Friday, March 10, 2006

Talk about your breakfast of champions, here's a little peek into the daily grind as expeirenced by Jeanin Oleson and Ellen Lesperance. Come to Participant Inc. tonight night to learn more.*


March 10 – April 2, 2006 Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 7-9pm

Works by misandrists: Lutz Bacher Kevin Blechdom Keith Boadwee Daniel Bozhkov Lindsay Brant Kathe Burkhart AK Burns Chicks on Speed L.M. Childs Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan Daphne Fitzpatrick Eve Fowler GelatinPaige Gratland K8 Hardy Rachel Harrison Lisa Kirk Christian Lemmerz Ellen Lesperance & Jeanin Oleson Miranda Lichtenstein Catherine Lord Rachel Lowther Keith Mayerson Carrie Moyer Ulrike Muller Eileen Myles Laura Parnes Lisi Raskin Ashley Reid Victoria Robinson Lisa Sanditz Emily Sartor Lara Schnitger Lori E. Seid Amy Sillman Gwen Smith Brian St. Cyr A.L. Steiner The Third Leg Nicola Tyson Claude Wampler Laurie Weeks Lucy Sexton Mikey Iveson Goody-B. WisemanSuzanne Wright and then some...

PARTICIPANT INC is located at 95 Rivington Street, between Ludlow and Orchard Streets on the Lower East Side. Gallery hours: Wed-Sun, noon-7pm.

*From March 10 through April 2, 2006, PARTICIPANT INC will present Ridykeulous. Curated by Nicole Eisenman and A.L. Steiner, the exhibition is based on their publication of the same name. Ridykeulous is a collaborative effort on the part of the two curators to subvert the languages, both theoretical and visual, which are commonly used to define Feminist or Lesbian art. By exploiting the style of a periodical and borrowing heavily from the aesthetic sensibilities of ‘zine culture, concert promo-flyers, and counter-culture manifestos, Ridykeulous purports to distill a cultural moment or tap into the blood and guts of an underground movement. However, using as a starting point cultural stereotypes about Lesbian art as some sort of “alternative” genre or movement, Ridykeulous seeks the erosion of such conceits and the attendant limitations placed on a culture forced to operate as an alternative, rather than a viable contributor to the conversation at large. Ridykeulous constructs a counter-narrative that no longer adheres to the rules and definitions of either approach.

Multiple works included in the exhibition engage with both the traditional art-historical position of the female subject and the modern commodification of female artists and their work. Ridykeulous proposes an inquiry into how these relationships are reversed, inverted, or made obsolete as the traditional “male gaze” is removed from the equation or at least overtaken by a “female gaze,” as is the case in works of art made by Lesbian artists and portraying female subjects. All of this is done with a sense of humor and a conscientious play with modes of representation present in multiple realms, such as pop culture, advertisting, and the visual arts.
As Eisenman and Steiner have noted about their publication:
Ridykeulous will tell you everything and nothing and plunge you into an abyss of fury. It is not nice. It is foolhardy. Ridykeulous is a confrontational mélange of recipes, poems, celebrity interviews, facts, fictions, accusations, jokes, sex, advice, merchandise, violence, puzzles, and luxurious artworks available and unavailable for your home. It is a publication with which to fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and decorate your communities. If you are one of those people questioning what is happening on planet earth, the womyn of Ridykeulous and a few of their male enemies purport to have the answer. We will meet your requirements and surpass your expectations, allowing us to serve you better.

Ridykeulous is created entirely by the power of intelligent design and Leo Koenig Gallery,

Sure wish I could be there! I'm sending Mrs. The Capt'n and Gree C. Hair as my personal spies. I hope you have a blast tonight, Corny. It sounds so good.
Team Shredder is with us in spirit, we put up a beautiful picture of Seamonkee walking on the street, arms full with a giant broken lamp, a cigarette, and some other stuff and god rays all around, so she's representing.
Team Shredder is with us in spirit, we put up a beautiful picture of Seamonkee walking on the street, arms full with a giant broken lamp, a cigarette, and some other stuff and god rays all around, so she's representing.
YES! I want the work that is unavailable for my home.
Me too, can't wait for the feverish evening.
Oh thats great Pd because all the best works happen to be unavailable for you home!

Pd I'm thinking me n you are like chocolate and beanut butter. or peanut butter.
Yes, like a pair of Reeses Peanut butter cops.

I am anxiously awaiting the recipes in your publication.
I hope we all fit inside, it's so small there. MM call me if you don't see me.
oops! I mean penut butter CUPS, goddamit!
Theres a recipe for clam chowder that condi rice submitted.She cooks with her own hair
or peanut butter...whatevs.
She's weird
No No peanut butter COPS is it!!!
Stop, n' spread em!
I should get moving, Boss Of Me has been calling my cellular telephone which means "where the fuck are you"
I love the name Boss of Me--very good.

"Hold it right there Peanut Butter Bandit! Get your tongue off the roof of your mouth!"
Corny--I hope I catch you tonight. I will be wearing Fist Faces (and a blue gardenia behind my right ear)
I would like to go to RIDYKEULOUS tonight, but I'm not sure. I'm confused. Will there be lesbians there? I'm having these weird flashbacks. Nobody loves me.
Was always confused by those Reese's ads where people get their food violated by strangers & their peanut butter & wind up liking it. Hope Ridykulous is nothing like that.
No Kelli, the COPS will be there to prevent such crimes.
...what about a post of the sea monkee picture...?
I'm not trying to be a selfish little taker, it's just.....
Capt'n you are only asking for what you deserve. I woke up with peanut butter in my underwear. People told me the Ridykulous afterparty would be a safe and welcoming place????
yeah, post the seamonkee picture!
Corny--it was so great to finally meet you and the boss of you! Thanks for a fun ride (uh, I mean the show). I left when it got overwhelmingly packed and got drunk, so I could not crawl to the after party. Congrats! I liked Mrs. Cub's video alot (that was her in the helmet, right?)
extra smooth not chunky
Enjoyed a lot!
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