Thursday, February 16, 2006

Laura Bush's attempt to Kill Dykes called an "accident"

Thank you kelli for pointing our crack team of investigators to this startling story/allegory. It is true, we found the story on the CBS news site and a dozen other places as well. The cabal of killers reigns supreme. They can kill whoever they want with impunity, and that
courtesy is extended to their wifes and children.
more tragic: her actual triumph in the muder of "falling down" star michael douglas.
Corny, is this a photo of Laura Bush at 17? I am frightened.

Oh - wait. No, I see it's a mannequin. Target practice dummy for Dick?
Yes, this was out even before he got elected...and people didn't give a shit.

She is looking quite mannequin-ish. Call in Andrew McCarthy.
Ben Lee, Killing michael Douglas was actually a favor she did for us all, too bad he had to come back to make "The American President"
Tomorrow the battel of the Britpop bathrooms is on. Watch out Boadwee, your ass is grass
I can't stand looking at her--my eyes....
i can't NOT look at her...she puts me at ease...ahhhhhhhhhh
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