Tuesday, February 14, 2006

look at you in your swan lake jumpsuit!

Johnny Weir was fierce and on fire tonight. If you didn't see it, take careful note of the red handed glove, thats the swans beak. The netting on the left arm represents the capture/captivity and death of the swan. Weir performed a mournful dance tribute to the life of an unfortunate bird and placed in second in the olympic men's ice skating competition. If they gave out points for costume, he would of stole the gold. The outfits these ice-queens come up with are brain tweezers one and all. Lets take a closer look.....

Corny, it was so incredible. Flipped between men's figure skating & the Westminster Kennel Club tonight, and the resemblances abounded!

Also, did you get a gander of the giblets on the Chinese speed skater lady? Who knew the 'Lympics could be so gender-dysorienting........
No but the american woman who was up tonight had some back on her... I love your splicing together dog show/figure skating, YES, it can be done, the dogs could learn to skate, they're smart and obediant...
I liked the Russian figure skater... from the front he looked kind of like John Lennon, then when he turned his head you got the full-on Steve Perry effect. Best of all possible worlds.
Sheesh, I missed it all. We watched Dr. Phil instead. What a mistake...and then crashed into bed. But this Steve Perry effect is something I am very interested in. Why did I miss the Olympics??? Why did I forget to watch the good stuff????? Gnar.
I watched this on the plane last night, while two babies screamed for four hours straight. I lika the russian too, but also the Swiss guy who wore an outfit that Dick Buttons likened to his dining room curtains! I think Swan Lake should be banned from the Olympics...just as the song "Shout" should be banned from all wedding receptions!
PD, Dick Buttons knows his stuff. I however missed the russian (bummer, I'm picturing something like what Carol Burnett wore when she played Scarlet O'hara) because a little goes along way, also the jumping makes me very tense and i must turn away because we simpley cant take it.
I couldn't find the outfits of all the guys from last night on the web, we need a research assistant here at ABCN.
Oh I love the Carol Burnett you speak of! Yes, the jumps are nerve-wracking, but I seem to be able to predict all the falls.
Dick Buttons is supposed to be straight--did you know that?
Johnny Weir did great last night! Triple lux into triple toe, she was a flawless queen.
Oh those ice boys are a sheer delight. I wish i could smoke some of that melodrama.
loved the quip about how repubicans will hate her.
it must take so much work and sacrifice to get to this level of competition, but when a skater starts out with a weak performance, or falls a couple of times, I want the announcer to say "NEXT" & a giant hook to come out & yank the skater off the ice.

Or aybe a gong?

This is how mean I am, deep down.
sorry: "maybe a gong."
Yeah, or the two lowest scoring skaters have to face off in a battle to the death, or at least until one can't stand up. I'm always scared their going to stab eachother in the face with those skate blades when they're whiping the legs around
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