Sunday, February 19, 2006

The house is wrecked, the guests haven't left yet. Michel Carluccio had a briliant opening at Outrageous Look in Williamsburg last night and we had a little blow out here at The Mounds afterward. Maybe we had 100 revelers, DJ Twunt was in full affect, the orgy on the dance floor she was a sticky one, meanwhile, Miss Andry was running the VIP opium den in her bedroom upstairs. Great show Michel, I've learnt a lot about painting through your work, I'm so happy for you!

Corny, I blush. You and the mrs. are the real deal.

....don't know why you had to post the pic of me on the couch though? The jeans were a little tight and I drinks me lots of beer. and poor Johnny B....the fire in the ass prank!? That might have crossed the line.

All in all a F*cKin great time had by the all the kids...
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