Sunday, February 12, 2006

I know the picture says "Gladys+Mother in law" maybe "Glorlys or Gloolys+Mother m Low" but it should read The Cub family in front of the Mounds.

Yesterday we put on our thermal snow aprons/bonnets and then preceeded to:

Build MASSIVE igloo

Eat pancakes
Shovel out the house and Jammy Jar
Drink ten thousand gallons of hot chocolate
Do some other stuff
Watch the olympic skiiers then the fricken-lame-as- ass-munch-yet-I'm-sucked-in like-cooked-spagetti L-word on tee-vee.

We've just been informed by our sister station, Indianapolis's WISH-TV that while snowflakes that look like dinner plates with columns on them is the lead story here in Williamsburg NY, today Dick Cheney has his own set of issues. Our sister station tends to see the glass half full, and reports that the friend/terrorist Cheney shot in the face, Harry Wittington, who was reported by every major news outlet in the country to be in stable condition, is actually totally fine and laughed it off as he picked lead pellets out of his face and neck.

I got hit smack in the eye by a Capped Column yesterday!
Cheney is the only administration person I can relate to. Can't picture self as a Bush-like Jesus freak or a Rice-like male-identified sadist but can understand being a rich asshole. That kind of cash would be worth the heart attacks.
my feeling is that there will suddenly be a slew of "accidental" shootings by Cheney and other high level cabnet members. doesn't Condi "hunt"?
I believe condi "dives", if you know what I mean....
Dude, I'm kinda jealous of your igloo situation. It sounds so excellent. Even though we are literally sitting here in out flip flops making plans to go to the beach. Weeks is here putting 10 layers of product on her face, the organizing point being her upper lip, which she says she is "sand blasting." She is air typing like a marionette, as I real-type, telling you she loves you.
Think Condi is attractive because I like imperious WASP's with supressed rage but she seems het in an inverted, male-identified, identify with the aggressor kind of way. Hot?!? I read somewhere that she dates professional atheletes.
i like that you think of her as a there such thing as a BASP?
WASP's have names like Condi or Skippy or Muffy. The ultimate rough trade: willing to piss on anyone for power. Still trying to figure out HOT or SAD ? That whole netherworld.
Oh Capn't or capt'n, your note makes my day, you kids sound like you're having a grand ol'time.
Give God a slap on the face for me!
Corny, it's so unfair, no snow tonight. The blizzard should have waited 2 days and then no teaching.....good luck tomorrow.
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