Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Blog called Nowhere's one year aniversary is apon us. Our birth date is February 24, 2005.

Turns out we're Piscean.

Experts agree that our traditional Pisces traits include;

Imagination and sensitivity,
Compassion and kind
selflessness, unworldly
intuitition, sympathetic to most animals
and decent oral hygiene

On the dark side....

Escapist and idealistic
Secretive and vague, Churlish,
Weak-willed and easily led.

I'm not sure why they call the "dark traits" dark. Escapist and idealistic are great traits for a perptrator of the paint.
Secretive or mysterious? Churlish or Provençal? Weak willed or open minded? Easily led or easy going?

Heres the rub.
Our original plan was to do this blog as a one year project maybe as the basis for some other kind of project like a new diet book or a theme park, but I'm enjoying it and can't stop. Boadwee has suggested shutting down ABCN and starting a new site, conceptually maybe thats the way to go but it just seems like more work I don't want to deal with. So lets just say this is it, this is the last entry of the OLD Blog called Nowhere. Tomorrow begins Book 2, THE AWAKENING!

Corny, if Nowhere has been a dream-state I don't want to wake up. But a theme park, well.... maybe consider that one a little bit? You could have a Brit-Pop water ride -- maybe tie it in with the oral hygeine -- and a "dark traits" scary cave ride. Just a thought.
lol the oral hygeine water flume!!!
My goddess! That is so good, and the side bar can be the fairway and the links will be wormholes disguised as british telephone boothspotion
I must go now to the laboritory and concoct the potion that will turn space into a slip and slide.
words are slipping and sliding all over the damn place!
I know that feeling Corn. Also the lurch when the ride goes on the blink.
Congratulations! You're one of my favorite daily reads.
Corny you could have guest hosts if the blog is too much work. Then it would be a blog called nobody.
CORNY, i never suggested that you shut down the blog, only that you give it a new look. you could try to emulate jocelyn wildenstein in your new look, lots of animal prints.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM "BB". i love that my blog has the same initials as BOSSY BURGER, BIG BOOBS and BARE BACK.
CORNY, i never suggested that you shut down the blog, only that you give it a new look. you could try to emulate jocelyn wildenstein in your new look, lots of animal prints.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM "BB". i love that my blog has the same initials as BOSSY BURGER, BIG BOOBS and BARE BACK.
Happy birthday, the Corny blog
Oh Keith, I LOVE my cake, I 'm going to hop in it and drive it Across America sperading the gospel according to saint boadwee. Thanks MAn! Also the Skinner tracks are great. I love that bloke.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's still dark out, haven't slept a wink and now must drive up to the north pole to teach the young vampires. It's going to be a very long day.
Happy Birthday COrny!! Don't take my daily fix of A Blog Called Nowhere away! I'll DIe.
I REALLY FEEL THIS BLOG TO BE BORN AGAIN this a.m. The awakening has truly happened, the sleeper has awakened in a new and more "churlish" form. I agree that your dark traits are all actually traits of light. You are the funniest. This blog is a haven for miscreants and transitional beings, for animal lovers/pokers and panty stainers.

I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! Please transform it into an amusement park. I will apply my minimal talents to the task for a few handfuls of skittles. I am a real hard worker, just ask PD.

Happy Birthday Blog Called Nowhere.

Artistic Thoughts had its birthday somewhere in the beginning of Feb. so I guess that makes it an Aquarius. Please let me know where I can read more about its dark traits.
...a very Happy Birthday to the creation abnd the creators...well done

happy birthday, 1-year-old... I am blowing a party horn and doing the bull-dance! Long live ABCN.

Poppacorn, thank you for your role in making Corny. She is wonderous.
I tried to leave you a note last night but in my delirium I seem to have not made it go thru.
Basically I said phew! thank the goddess dressing you're staying! Because I was getting ready to beg you not to leave me like this. (Not that your decision would be about me or Team Shredder, not in your reasonable mind. But in my mind it would be!!) (speaking of vampires, or as The Mrs. and Sea Monkey like to call them, selfish little takers.)
What I mean to say is congratulations on having done a year of one of the greatest blogs on earth. A Blog Called Nowhere was crucial to the early development and ongoing inspirache of Team Shredder, by the way. Not to make this about us again. But you got the ripple effect going on big time, and then a million other things and plus.

Mountain Man, creator of the other greatest blog on earth, I wish you a belated happy birthday and congratulations for Artistic Thoughts. Speaking of influences and inspirache...all I'm saying is, Pink Bubbles of Yes. Aquarian, huh? A mental and creative heavyweight! Sea Monkey knows about these things. And Rob Breszny too
Just back from the reformatory and a long day of administering psychic sponge baths, the gas in my tank on the long road south was the draw of the beautiful ether.

Capt'n THANK you and your learned team of mullahs for nameing those which cannot be named. I thought they were called Clients but I was mispronouncing their name, Selfish Little Takers is exactly spot on.

Speaking of Spot on, yes MM, you have supernatural strength like Atlas but holding up a GIANT chrystalline mirror to all you gaze at, you are corrct (as usual) that this blog's audience is one of panty stainers and miscreants. You are the biggest panty staining miscreant of us all, I know this is getting VERY REPETITIVE but I worship you... Now and FOREVER, like Cats. Also MM, if your willing to work at the ABCN amusment park I belive your sunny demeanor would make you the perfect candidate for food service worker at our family style pub/resturant The Queen's Fat and Gristle. I'll send you a job application, but thats just a formality -wink wink- loud wisper* yer in like flynn

Sloth we will be asking you to perform the bulldance live first chance we get.
Please, no excuses this time.

PD thank you for being mien droog in the ether... MM claims that I am the funniest and while I wont argue with the boss, I secretly I know she is wrong. I am a big silly dancing bear of comedy but you are a true wit.

Thanks guys, your humble savant,
Thanks for the props Barry. I'll need your IBAN number to do a direct deposit into your bank account.
Kelli, we will talk about the guest blogger thing. I'm ready to recruit you hard.
Yo Corns, me thinks you the funniest...but I am blushing from your kind words...yo.
Hey, did I just gladhandle? Well I meant it with all my gladhandedness.
I am ready for food service work. I know I will be a good employee, I know it. Selfish little takers BE DAMNED!!!! You have put me into the brittle doldrums, there are bushes all about me made of dashes and dots. I am so exciting to read all these posts, there is much to gladhand about, next time I am bringing the Glad wrap as was suggested by someone else and we will ensconce ourselves in the transparent sticky love that never ends. Maybe we will get into the microwave.

Thank you Poppacorn for helping to create the Corny phenomenon. I wish I had confetti to throw upon my computer in honor of everything.
Yea MM in the microwave, put me on high and cook me from the inside out. that would be a perfect end to the day. The bushes of dots and dashes sound sublime, you can shove my remains under one when your done with me.
please lets not encourage Poppacorn too much, it's a bit like mixing Acetone and Milk, just shouldn't happen.
Sometimes think I bring bad energy to your blog with my scapegoaty,freaky obnoxiousness. I'm actually a nice lady. Your dad should do the blog for bringing us Corny. His whole thing about 20th century art & modernism was interesting. Was at collector's house recently & was surprised by how good old stuff ( DeChirico,Giacometti) looked with Ashley Bickerton. Not sure what it means.
I think it means that really good work connects with history.

Also WHAT are you kookycrazy talking about? you don't have bad energy. Your energy is perfect. Scapegoaty,freaky obnoxious is bad? since when?

did you hear about the castle? I called the turret.
I want the moat. Will put some lavender bath salts in there & verbally abuse intruders.
sorry Corny, I just think your pops is the cutest.

I'm gonna go make an acetone milkshake to dunk my fur donut in...
Acetone and Milk????

I did try to teach Corny not to mix MEAT and MILK !!!!!!

Thanks to all the Cornyfolk who appreciate a sprinkling of Poppacorn on the rich food Corny serves on our platter.
In truth i wouldn't be on this blog as much as I have been if Corny would call home !!!!!

Don't worry-- I will just go back to sitting in the dark and qvelling !!!!

This is a great energetic, creative, democratic Blog.
Special affection overflows to Poppacorn supporters...Sloth, Kalli, Mountain man and Postmoderndebunker...yur all my kinda folk and glad you support my part as Producer along with MOMACORN who is the less obtrusive partner in this creationmythos.
Poppa was a kernel-Corn.
We here in the ether are very discerning and have chosen Corny and her Poppa as Embassadors to the blogosphere. Props to the family Corn.
I feel like I have just heard the sacred ether voice! The parent appears and I am mesmerized by his kindness and openness (call home Corny!! he's good, my mother has tried to do the same thing on my blog...much less of a charmer). Simultaneously I am afraid I might be in trouble!!! Poppacorn I am glad you approve of our antics.
I feel like I am at a staggered out of time, out of space, ether bat mitzvah...
PS - Kelli, agree with Corny, I love your freakish voice. You are like the lone ranger.
Corny, you don't call home? Dude you are so busted.
time for this thread to end
Very nice site! »
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