Friday, February 17, 2006

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez,

Welcome to our little slice of heaven.

Boadweeblog asked for a battle of the Brit Pop Bathrooms, I say, right-o ol' chap, but if our W.C. aint the dogs danglies, then don't know what is.

Our loo is about the size of a telephone box, it's covered in a medley of posters we got last year when we were feeling a bit spendy, also memoribilia like postcards and concert tickets. We have a London A-Z that Leo Koenig gave us, he used it back when he was mod and would take trips to towne to buy suits and records, it's marked up with the spots he'd hit (thats still at the framers).

a work in progress...
"I don't think Charlie is mysogynistic, except to the extent that all of us are, with fairly good reason."

-Walter Robinson

This keeps running through my head. Man, Walter, what the hell happened, when did you become such a prick?
Artnet is off my sidebar.
hahaha, sort of.
Corny! what a way to take a dump! Brilliant, as the Brits would say. You need a touch of Carnaby street though.

As for W.R.....???? Sounds like having a rinky-dink website has gone to his head.
Boadees bathroom has the ghosts of royalty...thats hard to beat.
true, boadwees bathroom is genius (please direct yourslf to the link provided) but
my feeling is that an old lady on the can and a severed head in the sink only gets in the way.
I am loving the bathroom....esp. Kylie. I would feel very comfortable doing my business there.

But I am also wondering about Walter's comment. It is sickening. I haven't been visiting artnet much recently anyway, as I get my fix on the blogs...
Corny why does your bathroom remind you of Finch?
hey corny,
can we get a shot of the smoking pizza painting? that is my favorite thing to look at while peeing at your house.
Hey Tough Guy, have you ever taken a dump at Corny's house? In secret?
well played, lad!
Pat palermo's pizza painting is this blogs ace in the hole, I'll take it out when the occation calls for the ultimate secret wepon.
Corny, Thomas Crapper is I am sure dancing a little jig in his grave right now; you have done him proud.
I would really like to see a picture of this pizza painting. Please.
Fred, you can link to my flicker site by clicking on the photo of the bathroom, then go to Corncub's photostream and pizza painting is right there in a group called Art I Like.
I told Boadwee, that your's is ahead on points at the moment. He was a bit sulky in return
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