Sunday, February 05, 2006

Vivienne Tam. yea hair! Or does it looks like another model walking very close behind her? Why do I love this. Whats wrong with me?

that's easy, Corny: you like the fleshy-fleshy-flesh-flesh-colored crayon effect, plus the look of the Barbie who's had her hair massacred by blunt-end scissors. Who wouldn't love it?
I do I do love it.
you know me better then I know myself. The flesh colored crayon has been a "slow burn' so to speak. I was always suspisious of that color and it's name. like why wasn't the puuple crayon called bruise, or the pink crayon called scar-tissue? Luckily I have this blog to work out lingering childhood issues
lol, oh corny, why can't i quit you?
wait - I just got the bit about "another model walking very close behind her" ... HA!!
ha ! I know! WHY is that model drafting her like they're in the goddamed Tour-de-France????
It's the grapefruit-&-cigarettes diet... she's feeling kinda wobbly and needs that wind resistance cut down...
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