Thursday, March 30, 2006

From the Finally Some Real Kontent korner

Creme De Menthe's CD The Impossibility of Eroticism in the Suburbs is our recomendation of the week. I'm wild about this CD. It's electro for the BDSM crowd, kraftwerk is an obvious influence (there are some computer voices), the whole CD makes for a strange and beautiful trip with at least 3 truely outstanding tracks encluding my fav track, Sadomasochistus which I heard played on WFMU last night (here's 2 minutes out of 6 to listen to). This has to be one of the nastiest most explicit songs ever written. Get it at Amazon

Nasty, huh? I've got to get it. I am trying to get a band together to record electro songs based on Emily Dickinson's poetry. We'll be known as "Dick is In"
Dick Is In!!! Yes. Brilliant. Vapor Eyes, I can play a pitch-pipe in your band?
Vapor Eyes, while you're CD shopping check out Modular Presents Leave Them All Behind. It's a double disk compelation. It's in the electronic/dance section at virgin.
I'm in a band with Seamonkey called Spinster pile. We practice once every 8 years or so, still we are very very good.
Our dance floor filler is called "Yoko Oh-no" sung partially in japanese accents.
Corny, that was YOU?? I saw Spinster Pile open for the Gert Johnnys in '98. You guys ROCK!
Thanks for another tip--although I stay away from Virgins of any sort. But we just recorded our first single: "Because I Could not stoop for Sex, it kindlay stooped for me."
Ah, yes, Spinster pile is a rockin.'
Dear Spinster Pile,
is it true you've released a new single in Japan titled, "That fuckmop otherwise known as her hair?"
Speaking of Spinster Pile, Corn, isn't it about time for our next rehearsal? I have a couple new ideas kickin' round, maybe we should get down the studio and just brainstorm a little--throw some paint against the walls if you will? And I think you will?!!!!

If my private jet's fixed by next week I want to come out there--there's a salute in song and dance to Charlie on the 15th. Annie's flying out and we could have the Spinster Pile Redux Remix Reunion wiith all new Bonus Trax!!

I got more to say on this subject but I just got up and I'm waitin for Nanci Debbye to get back with my cigar box full of oxycontin to take the edge off.

Then it's off to the studio to noodle around with the sound guys, etc and plus . . .
Seamonkee have shoe box of vicodin, will be thinking of you. What was Emily Dickinson anyway? She doesn't come up on my gadar or any of my other 'dars.
Uh, Emily Dickinson...Belle of Amherst...recluse who wrote verse.
yes, what not who. Asexual? People often think I am asexual and I only wish it were so. I would wear more velvet and lace. I think I would probably smell better.
Kelli that thing about wanting to be asexual and wearing more velvet and lace if you were, what does that mean? I think I've heard you say that before.

Just curious.
Emily had a long affair with a woman--so I wouldn't say she was asexual. There is a book of letters out that she wrote to this woman.
Like Quentin Crisp. Sauve and dandyish and above it all.
Over the years, Dickinson's letters to Gilbert were filled with increasingly passionate and homoerotic phrases, even after Gilbert married Dickinson's brother in 1856. Most critics have dismissed Dickinson's language in these letters as just a reflection of custom in the mid-19th century, when female friends routinely expressed their feelings for each other in ardent terms. Yet Dickinson's references to Sue as an "absent Lover" whom she wants to hold and kiss, and to herself as "Susan's Idolator [who] keeps a Shrine for Susan" suggest a deeper love. There haven't been many good friends, past or present, who get "hot and feverish" (in Dickinson's words) at the prospect of seeing each other again, or who express desperate grief at being separated.
WILD nights! Wild nights!
Were I with thee,
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile the winds 5
To a heart in port,—
Done with the compass,
Done with the chart.

Rowing in Eden!
Ah! the sea! 10
Might I but moor
To-night in thee!

As my guru Paris would say "that's hot"
Hey David Bianco,

thanks for that post. Thats most content we've seen around these parts, uh, ever. It's fastinating the idea of living a live with unfufilled desire. Who are you?

Ok I just googled you, you're a historian. Wow. I'm honered to have you here.

So was Eleanor Roosevelt a lesbian?
Would you be willing to joint the editorial staff of ABCN?
yes David, join us. The office hanukkah party is wild, what with the rousing games of russian roulette
David has studied my ouvre for some time now.
Angie, I'd like to study your ouvre.
Angie Dickinson,
well blow me down!
I'd like some ouvre's sunnyside up. Vapor eyes, you are an enigma, so familiar yet...?
Despite popular belief, I have lived a life of unfulfilled desire. help.
I like my ouvres over medium.
AD I've got alot of practical advise, but maybe more approprate if we go to a private chatroom for a session.
Angie, I would be happy to help you with your desires.
AD I sense the desperation in your plee for help, maybe you should call our Hotline?
1 800 can-i-just-live
There is no frigate like a gun.
Thanks Corny, I will call. You do not understand how hard it is to be considered a sex symbol at such a young age and to have people scared to ask you for sex. So I end up gettin' none. Vapor, you sound like my speed.
Eleanor Roosevelt was a believer in the Sapphic tradition. Yes, a lesbian indeed. I would happy to join the staff of ABCN.
Wonderful David, We're all very excited around here about this development. Things are really going to start happening! Elenor, did she actually make the lady sex? No need to answer. i'm getting your book.
Ad, I know what it's like to be considered a sex symbol at a yound age, believe me, s'no picnic in the park my friends.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dickinson, however, says she has no desire to turn back the clock. "What's the point?" she asked. "You can't stop the aging process. There's only so much oil you can put on your body. I've always just tried to go with my age. If the part requires somebody a little younger or older, I can probably get away with that."
WOW! What a young starlet you were Corny.
Corny I think I am coming to your neck of the woods next week to the opening for the Britney Spears monument to pro-life. I'm from the South but most Southerners do not give birth doggy-style. artistic license perhaps.
corny, JonBenet had nothin' on you. What a little ladycake you were... bitesize.
Geez, I've missed the celebrity guests. HI all.
Kelli, I am hoping the Britney sculpture dispenses some kind of treat from the rear; please report back with your findings... I am on tenterhooks to know.
PD, you ARE a celebrity guest of the swarshbuckly variety...
Shucks Sloth, I was referring to you when I said that!
Is the sculpture in B'klyn??
Funny, I thought it was in NJ!
PD; I'm staying in my pajamas all day. Just cannot compete with this kitsch. 10 different kinds of bitch-whipped I can't even spell.
Slothy will bring back treats. But I might just buy some at Duane Reade and lie about their origins.
No sense in tryin' Kelli, this guy's too good.
I am trying to kill myself with an egg matzo. It no worky.
Frogs, try breaking matzo's in 1/2 and running arcoss wrist in quick tearing motionC. You may have to go through a whole box before you hit a vain but it works, it worked for me.
Kelli what night is this opening...I want to go.
Sloths, you game for this opening. We can all take pictures of eachother riding britney like bronco busting cowboys. i'm pretty sure that'll be incouraged.
I am game. I got my saddle ready. I just came from Angie's house.
I'm game too. Vapor has turned me on to some things.
Good for you kids! Angie, maybe at the opening you can demonstrate what you've learned.
I am thinking of setting up a booth.
I am here waiting for someone to take me out of my own imagination. I am running out of material--please help me.
Corny are you sure you want to go? It sounds like a media circus. April 7 it's on Roebling. Maybe I will drag TS with me to W'burg: the neighborhood which coughed us up like so many hairballs. Sloth, PD, David Bianco??
Oh no. I must come too. It is circus time.
Frogs if you want to say hi to me at the opening I'm the wierd-looking red-haired chick. Not the strikingly beautiful, witchy, red-haired chick at openings: that's Claudine Anrather.
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