Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year everybody, I hope this one is better than all the others. I am vowing to sit up straighter, floss more (I know thats a popular one so I'm thinking I will get alot of support from my friends on this which might make it EZier) and take up face yoga. PS, Love this Capt'n! Also CONGRATUFUCKENLAIONS to A.L. Steiner's unbefuckenlievable review by Roberta Smith in Fridays NYTimes!!! I'll reprint it here shortly! Love you Steiner.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


For your consideration

"A giant hand raises an impressive paintbrush into the sky at the entrance to the art village. The bronze sculpture outside the gates of Dafen in southern China leaves no visitor in doubt as to what the people do here."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A.L. Steiner 1 Million Photos, 1 Euro Each (minimum order)
Two weeks left!!! See it now, the SEXIEST ROOM IN NEW YORK CITY is up until January 6th, 2006 at John Connelly Presents.

Capital: abstract entity that consensus reality has agreed shall be the Ultimate Power, charged with determining each human's worth and destiny, as well as decreeing where, how, and under what circumstances, if any, imagination, emotion, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and the exploration of consciousness A) exist at all; or B) have value if acknowledged to exist; and C) who will have access to them in those moments when they officially exist with value; and D) under what guidelines and restrictions approved practitioners will be able to indulge imagination, creativity, curiosity, et al, and toward what ends. —Dr. Laurie Weeks, I Went to Find Some Kunst and All I Got Was This Lousy Kapital

In the space between capital- filthy lucre, piles of cash, call it what you will--and the Object, lies the relationship between Maker of Thing and Consumer of Thing. Though this relationship is largely invisible because it vibrates at a wavelength no longer detectable by the modern, well-trained human sensorium, it’s nonetheless fraught, seething, and thermonuclear in its power precisely by virtue of remaining unconscious and unacknowledged. A.L. Steiner’s 1 Million Photos, 1 Euro Each (minimum order) is being offered at John Connelly Presents, an installation delineating the collection of 1,000,000 photographic objects. Items are purchased, traded, displayed, shared, valued, and exploited; artists act as fabricators, collectors as heirs. In order to redefine this relationship beyond purchasing power, Steiner frames the absurd impulses of both photography and consumerism as a contractual commitment, offering an evolving life-long installation & interpersonal relationship at a cost of only ¤1,000,000. An archive of 1,000,000 photos will be offered piecemeal throughout the lifetime of the artist and collector in order to define the act of storytelling via the capitalist relationship. Defining the role of the collector as a privileged position, the artist offers dialogue, evolution and the availability of a continuous, pulsating photographic record- in totality- until the end comes. Look at the works as aesthetic and also as a record that bleeds beyond image, well into the weight of history. Do all things possess actuality, existence and essence in both life and death? Perhaps nowhere than In the relationship between Maker and Consumer--with all its chaotic longings, losses, petty thieveries, paranoia, inappropriate crushes, gratuitous double-crossings, stalkings, gossip, and just generalized pandemonium (resulting from confusion about the Nature of Reality and perhaps an unfortunate choice of shoes)--can we more clearly see the entire tragedy of the Human Condition being played out. In real time.1 We all have good intentions, but with strings attached.
1 Dr. Weeks, Bloodbath in a Dewdrop

Monday, December 18, 2006

Medrie MacPhee and I are driving upstate for the last time this morning. My clients this semester ruled the school. It was a dream class, I'll post pics of some of the wall drawings we made around the institution. I'm so proud of them... I've been doing this for 3 years now and this is the first class I've actually ENJOYED and LOOKED forward to. Peace out little art bunnies, you were awsome.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

how to figure out when to wake up in the morning, how to ascertain what presents to get for Kwanzaa, how to tell what not to wear, how to decide what wine to buy, how to be sure what movie to see, how to recognize a face lift on a 40 year old wowan, how to tell which art shows to see, how to deal with the holiday party circut you were not invited to deal with, how know when to begin thinking about possibley being healthy, how to figure out how to cope, how to decide what the next move is, how to know what to paint, how recognize the friendly ghosts, how to weigh your options, how to identify the enemy, how to figure out who to punch ...

By oracles, Theomancy; by the Bible, Bibliomancy; by ghosts, Psychomancy; by crystal gazing, Crystallomancy; by shadows or manes, Sciomancy; by appearances in the air, Aeromancy, Chaomancy; by the stars at birth, Genethliacs; by meteors, Meteoromancy; by winds, Austromancy; by sacrificial appearances, Aruspicy (or Haruspicy), Hieromancy, Hieroscopy; by the entrails of animals sacrificed, Extispicy, Hieromancy; by the entrails of a human sacrifice, Anthropomancy; by the entrails of fishes, Ichthyomancy; by sacrificial fire, Pyromancy; by red-hot iron, Sideromancy; by smoke from the altar, Capnomancy; by mice, Myomancy; by birds, Orniscopy[obs3], Ornithomancy; by a cock picking up grains, Alectryomancy (or Alectromancy); by fishes, Ophiomancy; by herbs, Botanomancy; by water, Hydromancy; by fountains, Pegomancy; by a wand, Rhabdomancy; by dough of cakes, Crithomancy; by meal, Aleuromancy, Alphitomancy; by salt, Halomancy; by dice, Cleromancy; by arrows, Belomancy; by a balanced hatchet, Axinomancy; by a balanced sieve, Coscinomancy; by a suspended ring, Dactyliomancy; by dots made at random on paper, Geomancy; by precious stones, Lithomancy; by pebbles, Pessomancy; by pebbles drawn from a heap, Psephomancy; by mirrors, Catoptromancy; by writings in ashes, Tephramancy; by dreams, Oneiromancy; by the hand, Palmistry, Chiromancy; by nails reflecting the sun's rays, Onychomancy; by finger rings, Dactylomancy; by numbers, Arithmancy; by drawing lots, Sortilege; by passages in books, Stichomancy; by the letters forming the name of the person, Onomancy, Nomancy; by the features, Anthroposcopy; by the mode of laughing, Geloscopy; by ventriloquism, Gastromancy; by walking in a circle, Gyromancy; by dropping melted wax into water, Ceromancy; by currents, Bletonism; by the color and peculiarities of wine, Oenomancy.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is what's happening, I was asked to do a show at the Kunsthalle Zurich, (tell your Zurichian friends), it's a pretty massive space. Even coming close to the genius of this Sarah Lucas installation won't be easy, but I'm beginning to amass work for it, 250ish borrowed works to start with then a few new ones. The show will open this April and then travel to to Paris to Frac Ile-de-France le Plateau. There could be a destination in Vienna... working on it. In any case, that's the skinny and part of the reason we've been away from the blog... that and Mrs. Cub, a.k.a. The Meatball, is needing A LOT of attention right now and is pushing to shut this blog down which frankly wouldn't be so bad since it's like totally transparent whats been going on here, the emperors new elephant in the room is out of the bag, I really have nothing to say!

Monday, December 11, 2006

All aboard ABCN's visual omnibus of The Bodys relationship to bumps and the vincture of lumpage

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thanks to Grammy Master B for sending us the genius music of Jobriath.
Introduced in 1973, Jobriath became rock's first openly gay performer. His flat-out declaration of homosexuality was brazen considering the era: The world was ready for the likes of David Bowie and Marc Bolan, who coyly dangled their possible proclivities. Even Lou Reed's assessment of himself as "a male chauvinist bisexual" was open to interpretation. But the finality of Jobriath's announcement--"I'm a true fairy"--left nothing to the imagination.
-Steve Gdula, The Advocate

Morrissey oversaw Jobriths first CD reissue in 04, It's a great CD, also worth checking out is Luke Haines newest CD,
Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop, recently reviewed on Boadwee Blog
Free Jobriath mp3's
make sure to check out
Ooh la la

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A small visual disquisition on heads...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Last night at the Pluto opening I looked around me and realized not only are my friends talented but they are all, across the board, SHIT HOT. Or make that HOT SHIT, either way...

you kids rule!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Check it.
The Norf*ckeneasters Surf Club entered the world stage in the fall of last year. It's been a rollicking ride down gods inner thigh ever since. No, we don't "surf' exactly, but in the metaphorical sense, if you know what I'm talking about. The Norf*ckeneasters met each other through Jennifer Coats. Here's what we have in common, a sense of wonder at the possibilities of "curating" the internet via blogs. We've spent a year online with a handful of friends, entertaining ourselves and fellow bloggers. Baroque and often perverse narratives develop in the comment boxes, which are themselves a daily store house of wanton ideas, business models, self help, debauched lingual orgies, a virtual compendium of lateral thinking. Bonds were established - jump cut to one year later - recently we got together and painted six way collaborative paintings. It sounds like a disaster right? You are wrong, my friend! The paintings we made together are brilliant little provocative gems that some collectors are fighting over (with axes) as we talk. Although the collaborative works look like they were produced in asylums, I assure you we are all all free individuals, also, none of us live with our parents. While the art world is busy eating itself alive, the Norf*ckeneasters are dedicated to play and to the marginalized form of six way collaborative painting. Adopting a rigorus editorial policy, we then picked separate works to represent the unique temper of each individual Norf*ckeneaster.

Pluto has been incredibly understanding and generous to let us be so self-indulgent for their inaugural show.

730 Classon Ave
Opening Saturday 6-8

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