Sunday, February 05, 2006

FASHION FORWARD! A Blog Called Nowhere's salute to NYC Fashion Week!

Thankyouthankyou Corny! for the fashion tips. I will nip out today and purchase the Christian Lacroix ... I needed new workout togs. Will pair with Nikes.
Slothy I thought of you might particularly like the Alexandre Herchovitch togs, it's seems so....slothish
OMG the Lacroix with Nikes (better yet,
LA Gear) its so Working Girl!
y'know...? all joking aside, I likee that one.
Me too, really insane. imagin a world where people ware lacroix to do errands...
oh, yes... that is imminently wareable
meaning the Herchovitch...
The versace looks like: take 50 p&d paintings, put 'em in a blender, hit "frappé," repeat.
Versace looks like a piece of beautiful garbage blew on her when she was walking down Collins Ave in South beach
whats P&d Paintings?
lol tot!
dump results onto Paris Hilton...
i want a fainting couch made out of the Sonia Rykiel material! It would suck me down into the depths & Iwould be fully digested.
I hates when my comments come out before yours when they should be AFTER. Blogspot is sticky business these days
pattern & decoration... minor '70s movement
hahahaha that fainting couch would be perfect on the sidelines of Whimbelton when team Paul Smith is playing
I know; makes for crazy feelings. very frustrating.
Miriam Schapiro was p&d... also Robert Zakanitch
Liz Collins and I were going to collaborate on a line of clothing called bacon...we got very excited to make underwear with bacon design in crotch
Oh...geez, I gots to look them up. please hold....
Miriam Schapiro patterns are causing epileptic fits
LOVE IT!!! You could call the lady-jockies "crispies."
Commercial: "under my footed pajamas, I ONLY wear Crispies."
lol. Comfort never felt so...crispie!
I have a picture of pariHilton meeting Flavor Flav above my desk. He's wearing a pink dinner jacket a watch the size of a large pancake and a viking helmet. She's wearing versace
Flav totally stole that viking helmet idea from me; I stole it from Marvin the Martian.
Noodle! Yoou guys got me in fashion stitches! I personally like the gold frame around the head look, with the gold leggins.
Thats criminal! You're both criminals and should be locked up in a strong box or sent to live on a remote island together.

Mrs.Cub is riding my ass to help her clean The Mounds.

Have a good day Slothy, Don't forget to honor Yahweh's day off by napping and other such holy activities.
aye-aye, cap'n corny! I'll get right on it & celebrate a day of sloth...
Thanks for the great posts Corny. You were really on this morning.
These young ladies are beautiful and sexy, I'd dust off the ol tallywacker but sex at age sixtythree is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.
My tallywacker is age 63 yet I am 33. Can you guess how this happened?

PS, I am interested in this pool with a rope idea. I am imagining lassoing the balls. I don't see why it couldn't work.
fashion week ,yes !
"something long overdue & much needed, armor designed specifically for the female"
the protective cups will help when I get drunk at openings& people knee me in the groin
Kelli have you been kneed in the groin for real? Did it take long to heal?
MM. I think I know.

It happened because you got your time machine mixed up with the realistic vaginal sleeve you keep in the bedside table and accidentally zapped it into the future?
Kelli the link isn't working. Body armor is a good thing, something resembling a diving bell would stave off the knee jerks?
geez. Sorry MM. I just reread my comment guesing at how your member has aged so and it feels very inappropriate. Must the the Superbowl vibe makign be aggressive.
and tpye like a clod
We had a pool table gowing up, our favorite game was to divide the balls up, stripes vs solids, and line them up at either end of the table and then hurl them across the table tring to peg each others fingers. There are many ways to play pool and I agree that something involving a lasso could be fun.
Corny, you're kidding right? Inappropriate = not inappropriate enough. That is my golden rule. My Tallywacker is 63 because I had my old one lopped off in a bubblegum factory accident and it was transplanted with the tallywacker of my wizened but generous Uncle Ned. So there you have it. The vagina sleeve sits mostly unused on my bedside table and my time machine has been broken for months.

I feel like I could have come up with a much better tale. I too blame the Super Bowl.
My brother and I would climb up on top of the pool table at my grandparents' house before anyone was awake in the mornings and play golf-style using the sticks as clubs. It was all kinds of giggly. My brother had to do exactly what I said or else. I was that kind of shithead sibling.
Oh please Kelli, please may I kick you when you get your cup? I'll let you kick me, cup or no. I am a pain slut.
I'm sorry I meant Female_armor.html but please nobody knee me til I get my protective cup on.
I mean pain dreamcatcher. What up with the comments. Ooops.
Oh I get it *wink*wink* "bubbelgum factory" being a house of child prostitutes who specialize in blowjobs.
Got it. MM you are clever as the dickens, what with the layered texts-subtexts.
Sorry Professor Winkenheimer is so old in anycase.
I'm sure we can think of other uses for it.
Yes Corny, you are so intuitive, seeing right into the heart of the's not the kind of knowledge you can learn in school. You either have it or you don't and my goodness, girl, you have it.
I do believe they also shriek "respect me."
Those Versace pain dreamcatcher's shreak
Dear (Uncle) Ned,

I heard about your great generosity of spirit thru MM. I would like to try life with three buttocks. Do you think you could help me out here? Thanks in advance.
If you don't mind the saggy type of third butt cheek, I'm your man. Call me and we'll talk. I'm willing to trade for relics.
AWESOME! I am trying to decide if the drooper should be in on one side like a saddle-bag, or in the middle, for the rear-testicle effect. hmm... decisions...
Are we talking members here, or pool? I always have my lovers chuck pool balls, striped ones only, at my member until I cannot stand it any longer.
I don't know where you should put ass#3 but I thought of names: butsac, the heirs& the spare, gluteal gravy. Organ donation is an act of true selflessness.
If i had known what a massive orgy Football is I would have been watching all season. I took notes as we watched and here are some of the phrases bandied about:

"The tight ends are going deep"

"Just get the ball up there and let them muscle it out"

"last year he played with a glove and everyone would get on him"

"recievers start feeling the finality"

"He's going to force it in"

He's going to come, he's got the short guy, the medium guy, and the long guy to hit"

"With his left arm, he thru him to the ground, penelty in the sack, personal foul"
lol Corny, I never knew... here are some suggestive football terms from the interwebs:

Bump and Run
Loose Ball
Live Ball
Long Snapper
That is hysterical!! More, more, more. We need to learn football language. The whole world could be so much better.
OMG, the undiscovered secret world of football, worlds within worlds! "Long snapper", the 63 year old tallywacker knows about that one!
Then of course there's the football player from the 70's or 80's named Dick Buttkiss.
Yeah, I love that name, I believe he's got daughter named Anita
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