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At the crossroads of art, psychoanalysis and puppets we find Sue taylors book, Hans Bellmer: The Anatomy of Anxiety. She has some amazing theories, namely that bellmer is not simpley rebeling against Nazi fascination with the perfect body or his controlling father but rather that feminine identification informs all of bellmers work. I love this idea becuse I'm bothered by the idea that Bellmer is simpley abusing womans bodys and taking revenge on little girls who may have humiliated him when he was a kid or something. Rather they are a form of self portrait. She also does indept analysis of the erotic drawings which are really fun to read.

Thanks for your comments yesterday, I was with clients all day. I'm out tuesday from 8am to 8pm, bloody hell it's a long day, but so great to come home and read comments.
Slothy thanks for the liink. that pic is really good, at some point I'll swap it out for the one I have now.

I didn't get to all the links posted but will right nows..
This sounds like a really good read; I am definitely going to check it out... thanks, Corny!

Maybe I'm the one who needs psychoanalysis, but somehow I'm not bothered by the implied misogyny in the poupées, maybe because they are just abstracted enough that they become symbols of the dark side of sexuality, rather than some specific narrative...? I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with me. I just love them.
I agree Sloth, but maybe there is something wrong with me too. They are disconcerting, but wonderful. I think there is so much misogyny in art that if we decided not to look at such works, there would be little left to see. It's hard. (no pun intended there)
Yeah, I agree, the art in this case transends misogyny, There is tons of mysogynistic art, great art doesn't have to be moral or rightous. But then that guy Chens work from Painter NYC isn't artfull enough to transend? I don't know.
Bellmers work isn't mysogynistic (because it's his own body he abuses, but if the psychology was different the work work look/feel different and we might not like it (though who knows), the two are inseperable I think.

Slothy I was just looking over PainterNYC from yesterday, good job posting. I won't go near it, i'm scared of dragging fhose guys over here...
I can't go near that site. It is creepy. Sad, but true. Seems there are a lot of angry, bitter folks who can't keep it to themselves.
I think the Chen guy does not trancend.
I like Painter NYC, MM and Slothy are tallented art writers, you have to have a strong voice to mosh in that pit. I love reading it though.
Maybe the key to 'mysogynistic" art that works for me is when it reveals a vunerability of the artist... thinking of picassos portraits of his wifes/lovers, the ears are often folded shut like he wasn't being heard, belies a kind of saddness.
Good point about Picasso. I agree about MM and Sloth, but I guess the site sort of promotes a kind of nastiness that is all too prevalent in the art world as it is. I think the good thing is that we get to see lots of images.
I much prefer the less structured blogs that mix up art and life.
Like yours, MM's and the like. I find it is more interesting to discuss alot of the stuff around art.
Thanks Pd, right back atchya, methinks PainterNYC is being pretty neutral and not really promoting anything, definitely not the nasties... but as a wisened bumpersticker once said, Shit Happens.
I'm off to the refinery.
Have a refined day, Corny.
I was just on the subway and thinking, thinking about the Bellmers & my earlier post ... maybe it isn't so much the abstraction of the figures that overrides the misogyny. Maybe they are just so frickin powerful that they refuse to be subjugated?

Once again a thought-provoking post from the Corncub!
What do nazis and feminists have in common? Both offended by hans bellmer!!!

You are right slothy, they are powerful and can't be readily dismissed. I think of bellmer as an artist who was almost working unconciously and reacting to forces he was unaware of, unlike other self concious surrealists. Maybe a relation to henry darger in this way.
Now i'm really off to work..
probably disconnected to this thread but I dunno, surrealism, erotic art? A collector introduced me to this batshit wierd artist Clovis Trouille, a surrealist I'd never heard of. Worth a google search if you like this stuff.
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