Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Don't worry about me, Mrs.Cub has hired a nurse to help me through the day. We're on a strict regime of big green pills and fluids also the nurse administers shots every 2-3 hours, it makes us feel like we've got MS, she says it's helping.

those green pills look delicious I bet you will be feeling better in no time.
Corny, I'm a little worried but you seem to be in good hands. Are the pills the smelly kind? Those are the most potent & effective, especially with the lobotomizing head-ratchett treatment. Rest up, corns.
Yes, Nurse Ratchett is a seasoned professional.
Nurse ratchett has been administering leaches all morning, actually one large leach across the motor cortex

Who is the lady with the headband? Not a good look--with or without leeches.
PD, thats no headband thats the leach before it's ingested the fluids inside my skull, funny that you would mistake it for a headband
This is why I'm not a nurse, Corns. You are lucky I'm not taking care of you.
Corny, you might want to check in with Debbie Brown, a loose affiliate of Team Shredder's. She's known for her knowing of all things health and healing.
Capt'n I think I know of this legendary debbie brown, she needs her own blog methinks

Pd. *shaking head* yer cracking me up today.
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I hate colds and nausea but I really like having a fever. The delirium works for me. If they sold fever as a street drug I bet people would buy it.
Now you listened to my story
Here's the point that i have made
Chicks were born to give you fever
Be it fair and have a sense of game

They give you fever
when you kiss them
Fever if you really learned
Till you sizzlen
But what a lovely way to burn

But what a lovely way to burn
But what a lovely way to burn
But what a lovely way to burn
peggy, I love you truely. remember when i chased you down at the Carlisle? I scratched a portrait of you during your set and gave you the picture afterwards. You held it sideways and admired it? You were a class act.

"Chicks were born to give you fever"

truer words we're never spoke and now what with the whole avian bird flu you, from a place beyond, again have your finger on the pulse
corny, you busted me that night.i could barely see your drawing but i'm sure it was lovely. but who was that gorgeous redhead you were with i definitly saw her..
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