Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good morning

Listen hard and learn the truth of what you are.

Oh my Gods! Corns this is the funniest. I learned that I am a member of Ladytron. Thanks for waking me up with this. I have seen the light.
The purpose of this song is to kill or maim you, we may all stop sleeping and become sick or die, according to the hidden papers of Thetans 1-8. Notice the clusters, the bunching. I can no longer focus.
I don't even know where to begin with this. I may have to just hang it up. Everything I thought I once knew has now turned out to be a lie. A series of lies.
Thanks, I think.
pd, it's funny you should mention Ladytron. I was actually wondering if it wouldn't be too mean to bring up the subject of Le Tigre. But I think you're more spot on (as usual.)
(for the record, just kidding, I think both bands are fine enough)
I'm betting the little girl in the picture grows up to be an extreme dyke performance aritist.
frogs, don't even start
Capt'n but why not - see there is an academy of untouched mythos where the clusters are audited one by one and we become flat to ourselves and can fry bugs. Some of the details are confused because I haven't paid enough but what I was told was that I will have mind control over portions of physical science.
Say Capt'n, say wot? Are you kidding about me being spot on as usual? Please say no. But you are spot on about the dyke performance artist future. I think she is Katie Holmes' sister.

Ho Frogs!! I missed your dark ramblings.
Pd, I kid you not.

frogs, get a personal loan from Travolta so you can then cook with gas.

Off to the Werkplatzz now.
My love to all.
The Power of Tom Cruise,54303257-7870-4d18-b3ba-84a6732ee0e4,7ec212c0-6f22-403c-b4e3-bee296865639&t=c150&f=06/64&p
God I love fmu
The other song accompanying this one was also illuminating
It answered a 20 year old question for me- the L in L Ron Hubbard does stand for love
Gree.c., FMU is the best, thanks you for reminding me that I neglected to give credit where credit is due. I thought the L stood for "Talking, laughing, loving, breathing,fighting, fucking, crying, drinking,riding, winning, losing,cheating, kissing, thinking, dreaming..."
Corny, I just said out loud, "Oh my god, no she di-'nt" and then looked again and saw that, in fact, you really did.

capt'n! Will you catch a wave for me today? My computer is a powerful conduit to the multidimention, I will meditate at my keyboard this evening and try to catch the psychic signals. Did you hear the rumors that all the bloggers in our orbit are now on the same cycle, men and ladies alike!
Booyah! Right back.
SouthPark yer link, she no worky.
Frogth, "academy of untouched mythoth", that post rankth amongthst the motht poetic ever to grathe this humble blog. I don't have the ability to rethpond. You are a vithionary wonder.
The South Park episode about scientology was suppose to rerun, but isn't going to now. They think Tom Cruise has something to do with it.
Thumbody, I'm agreed on frog's "academy of untouched mythoth." Sublime, as usual.

Corny, we MUST be on some kind of same cycle, because you read my mind! This morning the day looks sunny and warm and the mean wind seems to have died down, and I was just about to check the surf report, because I'm all esited!
How bout this: Sea Monkey and I will dedicate the best wave of the day to you.
Oh will you Capt'n? I will dedicate a chore that i might do today to you and Team Shredder. When you recieve my vibrations thru the mulitdimention it won't feel as good for you as catching a will be for me but still, it's the thought that counts, right?
Corny, good work defending TS on other blog. You are a good sort, always looking out for less established artists. Sort of fearing a shit storm but he's actually had death threats in the past. Much love for all Juxtapoze artists in an Artforum world.
Totally kelli, I actually said almost those exact words standing in front of Tom's Kehinde Wiley paintng yesterday about my love for the juxtapoze artists. Toms doing better then I thought he might on PainterNYC, it gets pretty harsh as we know... I a thought it was going to be a shit storm.
I posted there too. I never know if it is bad to post all over the place with my real name but I never have anything that negative to say about individual artists. Most of my hatred is for institutions, curatorial types and critics. I rarely hate on other artists. It's a hard, thankless job. PainterNYC is wierd to me because when I was flat-broke living in an illegal loft in Bushwick I was finally happy, could make whatever I wanted and met all the friends who are my "connections" now. I think it's strange when people in that situation hate on older artists instead of appreciating a formative time in their lives when they exist outside the system.
Check plus, kelli.
Hey Corny, by the way-
this might sound gay, but today as I looked over at Sea Monkey paddling into a sweet wave and catching it perfectly, in my mind I dedicated that wave to you.
Oh man, thanks Capt'n you just put the cherry on what was already a very swell day. Thanks!!! Also thrilled about seamonkee catching a sweet wave, bless our lil' monkee.
Morning, Corns, I am in withdrawal of Corn-posts. Eagerly awaiting the next learned chapter, I cannot live without them.
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