Wednesday, February 08, 2006

David Scher made a humorous and cynical a list of 100 rules for making art, one of them was to change the scale of an object. Charles Ray, So easy, so good.

I always seem to change the object of the scale in photography.
Corny, I really loved that ptg on PainterNYC...tres mucho.
What did you think of Karen Heagle show also on PainterNYC? She's our friend and I was excited to see her doing well but her wife swooped in mistaking my enthusiasm for predation.
What are the other rules? I need some guidance.
PS. your paintings ROCK!
Thank you for the rules corny, now I can proceed. Even though I feel vaguely threatened by this picture. The figure on the right is a little too close to home.
LOL, tot capt'n, thats EXACTLY what my body looks like too!
Kelli, I'm ok with your friend KH, I'm looking at the image on PainterNYC and thinking it's a bit bland. I think it would be fun if she slashed up the canvas
and/or shot it up with a paintball gun.
I like that his nose looks like it had bad plastic surgery, she should work that angle more. I'm not feeling generous right now.
Kelli, sorry about the tude. I'm in a shit mood and being shitty about your friends painting. It doesn't do anything for me. thats all, but I wont judge her whole thing by one jpeg on the internet...
Corny; do not feel bad& you are not shitty in the least. I've been like a shit vortex (a toilet?) for weeks. So many art boys were awful to me at Les's party. When I met Karen HH sternly instructed me not to act too "femme". Despite this warning Karen & I wound up talking about Kiehl's cause everybody likes to moisturize.
What?!?!?! seriously kelli? Fuck them. I want names and addresses. Take comfort in knowing you are are a better painter then all their pansey asses combined, except for les, he's a sweet pansey ass with some good moves.

that sounds sucky.
Leo tried to get names. Seemed particurally interested to get the name of the guy who angrily offered to come on my face. Half the guys in Willamsburg could have woken up with a horse's head in their bed.
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