver City.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What in the World?!

This just in from our oldies music contributor*. The missives, grotesque in full color and outlandish cartoon font, he writes:

"I am here listening to my collection of the greatest poet vocalist I have ever heard and forgot just how great he is...brilliant!!! JOQUES BREL

"La Mort"....try it ...it produces genuine heart tears. As a senior citizen I believe my new purpose in life is to open your ears to the most beautiful music of the 20th century....the passions that grew up in the 50s and 60s among the French singers...It was I think a long awaited catharsis of emotions following the horrors of the Nazi period and the trauma of the war and the concentrations camps ...and the European guilt over murdering their Jewish fellow citizens....listen to these you will hear it....one song more beautiful than the next but La Mort is the mournful soul of this period---should be played on Yom Kippur with a Hebrew translation..."

Sorry if this recomendation is a downer what with the concentration camps and mudrered jews and all, still we like to promote various musical views, from the daily brit-pop/electro/pop hoedown to the
extravagantly droll musical stylings of a irritable French virtuoso you find it here, deep inside a b l o g c a l l e d n o w h e r e

* Dr.ShellyE. AKA fatherofthecub

Monday, February 20, 2006

Eddie Art Brut Argos unveiles his new side project Future And The Boy on Myspace. Argos discribes it as Electro-shed, ("like electro-house but not quite") Genius, I promis you can't not love this.

We persist at the refinery, so we're off early this morning. Many of the firstlings are out of order, some are deranged and aimless, but today we are unstopable. The work will be frustrating and repetitive but maybe at times a frenzied rumpus through the gooey boglands but I must "mix with action lest I wither by despair" [Tennyson]. Or Something. Have a good paint day ya'll.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The house is wrecked, the guests haven't left yet. Michel Carluccio had a briliant opening at Outrageous Look in Williamsburg last night and we had a little blow out here at The Mounds afterward. Maybe we had 100 revelers, DJ Twunt was in full affect, the orgy on the dance floor she was a sticky one, meanwhile, Miss Andry was running the VIP opium den in her bedroom upstairs. Great show Michel, I've learnt a lot about painting through your work, I'm so happy for you!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez,

Welcome to our little slice of heaven.

Boadweeblog asked for a battle of the Brit Pop Bathrooms, I say, right-o ol' chap, but if our W.C. aint the dogs danglies, then don't know what is.

Our loo is about the size of a telephone box, it's covered in a medley of posters we got last year when we were feeling a bit spendy, also memoribilia like postcards and concert tickets. We have a London A-Z that Leo Koenig gave us, he used it back when he was mod and would take trips to towne to buy suits and records, it's marked up with the spots he'd hit (thats still at the framers).

Kylie and her pink hoolahoop, a Babyshambles 7", Grahm Coxon and Elastica representing, also a tea towel for grubby guests.

The Libs and Pete play a major role in prettifying the Eastern wall. Also of note is the pic I snapped of Johnny Borrell from Razorlight's Bowery Ballroom show. The Oasis poster of epic proportions had to be cut in half.

Boards are Shiny N' Stripy. Visit the toilet union

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Laura Bush's attempt to Kill Dykes called an "accident"


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

look at you in your swan lake jumpsuit!

Johnny Weir was fierce and on fire tonight. If you didn't see it, take careful note of the red handed glove, thats the swans beak. The netting on the left arm represents the capture/captivity and death of the swan. Weir performed a mournful dance tribute to the life of an unfortunate bird and placed in second in the olympic men's ice skating competition. If they gave out points for costume, he would of stole the gold. The outfits these ice-queens come up with are brain tweezers one and all. Lets take a closer look.....








There is no synchronized figure skating in the olympics but they really ought to think about introducing it as a new olympic sport. Think of the possibilities... !!!!!!!! #### %%% ^^^^ ****( &(&)& ooooo

Very cool. Our next vacation will be planned around seeing this event.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Have a non-conformistly critical day today and cap it off with a talk by Mira Schor who's delivering her lecture, The Art of Nonconformist Criticality, tonight, Tuesday February 14th, 7pm at the SVA Amphitheater, 209 East 23rd st, 3rd floor. Its free! Bring your children, there will be fun clowns and attractions like a monster truck bouncy-house (?) . Should be good.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I know the picture says "Gladys+Mother in law" maybe "Glorlys or Gloolys+Mother m Low" but it should read The Cub family in front of the Mounds.

Yesterday we put on our thermal snow aprons/bonnets and then preceeded to:

Build MASSIVE igloo

Eat pancakes
Shovel out the house and Jammy Jar
Drink ten thousand gallons of hot chocolate
Do some other stuff
Watch the olympic skiiers then the fricken-lame-as- ass-munch-yet-I'm-sucked-in like-cooked-spagetti L-word on tee-vee.

We've just been informed by our sister station, Indianapolis's WISH-TV that while snowflakes that look like dinner plates with columns on them is the lead story here in Williamsburg NY, today Dick Cheney has his own set of issues. Our sister station tends to see the glass half full, and reports that the friend/terrorist Cheney shot in the face, Harry Wittington, who was reported by every major news outlet in the country to be in stable condition, is actually totally fine and laughed it off as he picked lead pellets out of his face and neck.


We had a MAJOR outting to Virgin Megastore yesterday evening

Shitdisco-Disco Blood, yea.
Mylo- Muscle Car (brilliant, great dancey track) Sohodolls -Stripper (sounds good on first listen, heavier then Prince Harry, but another good dance track) Mylo vs The Miami Sound machine (don't know yet) Charlotte Church-Crazy Chick (waste of money) The Chalets -No style (they can do no wrong by me)


Damien Rice-O (Not really new but it's beautiful like Nick Drake or Syd Barrett, this album went platnum in Ireland, it's sweet, not sure about it yet) Fabriclive .09 (new wave electro mix, pretty good) Fabriclive .14 (old school rap mix, whatev, I get nostalgic) Rough Trade Shops CounterCulture 05 (the yearly wrap up, these releases always have some gems on them) Anthony Rother Presents In Electro We Trust (waste of money)

I've mentioned it before on this blog, but just want to remind my gentle readers that the John Peels fabriclive cd is AMAZING. It's one of the CDs I play during my drawing classes and the kids think I'm a god because of it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I don't get it, but it's brilliant.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

David Scher made a humorous and cynical a list of 100 rules for making art, one of them was to change the scale of an object. Charles Ray, So easy, so good.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

At the crossroads of art, psychoanalysis and puppets we find Sue taylors book, Hans Bellmer: The Anatomy of Anxiety. She has some amazing theories, namely that bellmer is not simpley rebeling against Nazi fascination with the perfect body or his controlling father but rather that feminine identification informs all of bellmers work. I love this idea becuse I'm bothered by the idea that Bellmer is simpley abusing womans bodys and taking revenge on little girls who may have humiliated him when he was a kid or something. Rather they are a form of self portrait. She also does indept analysis of the erotic drawings which are really fun to read.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Winsome, playful, bewitching, ill-conceived, these are the words that come to mind when we think of puppets in art. This week we will take a closer look at how artists have used (and abused) the puppet and it's cousin the mannequin.

The "Prussian Archangle" was made by Rudolf Schlichter and John Heartfeild for the 1920 International Dada Fair in Berlin. It has the face of a pig and wears an army uniform. Built as an sort of allegorical mirror, it's purpose was to reveal the true face of humanity, barbaric, grotesque, and militaristic.

Though The Prussian Archangle contines to be relevant, last thursday's blog post of Puppetboy might be the true face of our age, laconic, decadent, vapid...
Sorry I couldn't find a better pic of this piece...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

FASHION FORWARD! A Blog Called Nowhere's salute to NYC Fashion Week!

We begin here because A is for AbFabulous and B is for Baroque, C forces the question, is Christian lacroix off his chob on DXM?

A counter point to lacroix's sober look, Sonia Rykiel reinterperates the the bodys vital organs, the bloated liver dress is fresh and flirty!

Baby Phat. For sporty practicality, the fashion stretch hummer stops here.

Vivienne Tam. yea hair! Or does it looks like another model walking very close behind her? Why do I love this. Whats wrong with me?

Gary Grahm and liz collins. Props to our friend Liz Collins. Shes a Gen Art designer who has done plenty of her own collections but this season is collaborating with Gary Grahm. Liz is a BRILLIANT designer. She has a knitting army and they do performances, at Alison Smith's Muster last spring Liz and her minions knit an Amereican flag the size of a, uh, something big and flat, a basket ball court...

Versace. Hi trashy trash trash!

Missoni. Kooky op-art striped jumpers are HOT. If I had to pick one collection to be the staple of my wardrobe...

Paul Smith wins. Yes to heroine chic goes Whimbelton, can I play?


TREND ALERT!!!!Alexandre Herchovitch. Woodland creature collides with pirate

Emma Cook. The Brits have gone all minimal. Emma and Stella are fashions Picasso and Braque.

The Vermont Country Store brings back the footed pajama, because "it just makes sense"

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