Monday, March 27, 2006

Yeah! Awlright, F*ck yeah!

We must dispel the thick fug of rumors that hangs over us that
a) we're quiting painting to become magazine mogels or
b) that the Dandy-Walker syndrome has advanced to the point where work is no longer possible and we are passing the days foping about in a silk smoking jacket, making snide comments to those wretched maggots, the "neighborhood children". It's not true!

There is wet paint and I will touch it!

We will be stepping off the gas a bit with ABCN, there will be fewer postings and
entries will be lazier and more insignificant.

Corny; good luck to you with letting everything slide that doesn't really matter.You have to pay your electric bill or the lights will go out. After that it's all gravy.
Corn Cub, I see that you have switched from oils to Slime®... brave move. your fans may be perplexed, but you must follow that muse.
yes sloths, the slime is viscose and dries slowly but colors are limited to radio-active green, sludge and clear. .
You will win. I know you will win. The slimes make haste with green and clear but yes you are knowing how to tame them.
'cuse me, didn't mean to disrespect the
registration mark on Slime®.
Frogs you are a nice little frogs, very encouraging plus your eyes face in different directions so you see things we don't.
I see the good and evil on either side of you, or so I tell myself to offset the anxiety produced by peripheral vision.
"entries will be lazier and insignificant" I had a boyfriend in college who said this to me often.

Yes to Slime! I am hoping to use some today. But mine comes in bright orange.
Frogs, you are a calming presence--not anxiety ridden.
PD, I am going to enter you with force and ambition. Get ready to get sloshed up.
Thith blog recomendth painting with sunglathsseth on.
Mayhem starts with the misapprehension of anxiety in the eyes of those who cannot see it forward.
"See it Forward" Frogs, that is a terrible film.
Yes thumbody, sunglasses take the edge off and also exposes the radiance of the holy trinity of color, Radio-active greeen, sludge, and clear.
I believe frogs is in a trance communing with the "higher powers" and manifesting enlightened thoughts. What does the inner sanctum of the gods look like frogs?
be nice, or else!
I see starbursts on the lawn arranged in concentric rings, lime in the outer ring, then lemon, strawberry, orange, cherry in the central ring. It is foggy. The neighbors are watching from inside their living room, faces pressed to the pane.
I love Starbursts--especially lemon flavored. Please scoop some up for me Frogs.
Gad zooks what's that frogs up to? Last night it was a satanic ceremony requiring buckets of blood, this morning it's dropping acid in the crop circle!
I do not drop the acid, the acid is suffused throughout me. I am pensive and easily kicked.
And licked, I get high off you frogs
Frogs is wistful. Frogs is remembering another life as a masochist in Medieval France.
The frogs said KICKED. KICK kicking
kick kick kick.
You may kick the Frogs, Frogs enjoys it.
Frogs of Arc, I was there!!! I totally remember how brave you were, watching the flames lap at your yummy little legs while the other eye was locked on me while I shouted your favoride song, Frère Jacques!
Oh frogs, we've been traveling through the multidimention together for centuries now and you are still a mystery
I am a little harshed out by your reality of having to step back an inch, Corny, since without you we here at Team Shredder are nothing, and we gotta be checkin' on your blog every day. But that's cool. The selfish little takers up in here can adjust. Ultimately we support you in this power move because we know you to be one of the best painters aroun.' FUKIN' A RIGHT MAN! Now go bitch slap that slime and show it who's it's daddy! Or something.
You will never have a post that is insignificant to me. I hang on every "The Rock mystified by paint on his hand" word you write and I ain't kidding!
Capt'n, if Corny slows up you better get you ass in gear for me.
Does that green slime on fingertips, and the hand of green slime branded on the happy choad in back of Matt help us learn that the best art comes from paintiing with the other-wordly [etheric!] ass fluids obtained by phisting a "man" who is secretly a Godmonster from the waist down? Or am I getting too literal? All I'm saying, Corn, is I dont know what.
Zoe, I'm on it, I'm here for you, man. But don't even think that anything will ever ease your pain of Corny slowing up. Because it won't. Face it Dagger.
No easyfistingjokes & plus,
When the happy choad stares intently at his green slimed hand and then relaxes the eye-muscles and stares into the void he sees a bloody red fist, this is the phenonenon of negative after-image, color theory my friend, color theory! Happy chode dude sees the bloody fist superimposed on whatever he looks at, it helps keep his mind focused on the violence of extracting paintings out of Godmonsters ass, the paintings are all in there, like the french academy, hung salon style. Godmonster is a cow in MM's realm.
Gobstoppers and Godmonsters spreading the green goo.
Are you challenging me? I WILL have a post that is insignificant to you! You want to take it to the mat? They call me "the bizarre crippler". Lets do it, friday night at Neds...
NEF&+, Corny, you have succeeded in blowing a hole thru the little slothbrain; slimy green chunks are literally dropping out, splat-splat.
Capt'n, I am a drunk with the blog, I need coffee, a small dose of moderation, and some DXM. The shades of slowingdownness might not even be perceptible to you, it's just what I have to tell myself to make it ok.
Thats magical thinking cornwad, goat blow on a roll!
Slothy, I'm made for you. I'm an opiate addicted slug and I've got bunions like cinder blocks on my "feet". We can move around real slow like
sloths, don't listen to Sluggo, he's had a few too many Coors silver bullets and DXM. Your link was intense! You're into snuf?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sluggo, I have been your "beard" for far too long. Your bunions no longer excite me, and your odor has faded to a wan whiff. I am sharpening my hair-nubs and going out wilding for a speck of the deep snarfs. Don't bother looking for me.
corny, thanks for the warning, but the dulcit tone of the sluggo-purr has lil' slothy in a swoon. The algae that grows on my backward-pointing back fur is increasing in humidity by the second... feeling all darksided and stuffs.
your continual kevetching about facial hair issues are salt bullets to my soul, I won't look for you, infact right this moment I'm gliding in a luxury Lexus through the south of France listening to french covers of american rock classics like, The Candyman and Brandy, consider this your final notice.
sluggo, listen away, ye scurvy glob... you are slug-cheese on toast. I am starting my own graphic novel and you are so NOT in it.
Sloths, I LIVE for algae. Gimme algae and some damp dirt and I'll be slimming up your southern republic ASAP
Oh Slugs, promise me you'll wear your newsie hat... it melts me like ice cream on a hot summer sidewalk.
Sloths, Nancy, you got the wrong ideas about me. I'm slow and slimey. I like shade and algae. I'm homeless.
...but I'll dig up a newsie hat, cheerio.
P.s. I can also grow a fist if you want me to punch someone.
yes sluggo dear, cheerios with green slime algae laced with the DXM... it all waits for you in the dank.
and p.s. no need for limbs; your slime is your superpower; surely you've figured that out by now...
please note especially the 4th paragraph.
Frogs is deep into insomniac state, there are lessons to be taught tomorrow but Frogs is stuck in the comments box somewhat too late. Think of this: a family who dwells in the basement. There is a hole in the ceiling through which the family who dwells above makes haste with juice through the hole and drenches the below ground victims with sticky pink bullshit. They are moistened, the below ground sufferers, they are moistened and cleaned with warm towelettes. Is this bad or good? You must decide and report back.
Report to Frogs:

One families sticky pink bullshit is another familys icing on the cake, everyone wins, it's all sponge baths in the end.
Wow wow and wows.
For those of you to tired to click on the link, heres the gist,
People + slugs = party!
Slug-fest is like a Renaissance Faire only slimey

"The afternoon's narrative is shaped by sparring royals: the Slug King and Slug Queen vs. "the enemy of all slugs," Captain Salty, who sports a pirate hat and brandishes a canister of Morton's. Later, he sticks his neck through the Slime Toss board, while visitors -- egged on by the jeering slug royalty -- hurl chunks of gelatin at his face.
I read that as "slug toast board", not "slime toss board".
It's all about keeping up with the Joneses, Frogs. Pink sticky bullshit is better than blue on my block.
Wow, that picture is groady.
With the morning cool reflection, she comes.
Frogs I've been rasping on your riddle. Being moistened and cleaned with warm towellets is good for health, sanity; soundness, right?
I suck on tests.
Sluggo, are you onw of the 7 dwarfs? I don't remember you.
Frogs knows many a riddle, I believe. She is a poet, a mystic, a songstress.
Vapor eyes, to many in the slug-fest culture, this is a beatuiful picture that shows the truth of man/slug love
Yes, you are right again VE. frogs is a mystic. I believe it.
I know I should be accepting, but man / slug love is just not "normal" and I am almost positive it is condemned in the Bible.
But, SLuggo, I know an organization that can help you change your errant ways.
I work for the dwarfs. I am their cabanna boy, I rasp the cake between their toes. They don't pay me, it's an all I can eat deal.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Au contrair, Man/Slug love is encouraged in the bible!
You have to turn the bible upsidedown and read the text backwards and translate, you'll see, it's all there.
Toe-cake. How can you resist the temptation, SLuggo? You are past the point of no return.
Slugs are the way to go. They are small and easy to carry around. The Turks used them back in the day for all sorts of fun-loving adventures.
Sluggo isn't past the point of no return, it just takes the little fella a while to get where he's returning to. However if giving up the warm friction of a mans tastbugs against the fleshy lobe of his sole is required, he will probabley balk at that.
Pd, your knowledge is what? Encyclopedic, yes
My ex art dealer told me a story about how when he was a kid, him and his brother would use a fly to uh, self gratify. It involved a bathtub full of water, a glass, oh and a fly with one wing pulled out.
Slugs and fly and insects have many uses.
um, don't frogs eat slugs?
Fly gratification = "Winged Vibration"
Menace is the purpose of accidental moistening. The towelettes are responsible for the false prophesies of calm that won't come.
frogs, am I not to trust the towelettes? this is a paradox that will require some mental gymnastics. I will prime the pump with a potent chemical cocktail to perform the contortions.
Yes. Ms. Cub, I HAVE challenged you. Try and post something insignificant! I'll read brilliance into it! Each and every time! Whoa!
Bring it on, my people call it maize.
Corny for a second I didn't read ex and thought you were talking about current art dealer. I'm glad I read that again or I would have made some inappropriate joke in future. Like when I make cracks about people mistaking me for " some artist's wife" in front of artist's wives.
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