Thursday, March 02, 2006

We're taking the day off from the refinery to see Munch at MoMA. Munch is our favorite painter, really, right at the top of the list. I've missed every major museum show this season but we wont miss Munch. Back tomorrow with searing insights.

have secret liking for those guys.also Klimt & Bocklin.
I am a huge fan of Bocklin!!
corny, there's a weird film about him and i think it's called "munch" but i'm not sure. it's a "docudrama" and it's really, really good. i think it was made in norway, you should track it down. xo kb
There is the movie "Edvard Munch" 1974 that is a "stylized biopic about Norwegian expressionist artist Edvard Munch (Geir Westby) -- perhaps best known for "The Scream" -- examines the psychological problems that plagued his life and the paintings that emerged from his fertile mind. Director Peter Watkins narrates the film, which delves into Munch's tryst with the married Fru Heiberg (Gro Fraas) and his association with a radical café society, both seminal influences on his work."

or there is "Munchie Strikes Back" 1994 that makes us wonder if "Does an alien deserve a second chance? If he's the elfin Munchie, he does! In this heartwarming comedy, Munchie finds himself on trial in his home planet Eros for being his mischievous self. But he can redeem himself by helping a family on Earth -- the widow Linda (Lesley-Anne Down) and her son, Chris (Trenton Knight). Otherwise, he'll be found guilty and sent packing to the dullest place in space."
Regi; you are funny, I think it is the 2nd one.
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