Saturday, February 26, 2005


Went CD shopping today...

I haven't listened to it all yet. Here's what I got: Manic Street Preachers -Everything must go Bloc party -Silent Alarm Robbers on High Street -Tree City The Ponys -Laced With Romance Death Disco LTD -The Club Soundtrack Bionic Breaks Roots Manuva -Awfully Deep Fierce girl -What makes a feirce Girl Ash -Girl From Mars Louis XIV -Illegal Tender Also I bought a mystery single called "The Pineapple Song(turn Around and Let Me See)", It looks cheesy. I have no idea what it is but I love the title... I have the Ponys playing right now, it sounds great. I heard the NYT's gave them a shit review, what do those beanflickers know... Roots Manurva's new CD, Awfully Deep is amazing UK Hip Hop. I'm not a giant Hip Hop fan but this shit is ace. Bloc Party, hum, jury's out on this one... I want to like it but then at times the lead singers voice makes me want to tear my skin off... Louis XIV is amazing! This band from San Diego are forgiven for faking a british accent, they RAWK! Keith B said he thinks they are mysoginists but I can't make out their lyrics well enough to tell... Listen to their new CD Illegal Tender here: I'm off to Amy Steiners house to work on our Zine "Ridikeulous" and will try to see if I can get into the sold out Ian Brown show later at Webster Hall. I HATE that crap-ass venue, but Ian Brown's new CD, Solarized, is nothing short of BRILLIANT. Run out and Buy it!!! You'll thank me later. It'll make my top CD's of 2005 for sure. I'll do my first concert review tomorrow if I get in to the show...


Three Great Guys

The following posts are salutes to three really cool guys, Thomas Eisenman, Cy the Cat and Keith Boadwee. Tomorrow I'll post a pic of a painting I worked on today. I'm pretty happy with it so far, I haven't ruined it... yet. Also, I wanted to post some shows I'm going to see in the next month, git yer tkts now kids! Me thinks these shows will all sell out. Event: Graham Coxon plus 22-20's / The Golden Republic Bowery Ballroom Bloc Party plus The Ponys / Chromeo Bowery Ballroom Death From Above 1979 Bowery Ballroom Kaiser Chiefs plus MorningWood Bowery Ballroom Miss kitten @ RothkoApril 4th Goldie Looking Chain @ Murcury Lounge


Thomas with Spongebob

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This is Thomas. We were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade from the MTV office in Times Square


CY the cat, he's a nutty lil' furburger

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This here is Keith Boadwee wearing the best tee-shirt I've ever seen. I'm going to San Fran this weekend to hang out with him. I'm giving a talk at the SFAI and then we were suposed to DJ a party for the kids but thats looking a bit iffy right now...

Thursday, February 24, 2005


great music site with downloads aplenty


Josh and Zach

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This may be the sweetest painting I've ever made. Thats my little brother Josh and his new little baby Zach looking up at him. Sorry the Pic kinda sucks but I just took a quick snap for my Blog page. I might put this painting in a group show at Jack Tilton's new gallery in March.


How's my Painting?

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Portrait of Pete Doherty

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I'm a rabid fan of this bloke...


new painting

No Subject
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I'm still working on this guy...



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Maiden Bloggage

This is new blog. Mostly I'll be keeping you upto date on what I've been listening to since music is the only thing that matters, and occationally i may put in my two cents about art related stuff.... Cheers kiddies.

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