Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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Thanking Mrs. Andry for alerting us to this story: Jennifer Jones is nominated for homecomming king of her Maryland high school and I for one say, YOU RULE THE SCHOOL JENNIFER! If some big ol' bulldagger had been the homecomming king of my high school (if we had done home comming, which we didn't) I might have enjoyed what was generally a pretty difficult time, actually it would have changed the course of my life. Woah Mister, Back That Truck Right On Up!!! We've got trolly loads of new music to sift through so after the Ridykeulous opening on friday we will hoast the ABCN hoe-down, we recieved a massive package recently from both Mr. Boadwee and also the Royal Mail. woo-woo.

I am looking forward to the show...and finally meeting you Corny.

PS: Any music suggestions you'd like to share...
I gotta run PD, Mrs. Andre who is the boss of me is calling. Can't waits to meet you too! yea.
music stuff, can't get into it now, Mrs. Andre needs me to roll some kind of giant rock up a hill?
yes corny, pd, i will try to see youse there on fryday. the reveal.
My sister was voted home coming queen in Maryland & turned it down. It's a wierdly tolerant state & more racially integrated than NY. And all those John Waters movies are documentaries. Those people used to hang out at the Club Charles in Baltimore and they were really like that.
When I lived in Baltimore I had a trans friend: Denny, lots of friends of other races. And there was this wierd guy Anthony nobody was friends with. He would show up at parties and pour beer on his dick. They called him Onan the Barbarian.
Wow, high school would have been completely different with Mr. Jones as homecoming king. We were all pretty closeted in high school.
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