Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yesterday we celebrated Anthony Burgess's birthday with a small celebration at The Mounds.

If you haven't read A Clockwork Orange since high school it's worth revisiting. Burgess was a genius, we throw that word around a lot but in this case it's actually true. The invented language is brilliant, theres a lot of humor in the book that I'm just now getting and of course it's meant to be a disturbing vision of a violent future. This book really resonated with me when I was a lil shaver, I was shocked by it, but at the same time it opened up a world of possibilities, like hey, you can actually make art that's that sick?

Also the sound track to the film is AMAZING. There are two versions out on CD and they look almost identical. One is put out by Warner Brothers and is called, A Clockwork orange/Music From the Soundtrack the other/ better one, the one you really need to hear is the Complete Original Score by Wendy Carlos .

Wendy Carlos was originally Walter. Personally feel like shadow self is much the same. If I were guy would still wear leather pants & eyeliner but less chiffon.
I have heard of this Walter to Wendy transition. I am inspired to re-visit this book and music. A Clockwork immersion experience sounds like a good way to finish paintings.
mm, that makes total sense, in relation to your work. It's amazing that a Jabberwocky-style invented language can be so memorable and evocative.
Popp Acorn just wrote me a note recomending "Anthony Burges' book length poem called "MOSES". The part I would read was about the death of the first born and the angel of death flying over the houses and the screams are heard from the Egyptian houses....etc etc. It is a favorite of mine---very eerie. Burgess is great with the english language and from the poem I am sure he knew the biblical Hebrew---he was jewish. You should read that part from 'Moses' again...or read the whole book which is not that hard to do and very dramatic. He does feel the violence in the story and in the language. I never read Clockwork. We are cetainly heading into a more violent world....Think of all those African kids who learned only how to kill...all those Chinese men who wont have the woman partners to help civilize them and who will have to join ultra nationalistic military grps to help deal with the male aggression....and all those Arab kids who are being brought up with the life goal of killing Jews, Europeans and Americans and only then can they get laid in heaven. Poor suckers who will die and never have enjoyed sexuality. All this is a mixture that will increase the V/P (violence potential) of the world. Remind me to tell you about the real origins of the Crusades---talk of violence....
Popp acorn"
Wow. Your Popp rules.
MM, yeah, Popp Acorn is the best, he's deep and poetic soul like us. heres the rest of his fastinating email:

"Please thank your postmodern followers for some flattering responses to my Joques Brel note. Glad to hear that there are thoise who know how to hear him. Brel was one of those artists who see things by virtue of experiancing themselves as OUTSIDERS/THE STRANGER. Brel was flemish and felt out side of the Flemish mentality...He had a teriffic ear for the spoken word and how lanquge is used. Reminds me of the other Joques who died this past fall and who also loved words and was also very much a French outsider/Stranger by virtue of being Algerian and being Jewish. J Derrida.

For my taste i like artists who are not afraid to use their sensitivity which has benn developed by virtue of existing inwardly in their childhood as the outsider/the Stranger. Did you know that in the Bible story of Cain who murders his brother Able and then is marked bodily...the mark of Cain... which marks him forever as the the figure who give rise to the development of the artistic generations. Art from the sin of fratricide!!! Now that is a very interesting story.

Popp Acorn, please to start your own blog!
MM i heard you have a show comming up, very exciting is this true? I can hardly wait. Is it true? when? where?
I hope my Segway is out of the shop by then so I can arrive in style
Doth your Thegway have a thidcar? Can I ride in the thidcar?
Thumbody, you can ride in my shirt pocket, it's lined with old tissue which makes it perfectly cozy
Thanks for posting your dad's emails!! He is amazingly insightful and sensitive. You are lucky. Yes it's true I am having a show that opens May 11 at Feigen. We should all have segways and bump into each other murerously but tenderly.
Yes, tender murder, like suffocation with a pillow, I'll kill you if you kill me, but I'll only do it with pillows.
Lets kill feigen after your show opens and keep it up forever!
Corny your dad should totally start his blog. If I had known your folks were here I would post in a more ladylike manner. Also forget that boss reads this blog.
Did Wendy Carlos do the music for The Shining or did I make that up?
capt'n she did indeed. personal quote about her transition: "fears & dissembling perpetuated a fictionalized identity including faked pictures for 10 years. I naively let them run amok forced to hide from the public until 1979 when fed up I pulled the plug on the whole mess". Interesting in relation to Corny's dad's thoughts about outsiders& art.
Wendy carlos also did the sound track for the film Tron about the guy who gets stuck inside a computer and has cool little bobsleds to zip around in. I'm going to get this soundtrack, I suspect it could be a really good one.
interesting kelli, I wonder if her music changed after she switched sexes.
I think the outsider voice is critical in making art, you got to stand outside the forest to see it, or rather since you are kicked out of the forest or chose to leave the forest when your young you develope a new way of looking at it, also this proly relates to why Europeans like to write about America and possibly my fastnation with cute animal culture. is odd. She's really into solar eclipses. I saw one once & they are spooky. Everything gets cold and there are wierd crescent shaped shadows on the ground. Was talking to a FTM person recently & was totally thrown off balance. And I'm always saying "different flowers, same garden".
And I thought this book was written by Burgess Meredith.
pd, you are the funniest. Damn, I could totally see Burgess meredith as the penguin writing a clock work orange, easy mix up.
kelli, I just found the MOST AMAZING WENDY CARLOS website and turns out she is a painter too! i'll post images here soon.
She is fasinating.You know alot about her, also fasinating.

Also, keep the 12th open on your calender.
Corny, what date is Ridykeulous???? We must know. (ps - PD is insanely funny, I hope you two will meet sometime soon)
March 10th participant gallery, save the date
Corny, you must listen to at least the beginning of "Orange Mecanique" by Stereo Total.
ummmm, that goes down easy and leaves me wanting more. The first line of the book and she substitutes herself for Alex. She should do a book on tape, I could listen to that voice for hours like a guided meditation.
Thats just so cool.
It's been decided, I'm conducting my class tomorrow in a french accent.
Just do it in French, Corny; that'll keep the little guppies on their toes...
oui non problemo
g'nite slothy, sweetest dreams of levitating boars and scented
'nite corny.
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