Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Refinery pics

From inside the refinery

This machine is called the Univac-Iris-Microvax-Ideastation/8000

There are 4 ideas on the UIMI/8000.
Our Department of Cautious Connoisseurs will look into this development STAT

These mechanical ideations push the boundaries on what we considered useful vs. useless in the realm of beauty. I am happy for you.
Thank you Frogs, whenever the UIMI/8000 produces new bulbs we throw a little office party at the refinery. Useful/Useless in the realm of beauty, your words resonate. Would you like to come work for us in the Quality Control Dept. or R&D?
If I may pick which department, I would like to pick Human Resources or Recon. Human Reconnaissance.
I may find some resourceful Humans and do Recon. with them. At least this is my desire.
we have a water cooler full of champagne in every cubical and all workers wear splendid wool hunting jackets with draw string pants.
Recon is dangerous work frogs
but, if your game, we could use you. I'll talk to my boss, Frau Monkeyberger and put in a good word for you
I am both too large and too small for drawstrings but MM as you know is a fan of this comfortable EZ look.

The champagne gives me bubbles in my grinder. This I like. I will work for you for a nominal fee.
After you convince the Monkey you spoke of. I hope the Monkey will say uh-huh.
Do you have extrodinary abilities of concentration? Can you move forward and backward in time? Can you commit to your maser? Can you transform gold from lead?
Are you endowed with any super powers like the ability to become invisable of lift cars and stuff?
Frogs will you tell MM I had to take a whopping dose of pills last night, the
no sleep things really taking a tole or a toal or a toll
the fingers they stagger across the keyboard like 10 drunken sailors on leave. It's all typos as usual and abysmal spelling due to a massive blow to the head I like to deliver to myself upon awaking.
Corny, I think it might be time to run the offending head thru the Univac, give it a good hoovering.
A good idea, I think I'm going to need your assistance with head sweep. Last time I tried to run it through myself it came out mangled.
aye-aye, sir, at your service. I will don my starchy oompa-loompas & report for the procedure at 09:00 hours for scrubbing & prep. Head must be thoroughly lubed with the high-octane goo.
I am happy to be part of the same world as you slothy. you are a good and helpful gooey egg.

You know the scrubbing&prep is a 24 hour process? It requires a series of acid skin peels, we don't want any bacterium entering the UNIVAC while my heads being swept... that could be a probs.
You'll come out looking divine with one ulta-thin layer of polished skin, so translucent your new color will be blue!
the peels are painful but you won't feel a thing, Corny; you'll be in a medically-induced coma... (hypnotic voice): you must trust the sloth.
Corns, for some reason the top picture does not show up. I am curious though about the drunken sailors on leave...are they with you now?
The drunken sailors have been very naughty today. They took an excursion deep inside the UNIVAC where the liquid brain laps up against the blue lagoon. They spent their day bindging on oyster meat. They have not returned yet. There's yet another layer of blood on my keyboard but, Oh well.
Corny, sounds like a great day to me. Congratulations. May you always be a sailor on the ocean of times.
Corny, I'd like to purchase a few sailors for some bloodletting.
Oi, we's 'ere n atchur survice master Pd
We will let the bloody Claret fla aahhht
We will cleanse thy soul, tha'il feel young 'n energetic when wea'ar thru wi' theur.
Sailors, are you drunk already? So early in the mornin'?
Who has scurvy?
My grubs are calling me. They are oily and so am I. Me and my grubs are dining on voles. It's backwards.
Ahoy PD, Eur mornin blood lettin is eu 'ealthy way ta start t' bleedin' day.
Just mek sure theur keep enuff sa 'a' theur dooant become totally fla' li' eur piece o' papar.
Aye wor drunk!
Wowee matey. Me canno a comprehen a eu.
Whatcha been drinkin sailors?
Wea'ar fallin orl o'a eachotha it's eur blast.
Fermented pork rhine juice mostly
Yum, me likey the pork anything. Good stuff mates. Me likey the wine and the pork juice in the morning. On me goat flakes.
It's strong ah can's see straeight.
Are you Irish?
We ea' alot o' foul 'n salt wattah. breytfast is t' most reet important meal o' t' day!

Goats are wee laik mates we dooant ea' 'em.
T' goats are li' lahl lady friends.

Noa wor fra t' briney seeur!!!
Matey have you absconded with Corny? What have you done with her? Has she been dispensed with, pushed off the boat into the deep salty abyss?
We li' on eur 'ouse boa' ont' ocean. we vomit orl t' tahhm becase wea'ar dizzy orl t' tahhm
Oh, 'er?
Vomit. What a great word. I love 2 syllable words that end in "it" or "id".
She's a land lubber if I ever knew wahn! Corny doesn't kna eur riggin fra eur meeam sail.
Say hi to Corn for me.
We orl love wallace 'n grommit.
Me too. Grommit.
Oi MM. She's visitin davie joans lockar.... but if we's sees 'er.....
Grommit 'ees a good pup We li' 'is eye brows they're funny..
We li' thee mm, cum away on wee boat sometime.
By mateys. Me must go de-louse myself and prepare my studio pants suit for the work day today.
I do have a wee boat!!! I will come visit you all in my dingy.
Stupid drunken sailors what a mess it is below deck. Goat whores everywhere!

Their ship is called the Grog and Snog
Don't say "Goat Whores" and expect me not to get excited. I am a sucker for all things goat, and goat plus whore is too much for my oily carcass to bare.
Bye MM,

the sailors have left port, but they may come round again at somepoint on their way back from Madagasgar or something
I have along history with all things Goat Whore. That was even my nickname for a spell
"You dirty Goat Whore"

Really? Goat Whore? Did you eat Goat Flakes and become the master of Goats?
go now, off with you.
I know, I said I was going...just one more minute. Yeah.
I lived on a mountain and slutted around mostly. Like a... er, goat whore.

I'll try the goat flakes. With goat cheese for breakfast of champions
MM, you must go, you are sad type of ether addict.
Dirty Little Goat Whore from the Mountain. I see.
Ok Frogs, I am going now. Promise.
Lets gerr 'a' frogs 'n tear 'im eur new 'un
Frogs, had a downer party and nobody came!
Crush kill destroy! wea'ar commin ta gerr theur, orl o' theur!
Frogs, You're not a downer just very resonable, I know you look after MM with the the the intense and insane love of a virgin hummingbird
or something
Your dead toady!
Arghhh mateys, I missed all the fun.
I must go to the shack and get started on the needy pictures.
But I am drawn to the open sea instead.
How to resist the songs of these sirens, PD? Must go too.
God speed, SLothy. Look to the green light...
Hellooo, helloooo, hellooo is there anyone out there? I just swam across the East River to get to my home. With every stroke, and every strained breath, I kept thinking: must get back (cough, cough) and
I am in my nest, building a new set of wings with tiny pin needles around the edges.
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