Friday, March 24, 2006

We're going to hop in the Jammy Jar and fly to the studio right exactly this very second! We took time off from work for Ridykeulous followed by a week in bed with Avian flu. With 6 weeks until our show, this prolonged absence from the refinery is totally unacceptable and nerve wracking. On the up side, if people are disapointed by my work, I can blame it on the bird flu or my recent flair-ups of Dandy-Walker Syndrome.

This truck has made the most out of having Dandy-Walker Syndrome.
Who's to say what "compromised intellect" is, anyway? And the occipital bossing is maximally tricked out.
Inspired, I can now face the long day of work with vigor.
This truck has a tatoo of a little truck giving a gentle and loving back massage to another vehical, this truck is a gentle beast.
Cornsome, what a beautiful sight to greet me eyebones this morn. Is that a mural of the Ridykeulous opening? That is about how i remember it -- crashing bodies, brilliant lights and levitation.
Sloths! Yes, you are exactly right, infact the ridykeulous opening is still going on in the cab of gentle truck, Savage monster cut, thats no tatoo, thats a window...
Don't be ridykeulous Corny. Dandy-Walker Syndrome was prevelent during the Victorian era. First discovered in Oscar Wilde, this affliction was characterized by dressing in "smart" clothing and speaking in bitingly sharp witticisms while walking the dark alleys of London. The last known case in the U.S. was seen in George Michael, however, by then the strain had weakened to the point of being characterized soley by late-night cruising in the park.
pd, noodles so early?? with cake???
YES, Sloth. I want it today..for breakfast lunch and dinner. For real, yo.
PD, Oh my god, the doctors have obviously mis-diagnosed my illness. The "smart" clothing and speaking in bitingly sharp witticisms are not amongst my symptoms...
I'm mostly dealing with dizzyness, bodyaches and drooling.
Eeks, sounda like you have Walker Texas-Ranger Syndrome. Have you been kicked in the head by Chuck Norris lately?
Oh shit, i just gave myself a PG Tips nose colonic, pd it's not fair you must stop stabbing me in the head with the humor...
I will if you send over a German chocolate

P.S. A PG Tips nose colonic is the first step to recovery!
Oh oh oh!!! PD, Chuck Norris? How come you know so much? You ARE a dumpling, just like the Krix says.
MM, you are the roasted pork bun to my dumpling!
Oh, Corny, I'm sorry about your DWS kicking up again. Last time I saw you your fontanelle wasn't bulging nearly as much as before, but no matter how big it gets, you're still the most psychedelic big wheel in the town. You'll shake it off, pal. Chin up.
Seamonkee, I finially said to myself, this isn't ME. I'm like a small Fontenelle person stuck in a large Fontenelle body!

Congrats on your perfect ride yesterday, I picture you giving a firm yet tender backrub to that wave, making it melt in yer hands.
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