Sunday, February 05, 2006

Versace. Hi trashy trash trash!

this is my favorite. anybody wearing this thing would be totally unstable. why not just paint bulls-eyes in the little polkadots.
lol. too true. Innit brilliant though?
I can see this blowing right up on to a certain gallery associated girl.
i totally know who you are talking about. caused a scandal in miami by passing out & skeeving with a married guy. but did not puke in the jacuzzi.
WOholly shitski, really? Our girl? She's trouble, i adore her.
Or are you talking about your own exploits? more pronouns please...
Dude I don't know why everybody thinks I am skeevy. I'm like a body double for Lily Bart in The House of Mirth. I'm talking about a certain troublesome young lady. But I only have love for the slutty. It takes a real generosity of spirit. i don't even like riding the subway.
Kelli you fucking crack me up. I hate riding the subway too. I do not know you but am sure I would not think you were skeevy unless you asked me too. Sometimes I think I would like to be skeevy, but then I mention skin disorders and pus and it gets ruined. Here's to sluts. This outfit is pure slutty trash. It's a dream catcher.
Somehow I just don't believe you would deny yourself pleasures as lily does, though you do seem very practical. I hate riding the subway but only because after 19 years, the routine is old also I find them dangerously hypnotic, I can't go near them without wondering what it would be like to jump.
I'm like a teenager in this reguard.
Corny do not jump. Then you would be grits instead of corn. MM "dream catcher" is a nice positive name for slutty people. Planning to bite your style & use that one.
Take it, Kelli. I don't mind. Corny please please do not jump. We would die without you.
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