Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What in the World?!

This just in from our oldies music contributor*. The missives, grotesque in full color and outlandish cartoon font, he writes:

"I am here listening to my collection of the greatest poet vocalist I have ever heard and forgot just how great he is...brilliant!!! JOQUES BREL

"La Mort"....try it ...it produces genuine heart tears. As a senior citizen I believe my new purpose in life is to open your ears to the most beautiful music of the 20th century....the passions that grew up in the 50s and 60s among the French singers...It was I think a long awaited catharsis of emotions following the horrors of the Nazi period and the trauma of the war and the concentrations camps ...and the European guilt over murdering their Jewish fellow citizens....listen to these you will hear it....one song more beautiful than the next but La Mort is the mournful soul of this period---should be played on Yom Kippur with a Hebrew translation..."

Sorry if this recomendation is a downer what with the concentration camps and mudrered jews and all, still we like to promote various musical views, from the daily brit-pop/electro/pop hoedown to the
extravagantly droll musical stylings of a irritable French virtuoso you find it here, deep inside a b l o g c a l l e d n o w h e r e

* Dr.ShellyE. AKA fatherofthecub

Really interesting entry in Wikipedia for Jacques Brel, Corny. He's buried near Gauguin in French Polynesia.

Your pop sounds like a cool guy.
introducing people to beautiful music sounds like a nice purpose in life for a senoir citizen. I feel I will be a crazy old cat lady who signs for and hoards other people's UPS packages. Or a redneck who chases kids away from my shack.
What a fantastic dad you have. I once dated someone who was Jewish and played songs like this on Yom Kippur. I didn't understand the lyrics, but thought the music was beautiful.

As always, thanks Corny.
Cool Corny!!!! Your suggestions are mucho appreciated. I believe you are right, the residue of WW2 is there, all over the place in the least expected places. Here's to the 20th century!!! So much horror, more horror than almost any other, yet more activity and so much great music and art. Your goal is true and good, to bring these things to our attention. I just did a post on Burchfield and was feeling like, God I am such a 20th century existential throwback sublime-seeker, dorked out for real...so thanks for this.
Say hi to your dad from all your blog friends?
Slothy! Your back! You were missed my dear.
Kelli, I'm with you, it's good to have a purpose in life, I'm prone to think age doesn't matter, unless your a block of cheese or bric-a-brack, but yes about living in a shack with 40 to 50 cats. My friend LEF and I discus opening up an old age home for the likes of people like us when the time comes. We'll save you a bed.
PD, was he rotund and bearded? Did you date my dad?
Are we related?
I had a crazy aunt with 13 cats who took over the upstairs of her house. She had to move into the living room. She fed all her food to them and the foxes who came to her back door. This will be me except I will eat more and make sure I have a stash of tranqs.
Burchfield and brel are 20th century artists who deserve to have a 21st century audience... I too feel like a 20th century artist, scratch that, a 16th century artist, shitski, I got some catch up to do.
I don't wanna catch up.
Uh, I thought your dad told you....I'm your mother, Corny. I just couldn't bear raising a child--I'm sorry. It doesn't mean I don't love you.
don't forget the americab Brel - Scott Walker..... (sounds like and cover's tons of Brel)- Who's still around making insnaely crazy dark freaky records... But the records Scott I - IV are absolutely must haves...
LOVE Jacques Brel!! He does make me cry. He's like the French, male Nina Simone.
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