Friday, February 10, 2006

I don't get it, but it's brilliant.

This be it, Corny:

I want my life to look way more like this than it does.
Wow this is so perky, I can't take it!! I want better outfits and a soundtrack.
Ith that Luke and Laura?
Ah, a movie. I'm all over it.
I want those dorky plastic mushroom chairs.
I want to always have a microphone and an open mouth of excitement. Bangs. Stripes.
MM: Bangs, stripes, dorky plastic mushroom chairs, Cynthia Slater, ultrasuede.the 70's were like a cornocupia of excellence.
Were???? Kelli, the 70's are still happening, it's up to us to get there via substance abuse. Let's gooooo!!!!!!
Is what Crunch looked like back in the 60's. I'm pretty sure of it.
I wonder if Marc'o had another name; this seems to be his only masterpiece.
Yeah Substance abuse! Yellow jackets goofballs and dolls, woo-hoo!
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I have one of those dorky chairs in my studio, but the one with arms. I like to do the tard-spin in it.
There is so much glee here. I am sucked in.
MM; Germs, ironic detachment, Ikea, Camille Paglia, Banana Republic. The 70's are over, yes? Unless you have some really good substances?
Don't forget Bennies, Ludes, Angel Dust, Crank, Horse. There are so many good friends to remember.
Kelli, you must give over. We can forget these things that you mention. Is maybe possible?
I was in top form in the 70's. A mirrored vest, a sailor hat with green tinted plastic lens's built in and a chopper.
...and a TON of Crank.
MM was just giving you crap to see if you really had substances & wanted to share.
Corny I wish you could draw a picture. Your description is almost too evocative...I need visuals. I was all about bell bottoms and red socks, ponytails and mixing pink and orange on top. Not so exciting as the mirrored vest. Jesus, I want a mirrored vest.
lol. Yes. we must draw these picture -with our feet, to aproximate the clumsey little hands that were once ours
Kelli, you outed me. I heart substances. I don't do them enough. Sometimes, I just pretend I have and that seems to work. But not always. Not when I want to have glee AND bangs AND stripes AND a song to sing. I can't cook that up by myself.
I want a mirrored Airstream with Ultrasuede® upholstry..
kelli, the house hold is full of products which with a little injinuity can be transformed into all sorts of mind altering substances, did you miss the DXM post?
I was a little kid then but I had an awesome suede cowgirl fringed vest & skirt.Corny are you telling truth about the chopper? You should get new one with sidecar for the missus.
My mom forced us to wear Marimekko, but I rebelled by wearing heart-shaped sunglasses.
I'm more inclined to get a Segway with a sidecar
Oh the cowgirl look was so exciting! I had a trashbag filled with wonderment: a chicken suit, a mexican poncho, what I considered to be a trapeze outfit complete with cape and head wrap (??)? Also hexagonal green sunglasses with the lenses punched out. Me and my friend Margaret would get all decked out and walk around the dull streets of our town singing Glory Glory Hallelujah and collect quarters for the chicken bullion fund (we had an empty jar labeled as such. Those were the days. We almost got beat up many many times. Anyway. Fun to remember.
Your Ma is pure class. i dig marimekko. The thrift stores of scandinavia are full of it. I had Merimekko sheets that looked like waves and a comforter that looked like a sandy beach. It was weird.
lol Hilfricken-larryous
Yeah, That HOT slothy!
Me thinks we needx to re-create these looks. Sloth, I can't believe we both wore shaped glasses. Very nice.
Kelli, Did your parents make you wear the cowboy outfit to yale?
OH! you totally reminded me, corny: I had sheets with a rainbow that ran up the middle & crested in the pillows. Also one of those yellow donut phones.
MM I don't think I've had a friend who would wear Mexican ponchos, sing spirituals and get ass-whipped with me. Feeling weepy now.
I had a yellow donut radio. WABC ruled in the 70's
draw on the pain to make your art, Kelli; trauma breeds soulfulness...
funny. I had a friend, betsy I positively abused. Still feeling the guilt...
EVERYTHING should be yellow and donut-shaped.
Corny parents never supported education. Got them to let me go to college at 16 by threatening to become emancipated by marrying neighborhood stoner Dave Ferraro. He looked like he rolled out of bed in a Caravaggio painting. I'm sorry they caved.
Kelli, it somehow all makes sense, though, doesn't it? I ache to re-create these scenarios. I guess I am the type who needs a good beating. It's cool. Like I said, I am a pain dreamcatcher.

I love these sheet descriptions. I had asteroids sheets and soft sculptures everwhere. Maybe that was more early 80's. A rainbow clock that once pixellated and dripped when I came home tripping in 11th grade, I had a satiny hot dog too.

I loved soft sculptures. Anyway. Red carpet, pink walls. I called it my womb room. Thanks for the memories. I wish I had sandy sheets now. A beach scene to slumber in.
When I asked for his hand he was totally baked. And he had a sweet skateboarding contract.
Yellow donut shaped love. Straight out of Caravaggio. I am dying.
sleepy. must go to bed. Corny, I will be dreaming in psychadelic french 60's pop rox colors. thank you!
Yes, Donut shaped Cars are the best they HAVE them, I rode in one, well, it's a bit egg like actually, but really more like a donut.

Kelli sounds like you ran the household. If I had that kind of gumption I would made my mom cook me hamburgers and creamed-spinich 7 nights a week. You were ambitious as hell.
me too, later kids
Me too, nighty night Peeps. Sloth I will picture you in rainbow format. Corny, you will never believe it, I clicked on the aol main page and it was all corn everywhere. I thought I was dreaming but I was not. The signs are there.
OHMYGOD mm, it happened to me too!!! freak-out!
MM good night.AOL welcome page has headline " too chubby for love? ". AWWW!
boo, i missed all the fun! mm, i will wear the poncho - anytime, anywhere. i will sing the hallelujah.

i did not have the soft sculptures.. but did have a paper mache parrot hanging from my bedroom ceiling and wallpaper was yellow with hot air ballons in a psuedo neoclassical style.

ALSO. please, i highly recommend a movie, although it is in english, "the apple" it is on netflix. i beg of you.
it is like the idoles sort of. but it is set in the future where everything is silver and slowly automated. trams. there are some really hot lovemaking scenes.
corny, too bad we didn't know eachother in the 70's, i use to sell blackbirds & yellowjackets. i also insisted on painting my bedroom lavender (if that doesn't scream baby dyke what does!!)
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