Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If you had to carry the new Olympic Torch which way would you go? We have it on good authority that the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing will have a torch with a retro look, -imagine lit, Que dramatico!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tomorrow is my first goddamned drawing class. The Jammy Jar can get me to the Elimination Chamber in two hours, but if i peddle peddle peddle my heart and lungs out, I can get there on my Raleigh Chopper in under 20 minutes.

British design has given us the Concord, the double decker bus, Doc Martins, Aston Martins, kooky phone booths, the mini skirt, thin umbrellas, bowlers and so on, but I think you will defere to my expertise when I inform you that the Raleigh Chopper is far and away the greatest single moment of brit design ever. My brother had one of these for a few weeks when I was a kid, some thugs stole it, raised it up a flag pole in front of our elementary school and let it drop, repeating the process until it was a pile of scrap.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pd's post about Colin Blunstone got me a thinkn about all the great britpop moments Mr. Boadwee has turned me on to over the last few years. One that really stands out is 10cc's kooky 4th album, How Dare You! Humorously dubbing themselves "the worst band in the world", they sing songs with titles like, I'm Mandy Fly me and Art for Arts Sake. And the album cover? It's like looking in a mirror and seeing my split personalities staring back at me. This is worth buying, but you can also download these pleasingly peculiar songs and more 10cc for free here.

A fry up would sure hit the spot. We got a bit mashed up last night and i'm feelin sloggy headed and a wee bit 'ung over. Eggbaconchipandbean is a mother's pearly gate and i't's going straight into the bloomin' Snackshack.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Master David Humphrey opens tonight at Sikkema Jenkins and Co on 22nd street. Behold this sweet and bizarre painting. The portrait of a marriage aspect of this painting seems to channel Grant Wood's American Gothic, but less goth and more japaneese teenage girl. Also showing with David is Jeff Gauntt. I don't know Jeffs work but I know he's a swell DJ.

Were blown away that Pete got arrested AGAIN thats twice in one day. I'm feeling like this is going to be one of those Darryl Strawberry situations where the hero falls, plummets really, then spend the rest of his life stumbling, lurching around like a drug addled frankenstein toppling over on himself and never getting fully upright again. Very depresssing. I can't believe he is loved by all of Britian, he has a band and managers and a record company and parents yet no one will do an intervention.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brit-poppers Hard-Fi played a rollicking set at Bowery Ballroom last week.I just read a shit review in Art rocker of their live show but I haven't seen anyone as tallented as these motherfuckers in a long time. They played a set of songs from their album Stars of CCTV and added in a couple of new songs. There's a dub sound they got going, mixed with catchy chorus's that sound like boy band material, but mostly they get compaired to the Clash, (late clash). Lead singer Richard Archer looked as if his vains were going to bust right out of his head the whole time. Alot of their songs are about life in a small town. When asked by the NME about Staines, the town he's from, Archer replies, "Small mindedness gets on my tits because it's so narrowminded". Exactly, It gets on my tits too Richard, all over my damn tits!

Met Katrin Plavcak for dinner tonight, Somehow she saw my blog post about her work and she happens to be in NY. She showed me her new stuff, it's interesting, much more abstract and complicated. I'll post some pics here if she sends jpegs.

Monday, January 23, 2006

In the name of being an equal opportunity offender, we present to you our new favorite website The Utah Baby Namer which was passed on to me by my brother in law Danny. I have to give him credit for this post and as he put it,
...despite our marriages into the very heart of preppidom, we ourselves are jewy jewy Jews. I think this calls for a link to a list of ridiculous Jewish names. Sadly, outre Jewish names don't scan as ridiculous so much as failed attempts to sound WASPy (Herman, Milton), old-and-shriveled (Golda, Leon) or backwoodsman-esque (Jedidiah, Hezekiah).
My own family has some good ones, my grandparents Zapora and Saul named their sons Sheldon (my dad) and Bernard
my uncle, who is called Bernie. But Danny is right, while Zapora could also be the name of a space monster, it doesn't come close to the kookiest of preppy names. I couldn't find a list of preppy names online and Danny wrote, "I don't know of a list of insane preppy names other than the Social Register (which probably will be put online the same day hell freezes over)" However Mrs. Cub is a great help in this area, Turkey, Parker, Spencer, Chalfant, Gardner, Ham, Pooey, Doffy...and that's just from her family. Friends include Duane (a woman), at least 2 known Kittys, Bunny, Happy, Kit, Kippy, E4 (Edmond IV), Chicken, Fritz, then there are always the Pat Patersons and Pete Petersons, the best of which is Boaty Boatwright. Brother in law continues:
If you want to be really pedantic about it, you could point out that the funniest WASPy names are the puritan names. These names were so bad that it's my contention that they drove WASPs to abandon first names altogether in favor of strings of last names (like, say, Parker Hamilton Hayes Robinson, for example). Here's a good list: Puritan names and a funny article: Puritan Onomastics. This is the best part of the article: " A great many English Puritans lived in Sussex, for example, but only about 1 percent of New England's immigrants came from that county. Sussex Puritans made heavy use of hortatory names such as Be-Courteous Cole (in the parish of Pevensey), Safely-on-high Snat (Uckfield), Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith White (Ewhurst), Small-hope Biggs (Rye), Humiliation Scratcher (Westham), Kill-sin Pemble (also Westham), and Mortifie Hicks (Hailsham). A classic example was an unfortunate young woman named Ffly fornication bull, of Hailsham, Sussex, who was made pregnant in the shop of a yeoman improbably called Goodman Woodman."
I'm very fond of the name Humiliation Scratcher. Thinking my Puritan name would be Ruined Slug or Prostate-on-Sofa.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

This chicken scratch is Beethoven's Symphony #6 "Pastoral" ----------->

Mrs. Cub and I brushed off the cat hair and hiked up to Lincon Center last night to have Kurt Masure and the the NY Philharmonic crack our skulls open and replaced our spongy Celebrity Fit Club addeled brains with the answer to many questions that have been bothering us lately, like, "whats the point" and "why bother"? It was the greatest rush of serotonin one can get short of an eightball. Mrs.Cub said afterwards she was having visions of skimming along the water like a bird. I was imagining myself thumping over hill and dale on a very magnificent pink horse, making frequent stops to look at a bush or smell something. It was a genius night of music, the audience went ballistic at the end, people were actually breaking their hands clapping with excessive vigor, the cries of pain mixed with jubilation was disturbing to say the least but all in all an amazing night of music.

Also on the bill was a Liszt's Fantasy on Motifs from Beethoven's Ruin of Athens, Totantanz -Dance of Death (boring) and finally a Prokofiev piece called Scythian Suite, a work inspired by the Scythian tribes that rode horses around central Asia for several hundred years beginning in about the eighth century. The Prokofiev was really loud, along with all the usual stuff you find in an orchestra, they brought out a hulking monster of a base drum, the gong, the xylophone, the triangle, symbols, tubas, tambourines, bells, two harps, trombones, all in full affect.

If you don't know Beethovens 6th (you probabley do) I recomend it, also recomend Lizst's Fantasy on Motifs from Beethoven's Ruin of Athens. It's unbeelievably beautiful, good music to paint to if you tire of the new Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah CD.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

German Art Week Day 5

Karl Valentine (born 1882) was an artist, filmmaker, cabaret star. But more radically I think of him as a very early performance artist who, in a way that seems ahead of it's time, made his body into a work of art. His unstable and sickly form was a presented as a kind of critique of the unstable and sick society he lived in and his comedy spoke of the grotesque idiocy of the world. Like Charlie Chaplin whom he is often compared with, Valentin was a comedic genius, but Valentin had an scathing edge chaplin didn't have. He was skeletally thin and lanky and used his body like a dancer, his contortions underlined the tone of the time, a frightening moment between the world wars when political tensions were running high and the Nazis were coming into power. Mark Stevens from a review of the 2004 show of the Comic Grotesque at the Neue Galerie points out
“Artists associated with Dada savaged the body, mocking both art and the larger “body politic.”
Think Hannah Hoch, John Heartfield, Georg Scholz.

Valentin worked closely with Liesl Karlstadt. (pictured below left) They were partners on and off the stage for most of his life. But Valentin was a hypochondriac, she tired of taking care of him, he spent her fortune and she tried to kill herself, eventually they parted ways.

Valentin lived in Munich where kept a museum of his stage props costumes, photographs, and Dadaist objects. If you go to Munich, go see his museum, it’s unbelievable, the whole building is a work of art, I remember there being a leg coming out of a wall, exactly like a Gober.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Inhale Hold Exhale. I don't know much about Emile Nolde but I'm likeing his crowded garden of poppies and foxglove, I need to mainline this painting, commit it to memory.
he began to see that 'dexterity is also an enemy' and he allowed himself to create fantastic paintings 'without any prototype or model, without any well defined idea ... a vague idea of glow and colour was enough. The paintings took shape as I worked.' -artchive.com
I'm trying to not over paint the work I have going in my studio. My guru visited yesterday. I showed her a painting that was 20% done, she said that if she walked into a gallery today and saw it, she'd dig it as it was. Guru is wise and enourages me to be fluid and bold. I've been feeling good about my work but then confidence turns to soul squashing insecurity in the blink of an eye... which then results in me being uptight and overpainting. Guru reinforces my best instincts and soaring seagull that she is, smashes my hardened little clam shells of fear against the rocky shores of optimism. Or something. Hey you kids in LA and vicinage, A.L. Steiner and Eve Fowler have an opening tomorrow at the Harvey Levine Gallery in Culver City. Their show is called Wimmin by Womyn who love Wymin. It opens Saturday January 21 from 6 to 8. Good luck guys, have fun, wish I was there with you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Johnathan Meese painter/sculpture/performance artist/reigning enfant terrible of the German art scene. I love the unfettered energy of his portaits of evil. Megalomaniacs (Wagner, Fassbinder, Hitler and himself) emerge out of thick nasty glops of paint, his handywork translates beautifully to bronze sculptures, the ones I saw were gnarly faces covered with swastickas. Heres an interview with Meese and Tal R also the Saatchi site has a lot of pics to scroll thru.
Also please endure this related post about German Cannibals
with homoerotic twist

That which is Blasted from the past. Peter Angermann as described on German Wickpedia (and translated):
From 1966 to 1968 it studied painting at the academy of the forming arts in Nuernberg with Gerhard Turning Country , afterwards (from 1968 to 1973) followed a study at the academy of arts Duesseldorf with Joseph Beuys ... Meadow Man is represented, among other things with its work in numerous private collections as well as in museums of the in and foreign country: Bavarian state painting State of , Munich...etc.
Peter Angermann remindes me of NY painter Matt Blackwell whos work I'd fight for, also seems to me to be in the same paint family as George Condo. Check out Angermann's web site, it's pretty amazing. He was an influential painter for me when I was in college in the 80's. I forgot about him until last year when Mr. Boadwee brought him up during one of our impassioned disscussions on whats hot.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Gutenmorgen und Willkommen zur deutschen Anstrichwoche (yes, our german friends have a word for "painting week")!

Every day this week we will honor a different German painter. Today I beg you to revel in that which is Katrin Plavcak. Katrin makes videos and has a band, she's also a dog whisperer, a competitive kick-boxing champion, a mother of 6, she has a cooking show on German cable teevee called "Hallo Kleiner Frankfurter!" Moreover, she's co-scoring a musical salute to the human genome along with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Her hobbies include off road driving and leather tanning. She is ambitious and I like her painting. She uses a lot of photography in her work but her images are introspective and funny.
"Martin Prinzhorn associates Pavcak's transgressing forms of the self with a feeling that "characterizes the moment of waking and opening the eyes. Still blurred, the images perceived are on there way to, but do not yet appear as, interpretable images. Content comes only later and takes time."
-From the Slices of Life catalogue, a show curated by Karin Pernegger at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York 2005

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday. Ma and Pa Cub popped by The Mounds today with lox, bagles and a dish Ma cub calls "my delicious Sweet bread". Late Chanukah, (or Chanukkah? or Chanukka? or Channukah? or Hanukah? or Hannukah?) gifts were dispersed, Mrs Cub recieved a book on Kabbalah and I got a book on the secret inner lives of Hassidum. Will report back.

Friday, January 13, 2006

AREYOUFAMILIAR is a REALLY GREAT music blog with tons of downloadable mp3s. I just downloaded a couple dozen new songs and alot of it sounds good on a cursory listen. I don't have much in common with his top albums of 2005 but theres a ton of shithot shit to be had from this site. Also keith, good dinner party, Prince Charles is nice touch of class, thanks for playing. Sorry for calling you every 5 minutes today but the Nixzmary Brown story was freaking me out. Did I mention her best friends mothers name is Lizette? So awful... really really horrible story but whats gives with these names? I love a good/bad (you decide) name, Shitayde, Sharmonica, Shaquasia, Shifawn... bring it on, but Nixzmary is a whole new playing field.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mrs. Cub and I worked out our ideal dinner party. We were both vying to sit next to Dracula but Mrs. Cub prevailed and got him, I'll be fine in between Pete Doherty and Cameron Diaz. The B.R. under Liz Taylor and Betty Ford indicates before rehab. The only potential problem I can see is having a bunch of bookish people dominating one corner of the table however the writers do like to drink so it should be ok. There were a lot of actors/actresses we wanted but ultimately did not invite, not wanting it to become a hollywood gossip session where we would feel left out at our own party...

Clockwise from top
Cameron Diaz
Betty Ford (BR)
Mary Shelly
Dorothy parker
Martha Stewart
Bill Clinton
Tina Fay
Peter Lorry
Liz Taylor (BR)
Pete Doherty

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Originally uploaded by Corncub.
How many mornings have you woke up, shuffled into the kitchen and thought, I'm making myself a cup of coffee but what I really want is champagne. Or, I'm pouring myself a bowl of Natures Gate Flax & Fiber Crunch cereal but what I really want is more champagne. Morning meditation: Great Spirit, Amanda Lepore, let me live today in acceptance of your will. Today let us do it Your way.

Monday, January 09, 2006

SHANIQUA!! HAHAHA... my other past time in Boca Grand was to loud talk about the season premire of the L-word driving Mrs.Cub near out of her mind. Shame is so funny!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Agent Lemon extraction technique
for Robitussin cough syrup.
Simplified Acid/Base Extraction of DXM

Materials needed:

Clear Ammonia (non-sudsy)
Naphtha (Ronsonol, Zippo, or Red Devil
Cigarette Lighter Fluid)
Gallon-size Ziploc Baggies
Cough syrup containing only DXM or
Pin or needle
A 2-liter jug or gallon jug with lid
Microwaveable bowl or glass pan for stove-boiling
Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed, or ReaLemon,
or one of those plastic lemons you
find in the produce section) or
Countrytime lemonade mix with SUGAR, not
Toothbrush and toothpaste


Determine how much cough syrup to buy.  Assume you will lose about 10% of
the DXM.  Wal-Mart sells 8 oz (236 ml) Equate Tussin DM for $2.49, which is the best
deal I've found.  They also sell everything else you need, so its the ideal
place to obtain materials.  There are 472mg of DXM in one 8oz (236 ml) bottle of
Tussin DM.

Do not extract more DXM than you will be taking that day unless you want to
trip on DXO.  The product will gradually turn into DXO if left overnight or
for a period of many hours.  You might like the DXO trip, but I don't.

Pour cough syrup into your gallon jug or 2-liter bottle.  Add an equal amount of
ammonia.  Shake for 30 seconds.  Add Naphtha equivalent to about 10% of the
volume of cough syrup/ammonia.  These measurements don't have to be exact,
the only thing I would advise is not to use too much ammonia (no more than
an equal amount to the cough syrup) if you are using a syrup with
guaifenesin.  An excess of ammonia will turn the guaifenesin into a slightly
oily layer, which will take a few hours to separate, rather than a few
minutes.  It sucks when this happens.

Shake your ammonia/naphtha/DXM for at least 4-5 minutes.  Shaking it longer
won't hurt.  Each molecule of DXM must touch ammonia, then naphtha, in order
to be extracted.  Each that doesn't will be lost.

Pour the mixture into a Ziploc baggie and hang it up on a nail by one of the
top corners.  You will see your mixture begin to separate, and should be
fully separated in just a couple of minutes.  Ammonia/guaifenesin/coloring
will be on bottom, and a clear layer of naphtha containing your DXM freebase on
top. You should see a perfectly clear line of separation without bubbles.
If there is a bubbly layer in the middle after 5 minutes, you've gotten oily
guaifenesin and you'll just have to wait it out.  I've noticed this happening
more with certain brands of ammonia, but the Wal-Mart Equate brand ammonia
always works great for me.

Rinse out your shaker jug very well, you're going to need it again in a

When you have a clear separation, you're going to snip a SMALL hole in the
bottom corner of the baggie, and drain out all the red stuff on the bottom.
Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area, outside is best.  Otherwise go
into a bathroom and drain it down the sink, holding the baggie close to the
drain, with the tap running.  As you see the naphtha/DXM layer getting close
to the hole, get your jug ready.  Let a tiny bit of the naphtha out the hole,
to be SURE you're not getting any ammonia in your final product, then drain
the rest into your jug.

If you are using a colored 2-liter bottle, I'd suggest draining the naphtha
into a clear or white bowl first.  Inspect it for any reddish bubbles.  If
you're using a gallon water jug, you'll be able to spot them in the jug.  If
you see any, it means you got ammonia in your product.  AMMONIA IS TOXIC.
You must remove it before proceeding with the next step. Do this by pouring
your naphtha into another baggie, hold by a top corner.  You'll see the red
drops settle to the bottom corner.  Prick the corner with a pin and let the
ammonia drop out. Then return the product to your cleanly rinsed jug.

At this point you can either evaporate the naphtha using a blow-dryer, in a
glass pan or bowl to produce DXM freebase powder, or proceed with the
instructions below to produce DXM citrate, which I recommend over the
freebase form.  Neither form contains bromine, making both a much healthier
form of DXM than DXM HBR.

Add an amount of lemon juice equal to the amount of naphtha, or 3 oz (89 ml),
whichever is more.  If you are using freshly squeezed, strain the pulp.
Shake the lemon juice/naphtha for 5 minutes or so.  Pour into a Ziploc
baggie.  Hang by a corner.  This will take a while to separate, at least an

**Alternative** Use Countrytime lemonade mix, the kind WITH sugar, not
aspartame.  The first 3 ingredients will be sugar, fructose, citric acid.
This method works fine, and separates instantly, cutting your extraction
time from over an hour to about 20 minutes.  Use about 3 tablespoons (43 ml) of mix
to 4 oz (118 ml) of water, a much stronger mixture than if you were actually making
lemonade to drink.  The problem with this method is that if you don't use a
strong enough mixture, you will recover a lot less DXM than with lemon juice.
Don't worry about it being too strong to drink.  It tastes pretty bad, but
its actually a lot better than the lemon juice product.  Either way, you're
only drinking a couple of ounces, so it beats chugging syrup any day. Be sure
not to get the Countrytime with aspartame.  If you are not used to consuming
aspartame, using this much at once will most certainly cause a nasty
headache, which will ruin your trip.  The headache lasts for 2-3 days. If
you do regularly consume aspartame, read http://www.dorway.com to save your brain
and health while there may still be time.

When your product has separated, your DXM is now in the bottom layer, snip
the corner of the baggie and allow your product to drain into a microwave
safe bowl or glass pan for boiling on the stove.  Don't lose too much
product worrying about the naphtha layer getting into it. Try not to get any
naphtha, but if you end up with a drop or two in there don't worry.  When you
boil your final product, the naphtha will immediately rise to the top and
evaporate cleanly.

Boil the lemon juice/DXM for about 5 minutes, in the microwave or on the
stovetop.  Be careful microwaving, as the product tends to boil up and over
like noodles on a stove do.  Make sure your bowl is large enough that you
don't lose half your lemon juice over the side.  You'll be extremely pissed
if this happens.  I suggest a bowl larger then your normal sized cereal
bowl, or a very tall microwaveable glass.

Chill the lemon juice, there's less of a gag reflex that way.  Have
toothbrush and toothpaste handy, this stuff tastes like ass.  Effects kick
in in about 30 minutes, peak around 2-2.5 hours.  Some feel this is a far
cleaner and more spiritual trip than using syrup or powder.

Back to the DXM (dextromethorphan) Harm Reduction Project home page

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Five books from the past 6 months that I couldn't put down
Gombrich writes a sweeping and fluid narrative of the history of civilization, he's brilliant. This book was originally written for children, it's got a sweet tone, but he's never condescending. His knowledge is vast, the book begins in Pre-historic times and I'm not sure where it ends because I'm still reading it, but he spends most of the book on ancient times, the dark and middle ages. Thumbs waywayway up.
He wrote Gosford Park. Snobs tells the story of a good looking middle class girl who marries up into society but is then ruthlessly snubbed by the snobs. The intricate behavior one is expected to follow to get along in upper-crust British society is explained as the story unfolds. I had to continually bug Mrs. Cub to listen to incredible passages as I was reading. Usually she would ask me not to read out loud and eventually she'd get up and leave the room, sadly missing out... Julian fellows is an insider who exposes the unwritten rules of the game. Like Wharton, only meaner. FUN!
A Neurosurgeon has a really bad day. "There's lots to chew on in this book and a berserk climax" (to quote my own penetrating review from last May)
American Psycho. My bible? Any fan of that book should read this follow up, Patrick Bateman is back! The last few pages of the book are unbefrickenliveably beautiful.
Woman in the Dunes meets Robinson Crusoe set on a traffic island in London. What are you kids reading?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Mein Droog, Medrie MacPhee opened at Michael Steinburg Gallery last night, it was brilliant. The show is beautiful and we were especially excited about the recent drawings in the back of the gallery. Medrie with typical originality and flair held an aerobic step class after the opening at Glass bar. Mountain Man and Slothy and Sillman and Mr. Humphery and many others were sweating to the oldies all nite, good times. Congrats Med, a billion kisses xooxx

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That's it, I give up. There is nothing I can add to the conversation thats not covered at Cute Overload. Every big eyed puppy and every kitten in a bag is a direct protest of the war in Iraq and a challange to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Tom Delay, Kenneth Lay, all the gready fuckers and closed minded biggots and fundementalist hypocrits who think they have the final word in family values and morality, who dread differance, who are religious but spiritually stricken, WalMart who pays their employies as little as they can, especially woman and other sinister companies that opperate out of greed not thinking at all about the bigger picture, these little animals say, NO to you! Their lovability (especially the ones with big watery eyes and wet noses) are a challange to hatred and hostility. Cheers to Cute Overload, and welcome to my links cloumn, your contribution to humanity cannot be overestimated.

Those kooky Germans!
Check out the video for "Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt" and soak in the air drumming, Germans in turtlenecks, that funky unplugged bassman, Germans in turtlenecks, perhaps the first-ever documentation of the running-man, and Germans in turtlenecks, all playing out like some sort of bizarre teutonic sitcom. -wfmu blog

Has this site Crappy Children's Artwork been passed around ad nauseum? Am I late to get on the hairy firetruck?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sunny Day Sets Fire comes via whats on the NME stereo, a weekly column in the NME that I'm pretty much addicted to, where I've found great tips for new music over the past year. I like the song Fly Fly Fly, it's all I've heard by them but I'll keep my eyes out for an eventual CD release.

Barefooted and denim clad, Ms. Cub is on the links breaking pretty much all the rules.
I'm back from the worlds most x-treme preppy vacation at the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grand Florida. Imagin the Overlook Hotel redecorated by Mario Buatta compleat with creepy twins wondering the halls in matching Lilly Pulitzer. It was like that!
We took golf lessons, played tennis, did yoga, swam and played with the neice and nephews. We taught the kids how to make peace signs with their fingers and say "peace man" which was a big hit, they would shriek it repeatedly at every innocent passerby. Off to the studio (!) to work out my pent up rage at the snobby republicans types we were surrounded by all week.

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