Monday, February 06, 2006

Winsome, playful, bewitching, ill-conceived, these are the words that come to mind when we think of puppets in art. This week we will take a closer look at how artists have used (and abused) the puppet and it's cousin the mannequin.

The "Prussian Archangle" was made by Rudolf Schlichter and John Heartfeild for the 1920 International Dada Fair in Berlin. It has the face of a pig and wears an army uniform. Built as an sort of allegorical mirror, it's purpose was to reveal the true face of humanity, barbaric, grotesque, and militaristic.

Though The Prussian Archangle contines to be relevant, last thursday's blog post of Puppetboy might be the true face of our age, laconic, decadent, vapid...
Sorry I couldn't find a better pic of this piece...

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sorry that little link didn't work... the html is messed up. here 'tis:
I know they've been overexposed, but I love Bellmer's poupeés, too... has a lot of different dolls. but they have no flat-chested mean-spirited dolls with nice cheekbones.
Well, they ain't Jim Henson....but pretty great.
"World's finest love doll" ... funny and a little poignant. Reminds me of the Japanese Lap Pillow phenomenon.
Very goood, SLoth. Looks like a very comfy lap.
It's funny you should mention it, Corny, because way back in Philly after my friend Lizzie had been repeatedly used and abused by various puppetmasters and puppet troupes, our friend Zoe created the self-defense motto, "Never Again a Puppet!"
And it worked!
But anyway, untill I read your post, I didn't know the pain of the puppet was so widespread.
Porno Puppets
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For example, a blind client wishing to “view” a pornographic movie or video would be close-at-hand accompanied by one of our staff, to illustrate in detail the action on the screen. By hands-on following the figurine charade, no nuances of plot or emotion will be missed by the non-seeing patron.

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