Thursday, March 30, 2006

From the Finally Some Real Kontent korner

Creme De Menthe's CD The Impossibility of Eroticism in the Suburbs is our recomendation of the week. I'm wild about this CD. It's electro for the BDSM crowd, kraftwerk is an obvious influence (there are some computer voices), the whole CD makes for a strange and beautiful trip with at least 3 truely outstanding tracks encluding my fav track, Sadomasochistus which I heard played on WFMU last night (here's 2 minutes out of 6 to listen to). This has to be one of the nastiest most explicit songs ever written. Get it at Amazon

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Witness the parade of lady cakes who have come to celebrate our belated 30th birthday today. They are the free and easy avatars of joy whose pompous lower regions are proportionate to the cheerfulness (I.E. the slitting of wrists) they bring, Please give them a warm reception because tonight we will plung candles into their skirts and set them ablaze!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Yeah! Awlright, F*ck yeah!

We must dispel the thick fug of rumors that hangs over us that
a) we're quiting painting to become magazine mogels or
b) that the Dandy-Walker syndrome has advanced to the point where work is no longer possible and we are passing the days foping about in a silk smoking jacket, making snide comments to those wretched maggots, the "neighborhood children". It's not true!

There is wet paint and I will touch it!

We will be stepping off the gas a bit with ABCN, there will be fewer postings and
entries will be lazier and more insignificant.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Report From the Breaking news Desk

I love shit like this. Some artist out there is having a lot of fun with the Catholic church.
Direct your curser over this sentence and press down on your gentle mouse to be scandalized.

Friday, March 24, 2006

We're going to hop in the Jammy Jar and fly to the studio right exactly this very second! We took time off from work for Ridykeulous followed by a week in bed with Avian flu. With 6 weeks until our show, this prolonged absence from the refinery is totally unacceptable and nerve wracking. On the up side, if people are disapointed by my work, I can blame it on the bird flu or my recent flair-ups of Dandy-Walker Syndrome.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good morning

Listen hard and learn the truth of what you are.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Don't worry about me, Mrs.Cub has hired a nurse to help me through the day. We're on a strict regime of big green pills and fluids also the nurse administers shots every 2-3 hours, it makes us feel like we've got MS, she says it's helping.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Dada Show at the national gallery was inspiring. There was tons-o-stuff we had never encountered before encluding this strange George Grosz college/painting and the revelation of all that is Picabia. That man was brilliant, every painting we encountered of his in this show pushed the boundries of painting. He moved through mixed media and paint with irreverance and humor, allowing himself total freedom and overturning one paradigm after another .
(Picabia) divided people into two catagories: "failures," among which he included himself, and "unknowns." The failures are recognized artists who never take their explorations and inventions as far as they might, since no one ever goes the whole way. The "unknowns" are all the rest whom nobody talks about until it's too late." -Alain Jouffroy
We especially liked a college painting where he glued combs on a womans head, also a paortrait of a man with matches for hair, like a prototype Jeff Sonhouse. DADA aside, our favorite painting we encountered this weekend might have been the painting below, a portrait of a massive chunk of butter. I can't remember who painted it. Someone French.


"A Portrait of Butter with Two Small Yet Helpful Eggs." -MM



Friday, March 17, 2006

A Winner has Been Chosen!

In a stunning turn of events, ABCN's Capitol Building Redesign Development Corp, has won the ABCN's Capitol Building Redesgin Development Corp Competion! The 6 year vetting process turned out to a big waste of time for world renown achitects including Piano, Ghery and Spears who stormed out of the awards ceremony earlier this morning.

Ignoring any public input or democratic process, ABCN is jetting down to Washington DC this evening to break ground. Pictured here is the winning design proposal. This Iconic elevated slab " reflects the rich tapestry of our national spirit" says an ABCN spokesman who is also competition judge, and primary architect of the winning design. It's purely coincidental that ABCN's own proposal crushed the competion. We will be closing the ABCN's Brooklyn office until after the ribbon cutting ceremony Sunday night.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Refinery pics

From inside the refinery

This machine is called the Univac-Iris-Microvax-Ideastation/8000

There are 4 ideas on the UIMI/8000.
Our Department of Cautious Connoisseurs will look into this development STAT

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We're doing something we never thought we'de see ourselves do... that is post about Belle and Sebastian. This band never interested me until last year when GrandmasterBoftheBloodArm recomended the single, Dear Catastrophe Waitress . It totally turned me around about them. It's an amazingly catchy upbeat song that jangles along with touches of electro-pop, really different from their usual wispy, dreary stuff. I bought this new album in the hopes it would be following up on that last single. It's not all I'd hope for given the brilliance of Dear Catastrophe Waitress but if you're a fan you'll probably love this CD. I'll keep listening to it, Keith said he likes it but I'm already looking forward to the next album when maybe they'll get it just the way I like it.

We're also really enjoying the new Acid Casuals CD titled Omni. This band, formed by one of the Super fury Animal guys, is also a clothing line and they opened a gallery space in Cardiff. It's kinda downbeat electonica, not our usual cup of tea, but there are some beautiful vocals mixed in and hints of pop. The NME gave it high ratings and PlayLouder says its
"one of the most astounding techno debuts we've heard in some years". We have so much new music to sort through, wheres that lazy-assed doppelganger?!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Plunging into Difficulties
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Quagmire

It's back to the old routine today. My hands are covered with cobwebs . Dry rot has made honeycombs of my arms, dustballs are collecting in pits. I popped into the refinery yesterday eve (not to paint) and it smelled stale. It's not going to be cute today because my paint is heartlessly indifferent to what I need from it, it is a material posessed by a sadistic deamon who makes slow beautiful love, then slaps me upside the head and laughs at my clumsiness.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

L Word 3006

Setting: an iceburg floating on the ocean. Shane & Dana pacing the giant ice cube like captive circus cats: Dana, in hospital gown with ass showing, massive dripping bloodstains from chest where the breasts used to be....

Dana: my phantom limbs are acting up again, i wish there was a baby around to suckel me right now. Can you just work on my tit for a minute shane?

Shane: dana, get your grubby phantom fun bags out of my psychic space, yer lady brests are in a dumpster behind Ceders Sinai being knawed at by maggots, beatles and other fawna and thats a long way from here, compadra

Dana: ever since we’ve been adrift on this giant ice cube all you’ve done is sit around bindging on penguin meat and taking core samples of yourself. And while your Kong sized ass gets bigger & bigger, I ALONE have been tyring to get us off of this floating hell on ice

Shane: It isn’t hell ON ice Dana, it IS ice. And my gluteous maximus has nothing to do with your frustrations. As artistotle said, it is the great muscle that distinguishes man. It is fully developed to hold the pelvis upright, unlike OTHER animals

Dana (crawling on all fours, licking the ice) Whatvever... if you’re not gonna help me and my cancer get a drink, then all your good for is absolutly nothing. (far away, staring at her hand for some reason only Dana gets) Nothing, zero...

Shane (mounting Dana from behind): I love it when you deny your humnity

(strobe light)

INTERUPPTED by Shane exclaiming: Wait...Is that a lump?!“

Dana: UCH! i’ve had cancer for one-thousand two-hundred years, and the LAST thing I need is another blistering sarcoma swelling up on this tumor-addled body

Enter Bette, swimming up to iceburg, she has transformed into half-lesbian, half-Penguin Hugs dana, hands her a fresh bottle

Bette: hola chicas. What’s swelling?
Dana: Hi Bette...

Shane (pointing to dana): another day, another cyst

Bette: I’ve been adrift and having outlandish unsafe sex with penguins. Do you know of any diseases I might’ve contracted? I feel worried all the time... and my new curitorial effort also is about being worried all the time

Shane: I worry about stuff

Dana: Bette, we’re rocketing thru the solar system at the speed of light adrift on a sea of ice...THERE IS NO PROVOCATIONS SHOW, you MORON!

Bette: so anyhow, I had to arrange for the shipping the entire provocations show, including the Sally Mann i bought with my grocery change from the barren coast of a sub-anartic island, And a MIRACLE happened! We got Betty to agree to perform live! We have to get back to the continent! NOW!

Dana, now drunk on mircorbrewed sea kelp: Do penguins really give birth to eggs from the top of their feet?

Shane: WHAT!? Shut up dana before I slash another sarcoma off your anorexic corpse right now! GOD!

Dana, staring into ice reflection: I’m alone. So alone, where did my life go? It’s like listening to a broken mirror...


Bette: There are no more masterpieces. Betty is playing at the iceberg nextdoor. Let the theater of cruelty begin. There already have been 43 suicides and the concert hasn’t even begun...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Talk about your breakfast of champions, here's a little peek into the daily grind as expeirenced by Jeanin Oleson and Ellen Lesperance. Come to Participant Inc. tonight night to learn more.*


March 10 – April 2, 2006 Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 7-9pm

Works by misandrists: Lutz Bacher Kevin Blechdom Keith Boadwee Daniel Bozhkov Lindsay Brant Kathe Burkhart AK Burns Chicks on Speed L.M. Childs Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan Daphne Fitzpatrick Eve Fowler GelatinPaige Gratland K8 Hardy Rachel Harrison Lisa Kirk Christian Lemmerz Ellen Lesperance & Jeanin Oleson Miranda Lichtenstein Catherine Lord Rachel Lowther Keith Mayerson Carrie Moyer Ulrike Muller Eileen Myles Laura Parnes Lisi Raskin Ashley Reid Victoria Robinson Lisa Sanditz Emily Sartor Lara Schnitger Lori E. Seid Amy Sillman Gwen Smith Brian St. Cyr A.L. Steiner The Third Leg Nicola Tyson Claude Wampler Laurie Weeks Lucy Sexton Mikey Iveson Goody-B. WisemanSuzanne Wright and then some...

PARTICIPANT INC is located at 95 Rivington Street, between Ludlow and Orchard Streets on the Lower East Side. Gallery hours: Wed-Sun, noon-7pm.

*From March 10 through April 2, 2006, PARTICIPANT INC will present Ridykeulous. Curated by Nicole Eisenman and A.L. Steiner, the exhibition is based on their publication of the same name. Ridykeulous is a collaborative effort on the part of the two curators to subvert the languages, both theoretical and visual, which are commonly used to define Feminist or Lesbian art. By exploiting the style of a periodical and borrowing heavily from the aesthetic sensibilities of ‘zine culture, concert promo-flyers, and counter-culture manifestos, Ridykeulous purports to distill a cultural moment or tap into the blood and guts of an underground movement. However, using as a starting point cultural stereotypes about Lesbian art as some sort of “alternative” genre or movement, Ridykeulous seeks the erosion of such conceits and the attendant limitations placed on a culture forced to operate as an alternative, rather than a viable contributor to the conversation at large. Ridykeulous constructs a counter-narrative that no longer adheres to the rules and definitions of either approach.

Multiple works included in the exhibition engage with both the traditional art-historical position of the female subject and the modern commodification of female artists and their work. Ridykeulous proposes an inquiry into how these relationships are reversed, inverted, or made obsolete as the traditional “male gaze” is removed from the equation or at least overtaken by a “female gaze,” as is the case in works of art made by Lesbian artists and portraying female subjects. All of this is done with a sense of humor and a conscientious play with modes of representation present in multiple realms, such as pop culture, advertisting, and the visual arts.
As Eisenman and Steiner have noted about their publication:
Ridykeulous will tell you everything and nothing and plunge you into an abyss of fury. It is not nice. It is foolhardy. Ridykeulous is a confrontational mélange of recipes, poems, celebrity interviews, facts, fictions, accusations, jokes, sex, advice, merchandise, violence, puzzles, and luxurious artworks available and unavailable for your home. It is a publication with which to fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and decorate your communities. If you are one of those people questioning what is happening on planet earth, the womyn of Ridykeulous and a few of their male enemies purport to have the answer. We will meet your requirements and surpass your expectations, allowing us to serve you better.

Ridykeulous is created entirely by the power of intelligent design and Leo Koenig Gallery,

Thursday, March 09, 2006

breakfast stilllife Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Today we will have the breakfast of Champions so as to fortify for the day ahead. Our skin is thin, gray hairs are rocketing out of the scalp at an accelerated rate, annoyance and irritation abound like spry fawns through the thick clump of woodland I call worry.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

story.jones Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Thanking Mrs. Andry for alerting us to this story: Jennifer Jones is nominated for homecomming king of her Maryland high school and I for one say, YOU RULE THE SCHOOL JENNIFER! If some big ol' bulldagger had been the homecomming king of my high school (if we had done home comming, which we didn't) I might have enjoyed what was generally a pretty difficult time, actually it would have changed the course of my life. Woah Mister, Back That Truck Right On Up!!! We've got trolly loads of new music to sift through so after the Ridykeulous opening on friday we will hoast the ABCN hoe-down, we recieved a massive package recently from both Mr. Boadwee and also the Royal Mail. woo-woo.

Monday, March 06, 2006

unknowable forces of the universe* Presents:
Quotation Korner!

He who can doeth, he who cannot afford to, teacheths.


Good teaching ith one-fourth preparation and three forthths the donuths you bring to clath with you


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *We interupt your life to drag ungrateful and shamlessly boyant ass to the institution so to deliver fresh blood to the Needy Little Takers -as Team Shredder would call them. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Homuncului are cool and helpful. Heres how you get one: take an egg laid by a black hen, poke a tiny hole through the shell, replace a bean-sized portion of the white with human sperm and bury the egg in dung on the first day of the March lunar cycle. A nifty little humanoid will emerge from the egg after thirty days! Or impregnate a willing tree or get impregnated by a mandrakeroot, et voila! Heres the most reliable method; Let the semen ejaculated by a hanged man (during the last convulsive spasms before death) fall to the ground and take root. Then carfully transplant the growth to your greenhouse or sunlit clerestory. Feed it milk and blood, it should develop into a miniature human which will guard over you, help you with the house work (including washing brushes and cat litter duty) and in some cases, take over your brain to do the thinking, and feeling so you can finally RELAX. Homunculi enjoy a steady diet of lavender seeds and earthworms, though the diet will vary.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Munch, beautiful show. Amongst the thick ghosts, exploding suns, bleeding houses and death bed scenerios we found a lot to laugh about. I think I was giddy with love for these paintings. I was struck by how the symbolism seemed to grow out of feelings so intensely personal. I love the straight forwardness of his subjects, like a guy gripping his heart as a woman drifts into the sea, sounds corny, it is but then it's so damn beautifully painted the depth of the painting is in his handeling of the paint, the interconectivity of all the forms, his messages are simple and clear and resonate deeply. Also love when his color gets all dankity dank.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We're taking the day off from the refinery to see Munch at MoMA. Munch is our favorite painter, really, right at the top of the list. I've missed every major museum show this season but we wont miss Munch. Back tomorrow with searing insights.

Knee scraping kowtoes for Charlie Atlas, film maker and video artist extrodinaire who just recieved the 2006 John Cage Award. Charlie has collaborated with many choreographers and dancers , and vent like figures over the years, I.E. Michael Clark (we'll get to him later), Merce Cunningham, DANCENOISE, and on and on. Atlas also collaborated with Leigh Bowery, his latest film is the documentary, The Legend of Leigh Bowery, if you haven't seen it, it's brilliant, Leigh Bowery was brilliant. Charlie we're sending you love and congratulations.

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