Friday, March 03, 2006

Munch, beautiful show. Amongst the thick ghosts, exploding suns, bleeding houses and death bed scenerios we found a lot to laugh about. I think I was giddy with love for these paintings. I was struck by how the symbolism seemed to grow out of feelings so intensely personal. I love the straight forwardness of his subjects, like a guy gripping his heart as a woman drifts into the sea, sounds corny, it is but then it's so damn beautifully painted the depth of the painting is in his handeling of the paint, the interconectivity of all the forms, his messages are simple and clear and resonate deeply. Also love when his color gets all dankity dank.

Corny, it seems to me that Munch's vision & feelings were so intense, he just did what he had to do to get them out into the world. I was kinda blown away by the intensity of his passion... Also loved the dankity paint intensely. I felt it in the deep innards region. The man obviously had a lifetime prescription of Fukitol®.
I'm going to refill my perscription on the way to the refinery. The batteries have been recharged, methinks some relics may get mugged today.
god so gullible: for a second I was like"what's Fukitol".like the time friends convinced me Cooper Hewitt was having exhibit of antique Victorian vibrators. powered by what? hand cranks?
Oh yea, that show. Do I remember a rowing machine sort of contraption to power up the utensils? The Victorians were clever with their inventions, what with the toilet and telephone and vacume cleaner (whos original function had nothing to do with sucking dirt).
In all fairness vibrators were invented like 2 seconds after the light bulb. Like to think gullibility is not a sign of stupidity. Like I'm willing to consider different possibilities. Why shouldn't monkey chains be real? Those monkeys are smart.
That cartoon is too funny!
kelli, are you going out to the hoe-downs tonight? please say yes.
whatchoo talking about Sloth? I haven't been invited to this event but I've been preoccupied so my dance card is sparse.
Hey kelli. the hoe-downs are openings in Chelsea at sikema and then Inka's opening at 303...I know it's kinda late, I just got home and saw sloths post about the Hoe-downs... maybe you'll make it?
I've got the munchies.
Hugs, Corn. Munch is the father of hot dogs and blood on the house, did you realize this? We are birthed from a Norseman wielding Christ-machinations. If we are fatherless, we are stainless, and this is not true. I am painting darks and danks in my mind's eye, preparing for the dance of truss in a dog bed on the floor.


d'oh, Kelli, I am sorry, in my solipsistic way I assumed you were of course reading MY blog & saw that we were going to openings tonight, no invitation required. The evening held so much promise: potential sightings of the mysterious WW, Capt'n, and I was also thinking maybe Kelli, but alas, none of it materialized. Oh well, life is long. Next time.
mm, my eye or my i is watching you sleep among the stones. sleep well and often, mm.
It's late and I can't sleep.
Anyway, Corny, you are truly excellent. Just saying.
Awww, Capt'n! That's usually my job, to unsleep. But last night I slept like a true stone, 9 hours, and was very happy to do so. Hope you got some z's. I can't believe I didn't get to meet you. Shishka.
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