Monday, February 13, 2006

Have a non-conformistly critical day today and cap it off with a talk by Mira Schor who's delivering her lecture, The Art of Nonconformist Criticality, tonight, Tuesday February 14th, 7pm at the SVA Amphitheater, 209 East 23rd st, 3rd floor. Its free! Bring your children, there will be fun clowns and attractions like a monster truck bouncy-house (?) . Should be good.

I don't get Mira Schor. I can't understood text in art the same way I don't get why anyone would write a book like "Opera or the Undoing of Women" instead of writing an opera. Except I like Glenn Ligon.
Kelli, your making a good point. personally I would rather write an opera then disect one. I liked her on that panel with Tammy Ben Tor and am now a fan.

PS. ..I'm not going tonight, just got home from "teaching"...
I wanted to go to this. UF is there now, unreachable, must be getting all hyper post everything stretching into the 2 hour zone. Mira is really smart, just bitter-sounding. At least that's what my students told me. Anyway, I am definitely curious about it...I just got home from "teaching" too. I "taught" very even-handedly, only staring off into space every 7 minutes or so. Now I am home to an empty, grubless, UF-less apt. on Valenshmuck's Day feeling very proto-alcoholic. Poo.
Good for UF for going. The Monster Truck Bouncy House must be a big hit.

Mrs. Cub called me today thanking me for the 4 dozen white roses she got at work and of course i took credit (having no idea what flowers she was talking about). Turns out she was pranking me knowing how predictably I'd lie, (some might call it a lie, some might call it nonconformist criticallity). Someones got to put the shmuck in Valenshmuck Day.
Pass the schnapps
Corny I am trying to be less of a jerk. I like a lot of Mira Schor's writings: I think she is insightful, critical but kind. I just don't get it as art. Can't figure out why I like Ligon so much more. Happy Valentine's day MM, & Corny& Ms. Cub.
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