Monday, March 13, 2006

Plunging into Difficulties
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Quagmire

It's back to the old routine today. My hands are covered with cobwebs . Dry rot has made honeycombs of my arms, dustballs are collecting in pits. I popped into the refinery yesterday eve (not to paint) and it smelled stale. It's not going to be cute today because my paint is heartlessly indifferent to what I need from it, it is a material posessed by a sadistic deamon who makes slow beautiful love, then slaps me upside the head and laughs at my clumsiness.

I am a lonely painter. I live in a box of paints. I'm frightened by the devil and i'm drawn to those ones who ain't afraid.
Morning Corns. You must get to the refinery and break open the turps post-haste and lull that paint into a drunken stupor.
Yes, we're enjoying some PG tips and will fly in the JAmmyjar as soon as were sufficiently amped up.

Joni the devil is over-rated. I like that you like in a paint box. Is it winterized?
Corny, I hate to say such trite things like I feel your pain and welcome to my life, but....
Fuck the pain away
Peaches are you sent here from social services? You seem to understand the true nature of my soul, your advice is practical and edifying.
Beware the teaches of peaches.
Joni, you are welcome here anytime you need to get out of the paint box.

aaaaaand we're off.....................
Joni I've always liked Baphomet, the devil as scapegoat. Scapegoats are my favorite animal.
wow corny, you have joni mitchell commenting on your blog.
hi corny, great to see u on friday for a 37 seconds in the wonderful participant moshpit..have to go back to actually see the art on the walls.. drop me an email at: for future lunch-dinner-plans..
xoxo, pascale
Corny, I hope you are dominating in the refinery today; if the paint misbehaves, grab it by the neck & slap it around a little, then belittle it with withering insults. Tough love is the key.
Must to build up tolerance for the paint again. It was a pretty short day today. I was a robot. I did 5 hours straight of scraping off paint and sanding. My right arm is transforming into a steel girder, only throbby.
Did the arm get held up by the loop of Jesus? I mean if it hurts you might have an infection but if it only throbs then animal husbandry is the new form of painting for you. Put your arm straight into the cow and pull out your new painting. Drizzle painting over canvas and find instant pleasure and satisfaction waiting for eager buyers that find themselves aligned right outside your bedroom door.
Painting is finding and finding is swelling.
Frogs is following me. Hey Frogs, lay off my turf.
thanks Frogger! I'm glad to know about the animal husbandry, so let me get this straight. You stick your fist in and the paint just comes? I'll practice on the cow who works in the studio next door to me. This cow listens to country music all day, maybe a she'll come a picture of a barn.
The Loop of Jesus; that be the dental dam of glory he stole from mary?
Wish people could still do that sort of painting where you pose in a T-shirt and cigarette and drip paint all over the place.
MM please quit your life and stay here on the "Leave your comment"area forevs.

Thank You.
Uh, actually no cause then I would be doing the kind of painting where you make giant watercolors and marry an alcoholic.
I'm gunna crawl righ up inside that cow and pull out a manifesto;
Mystic Penetration into the Secrets of Creation and Other Studio Tips for Professional Lesbian Artists.

I not kidding MM, I'm going, don't try to stop me.
I'm really going to do it MM
I love cigaretts and tee shirts. Sara Lukas is one sexy cow
MM has decided to stay in the comments section, he has asked me to tell you. Find your painting inside the coming cow, that is the fish oil tablet of today tomorrow and yesteryear. The Mystic section is up near the rib cage, you may want to use a cane to extrude this important part. It is soothing for the gullet, the organs and the psych-hole of mourning. See the colors?
Between this blog and PD's, I am getting some great material for season 4 of The L Word. Many thanks,

I see a lot of color in here, mostly ulra-violet and various blacks. Also there are lots of flys around. I am now in a position to see the invisable colors.
The cane got lost in an udder tube, I'll get it later. This is very interesting. The flys are nesting in my hair.
Jesus something has gone terribly exciting in the cow. Loop of Jesus come into the cow and extract the colors one by one, so they're legible. Frogs is telling me to tell you to be careful, he sends love and caution into the udder.
hey corny. i am really upset dana died. i have a painting block myself and why is the art so predictable on my stoopid show?
Did Dana really die??
I wish there was more support for the Jews on these blogs. I am sorry but why can't there be a militant anonymous art blog for Jewish lesbians who have mental problems? Listen, it's not a class issue, it just hurts.
Ethel! You must start the blog of your dreams. Sylvia Plath will be your animal/spirit guide. Please begin this project ASAP or STAT or ASSTAPT
Corny is right, Ethel. You can do it.
Jesus Loop will you float over here for a sec, I've got fantastic hidden colors that need extraction and have I mentioned these probes are great for my complexion?
The fly have layed eggs across my upper lip and their beginning the hatching process!!!
I'm like the Village People cop... only
WOW!!! My spelling has hit an all time HIGH! the posts about the FLYS laying eggs on my upper lip is SO creative with the spelling! Ethyl, look and learn, genius has no off switch.
The buzz cop with fly egg mouth is the transformer of tomorrow's economy. I am writing a hand-written note to tell you that my memos demonstrate excitement. (Not to be confused with excrement). Who has pills for me to borrow, I am stuck.
Ethyl is is toxic, possivly fatal, while Corny, your spelling is methodless but you are convulsive, in the manner of Belgians.
MM Jesus Loop! don't make me hurt you. You promised your quit your life to live in my Leave Your Comment box but you've been gone for 7 minutes. It's becoming apparent that SOMEONE is an exagerator.

Cow... wheres that cane?
Corny slow down. It's ok. Jesus Loop, Frogs, Ethel, we're all here.

ps - I meant possibly not possivly. God typing on crack is not easy.
Corny, Frogs gives good advice, however, you know how conservative the art world is...they won't like to know you fisted a cow in order to squeeze out a painting. And those animal rights folks....
The crack slows my motor skills which are already reduced due to alcohol poisoning not to mention glue gun sniffing/burning.
But the collectors will be happy to know of this new process!
PD!!! Animal rights???? This sounds very suspicious. Are you going to tell me you aren't eating pork anymore? Not wearing rabbit fur vests? What up, dog?
Are you making macaroni sculptures again MM?
Now, now MM, don't be ridiculous! Or ridykeulous. I'm not an animal rights person...but I play one on T.V.
Pork--it's what's for dinner.
I am making invisible turd sculptures that are like nightmares in the sky. I am using the gargoyle as a template.
I now wear rabbit fur undies in addition to the vests--as you will see on our wedding night this weekend.
PD, it's going to be beautiful. Especially with the wheelchair aggregates. The bedpans, the videos. Sigh.
Nightmares in the sky is so poetic MM. Tard towers are also known as nightmares in the sky.
I'm into Game Theory mostly. I'm starting a blog called Mastermind World of Colored Pegs For Wallet Holes and Psych-Holes of Mourning and all Your Hole Needs.

Ethyl, you can be my clerk
I know. I am tearing up right now with joy. I have trimmed my wagging tail in anticipation. There will be much gladhandling on that night--you & me and Frogs can watch us.
Hmmm, this new blog sounds interesting buzz cop. Will chicken fingers fall into the Hole needs category?
Frogs is so caring and capable. But I think we need to invite the Wallet Hole of Buzz Cop insight. No? The holes of mourning are inside the pant leg.
I will clerk and put the pegs into color coded categories of largest to smallest love. Judaism will not blur my code of ethix, I swear.
I'll be there to throw the rice right smack into your eyes, I mean raining golden rice buds of love and well wishes.
Corny what's this about smack? Sorry.
If you fill the cup of love, the cup will fill up with cow.
MM, shush. If Corny has some extra smack to give us on our special day, we should be grateful. It will go with the oxy.
Ethel, I like it when you are spelled Ethyl, cause it make me think of elixirs of the alchoholic variety.
Smack! Yeah Smack! and Opium for everyone!
I love Jewish people! I do, I really do. They are the best.
I am readying my right butt cheek the home of my brain for the last 3 days for my smack injections.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Are you talking about Oxy 5 PD? For that acne in the unspeakable place?
I'm all over that hole of mourning, and the wallet holes, those are trickier. I may have to dispatch a flock of flies from my stash to lay some fresh egg clusters in wallet hole. It's complicated
Slap and stab! MM
MM, you know I'll smack that right butt cheek on our special night. I'll smack the left one too. We will make a painting out of the nitrate-stained sheets.
That is if you are still eating hot dogs.
What is the jewish thing going on? Rabbi are you lost?
Yahweh bless you two
I love Hot Dogs, Jews, and Smack. Make no mistake. I am apropos of nothing right now.

There is a sickness in my house.
I'm tho lotht.
Oh, I thought this was Andrew Mankowitz's Bar Mitzvah blog. Sorry. Ech!
But Ethel, are you zaftig? I'd like to meet.
Thumbody, climb into my greased mourning hole, it's waxy like a crustacean, I have greased it with coocamunga juice.
Can you cook me some kash varnishkas?
Oy guten-hummer Ethel! You are so vulgar! Later for you.
I know I am so sorry. My papa just gave me knish scrapings and I am so happy.
The cow is also my sleepingbag. I like to hang out the posterior and watch the world go by as cow hoofs it around the neighborhood.
Jews who love hot dogs and smack are the creme de la creme of the chosen people.
Ethel made a vulgar mistake.
Knish you---I hardly know you.
Sometimes in the cow stomach there is a square cut out of the side and it is replaced by a transparent window so that you may see the goings on. It is possible that we will see you roving around in there.
On the next Jerry Springer: Jews who love jews who love smack and hot dogs.
Jews who love cows who love Jews, etc. etc. Yes.
yo, my chosen peeps. what's up dawgs???
Yous guys I think I have rabies, no kidding. Foaming at the mouth. Snarling.
Buzzcop...careful in the squirty area of the cow. If it gets to full in there you may be udderly helpless.
Ethel, I like your name. Ith pretty and thounds nithe when I thay it.
MM, take a shot of smack now! You must do it before it spreads to the cow at the end of your fist.
I am ready for smack injections. It is part of my security plan.
MM I think I caught your rabies. No kidding, would it be anti-semetic to want to cook Ethel and rabbi Slalom?
Look, I have never entered a cow nor will I ever. I amy be an evil republican criminal, but I've only engaged in cow tipping, not cow raping.
I am catching the typo disease: I MAY be an evil republican....
Let's fist Frist!
I am taking to the bed now. It is early but I am skunked. My plans have been foiled, I am full to capacity and dwindling from the weekend's organ feast. Please excuse me while I rock it straigh to sleep.
Corny, I am 100% pork. Are you kosher?
MM, may you rest peacefully tonight. Tomorrow--more smack.
no shit, this philosopher Peter Singer published a defense of bestiality. Also one of infanticide. teaches at Princeton. Basic argument: consent is a notion derived from medieval concept of free will which has no place in our neo-pagan society. old school. Senator Frist do not feel bad.
MM, you are relieved from active dute. For now...
Peter Slinger voted for me. Thanks Pete.
Wow. kelli. He sounds like my kinda people.
I'm gonna actually open a book now--can you believe it? I don't know if my eyes can handle the strain of staring at a book page...

G'night Corns. Thanks for the mammaries.
Pd. when you're finially married to MM and I'm finally married to Slothy (who has said yes, and the invitations HAVE gone out, watch your mailbox!)Can we all
buy a condo unit together in Daytona Beach or somewhere?
Book. Good idea.nite.
Yes, that would be grand. Am I having a double wedding? Now that bigamy is in style, I shouldn't have a problem.
yes, my book: How to Become the Blogger you Always Wanted to Be.

COOL. I am still waiting for my phat rock, corns. Y'know, the sparkly girl's-best-friend kind?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sorry, I mean this one.
but is this bad for the jews?
is this bad for the lesbians?
Slothy, you should see what they can do with plastics these days, I think you'll be surprised!
Slothy, you will not be disappoined with the rock I got you. It is actually more sparkly than MM's and has been coated with fairy dust.
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