Thursday, February 16, 2006


I usually don't like these forwards but this one's pretty funny, Thanks to BrotherCub.
Very funny.
Ahem, that's thanks to Mrs. Cub...
Kudos to Mrs. Cub!!!
Thanks, MM.
This is too good. What an ass this guy is. The only tragedy is that he wasn't the one shot.
At least he is an equal-opportunity, poor, muslim....
I wonder if they'll impeach them BOTH? I wonder if Dick will actually get busted, like a regular person would? Do you think?
no, he won't because he will use his telekinesis on everyone.
Laura Bush killed a friend in a car accident as a young woman. It's strange: the Clinton administration had a few suicides not just Vincent Foster. Suicide vs. accidental homicide. Not sure what it means.
Too bad Cheney didn't have one of those boomerang guns.
It would be better if the ice-queens in the last post were our Cabinet.Then we would act out our dramas using illusion fabric. Making outfit for my opening out of illusion netting with bulls-eye on my ass.Or maybe just for parties.
Kelli, you are on to something. I think that would be a perfect opening outfit. If your dealer doesn't like it, they could kiss your firey backyard.
Best regards from NY!
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