Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine!

Thanks to the WFMU Blog for this link. Man I love that station. Listened to it last night, Andy Breckman was having a contest with the NYTime's ethisist guy to find out who was more ethical. Andy won of course. I love that guy, I think I even speak like him sometimes, it just happens.
Corny, this picture makes me want to cry... not sure why.
Maybe the Marimba Ponies will take him in. Oh they will, they must.
I love the marimba ponies, the energy is infecting me. I'm dancing and laughing and spinning!
LOVE this! You made my day, Corn.
He seems so into his little xylophone thingy, it is inspiring. Good morning, straight into the evening, not stopping until you're sleeping.
Corny: embarassed to mention & thought you knew but you are featured on more than one hateful website. Strange to think people are out there hating. Now we all know that Jews are sodomites & we know what Sodom is famous for but what did they do in Gommorah & will I need an oil-based lubricant to try it? This is nowhere on the website.
site also mentions repatriating black people to Liberia but does not mention if you will be sent to Sapphos or where Ross Bleckner will go. Will polyamorous bisexual people get our own nation & will we have to share it with people who are just stank ho's?
Isn't this guy with the xylophone Ross Bleckner? I'm confused.
Wow, I guess I've really MADE IT being included on that list of terrorists.
I like that the site encourages people to copy the list to their hard drive because it's so important. I like to think theres a little part of me in the home of all these haters. Thanks for the tip. It's really weird.
It's REALLY weird, I just checked it out. Ick. It's frightening to remember people are really like this out there.
WOW that site is amazing. Did you see the section called "Rape: the feminist silver bullet?" Oh, and "Holohoax."

I can't look at it anymore. Too freakishly hateful.
Still trying to find out if I will have to share my homeland with stank ho's. Wondering how I will have any civic pride & what my flag will look like.
Some people were stopping folks on the street last night in Chelsea, spewing hatred about Jewish people--I could not believe it.
PD whatchoo talking bout? Thats crazytown!
Really, nobody actually stopped to listen, but I heard them say something like "did you know Jews having been killing people for years..." And there were two black men and one white guy. I was so stunned, I just rushed off.
Well I supose it's not untrue, but i wouldn'ta waisted precious ear space either.
maybe they meant killing people in the borscht belt with their hilarious thigh-slapping humor, as in "stop! you're killing me! hahahaha!" or as in, "I really slayed them up there!" or if it's not funny: "help me out-- i'm dyin' up here."
have you made a full study on the linguistic connections between death metaphor and borscht belt stage patter?
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