Sunday, February 12, 2006


We had a MAJOR outting to Virgin Megastore yesterday evening

Shitdisco-Disco Blood, yea.
Mylo- Muscle Car (brilliant, great dancey track) Sohodolls -Stripper (sounds good on first listen, heavier then Prince Harry, but another good dance track) Mylo vs The Miami Sound machine (don't know yet) Charlotte Church-Crazy Chick (waste of money) The Chalets -No style (they can do no wrong by me)


Damien Rice-O (Not really new but it's beautiful like Nick Drake or Syd Barrett, this album went platnum in Ireland, it's sweet, not sure about it yet) Fabriclive .09 (new wave electro mix, pretty good) Fabriclive .14 (old school rap mix, whatev, I get nostalgic) Rough Trade Shops CounterCulture 05 (the yearly wrap up, these releases always have some gems on them) Anthony Rother Presents In Electro We Trust (waste of money)

I've mentioned it before on this blog, but just want to remind my gentle readers that the John Peels fabriclive cd is AMAZING. It's one of the CDs I play during my drawing classes and the kids think I'm a god because of it.

Corny, I have made a list for my next musix shopping voyage. Thanks for dropping the knowledge!
So choked up about this Michelle Kwan thing. The years of hard work leading to nothing, the public failure, being brought down by one's own groin. Not even being ironic.
Not to mention: To have your whole life ruined by Tara Lipinsky!? Oh the agony...
Yes, screwed by a pixie & your own groin.
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