Friday, February 24, 2006

A.l. Steiner and I (see skull) are working furiously in our giant grassy office (as pictured) plotting the world wide distribution of our zine RIDYKEULOUS!!!!

It's comming to a Walmart or Starbucks near you as soon as NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned. In a weeks time no one will remember what the world was like before the advent of Ridykeulous.

Also if your in LA, today is the last day of Steiner and Eve Fowlers show at Levin Gallery in Culver City.

Sewing my name into my underpants so I can hang on to my identity after rydykulous comes out. It is hard core in an earthy fashion totally unlike the cruel detachment I am used to. Will pick up a caramel machiatto to make the experience more soothing.
Tres curious...I want to forget what the world is now like and remember a new world, just as you say. I want to see it very much.

Kelli, careful with the caramel, don't get any on your identity-undies.
Thanks for our first review kelli, very cool. I don't know where the earthyness comes from, I think it's what Steiner brings to the table -along with doing all the real work.
also, we're selling pre-stained underwear in Ridykeulous, you can pay extra for a monogram.

MM I can't wait for you to see our nasty little love child.
How do I subscribe? I love zines that make me forget this world. Hey MM, remember "Dungaree?"
can I place an order for 3 copies, plus undies, for the members of Team Shredder? And then another hundred or so for the Auxilliary Team? So that we can get right with ourselves.
eye-eye capt'n, your on for 103 issues. Thank you for volunteering to run the west coast Ridykeulous distribution center. Your a good egg.
Great news on the zine, Corny. I will be checking WalMart's gay/bi/lesbian section for it all week.

Kelli, here the flag for your island:

Who knew? Well, maybe you did, but it's news to me.
Sloth, thank you. Looking forward to being repatriated to my homeland by
I am composing a national anthem right now.
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