Monday, February 20, 2006

We persist at the refinery, so we're off early this morning. Many of the firstlings are out of order, some are deranged and aimless, but today we are unstopable. The work will be frustrating and repetitive but maybe at times a frenzied rumpus through the gooey boglands but I must "mix with action lest I wither by despair" [Tennyson]. Or Something. Have a good paint day ya'll.

Corny you are deep in...I am hoping to get there later today. Battle it out, stay limber and threatening and you will beat them, you will win.
I am struggling to leave the house and go to the shack. But you have inspired me Corny.
It would be so nice to have a separate studio. I've always done live/work. Pro: cat sits on my lap when I am working. Con: my home is like a factory with the Swans on the muzak.
Swans, very good muzak. I've been getting into soundtracks lately. THX-1138, Rosemary's Baby, Clockwork Orange...

kelli, I imagin you look much like the cog pictured here while you work, sitting very still, deep concentration, pink mu-mu?
I sit cross-legged and exorcise my demons usually listening to something mournful. It's like meditating except I'm usually painting ass-hair or something. Studio assistant complains about music and fact that I respond to statements like "men suck" with remarks about worldly illusion.
Rosemary's Baby soundtrack? I can't remember what that sounds like. Is it actually creepy or more trying to be creepy?

I am tired of my ipod stuff. I want some bleeps and boings but I am not sure what. Some ass hair music.
The next post is for you MM
Best regards from NY! » »
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