Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We're doing something we never thought we'de see ourselves do... that is post about Belle and Sebastian. This band never interested me until last year when GrandmasterBoftheBloodArm recomended the single, Dear Catastrophe Waitress . It totally turned me around about them. It's an amazingly catchy upbeat song that jangles along with touches of electro-pop, really different from their usual wispy, dreary stuff. I bought this new album in the hopes it would be following up on that last single. It's not all I'd hope for given the brilliance of Dear Catastrophe Waitress but if you're a fan you'll probably love this CD. I'll keep listening to it, Keith said he likes it but I'm already looking forward to the next album when maybe they'll get it just the way I like it.

We're also really enjoying the new Acid Casuals CD titled Omni. This band, formed by one of the Super fury Animal guys, is also a clothing line and they opened a gallery space in Cardiff. It's kinda downbeat electonica, not our usual cup of tea, but there are some beautiful vocals mixed in and hints of pop. The NME gave it high ratings and PlayLouder says its
"one of the most astounding techno debuts we've heard in some years". We have so much new music to sort through, wheres that lazy-assed doppelganger?!

I loved Catastrohe Waitress. I will check this out. I was listening to Camera Obscura last night which reminded me a little of Belle and Sebastian.
I just listened to Acid Casuals again this AM on my drive to the house of SLT's and think THIS is the album to get... or both. It's really pretty beautiful, not poppy at all but some of the vocal harmonies are like the Beach Boys. It's wanders around dips into melencholic
reveries then sparkles, it's GREAT for driving, maybe rainy days in the refinery... I'm into it.
I am ordering that now. I need it.
I am missing you, MM and Slothy right about now.
miss u too, peeds... just finished a beigetask. again p'shopping a guy to look sad 'cuz he has liver damage.
You will have to photoshop me soon, SLoth. After the wedding my liver will be green and wrinkly.
I have been getting in trouble over my take on the Heyl review over at Edna's.
PD can you give me the link to ednas blog?
Thanks. I've been neglecting my teacher duties and practicing flip turns at the pool all AM, very fun, my eyes are red and I look stoned for class!
crazy story in the NYT's about Ambian today...

the link to edna's above.

Yes, I could not believe that ambien stuff. I almost want to start taking it so I have a reason for gainiing weight.
It's funny somebody was like "Edna, does your dealer know you are Edna?" and I was like shit my dealer knows I'm Kelli.
People were harshing on her for not policing female artists' work just demanding they be included in the system. I thought that was the point. I think it is a generational thing. More proof that you have to kill your mutha and your fatha and any mofo who gets in your way.
Then people gave her crap for admitting fiber art sucks. It's not like admitting you have HPV: everybody knows fiber art sucks. All that essentialist crap about "traditional women's work" stinks of the 70's.
Oh, I agree with Edna on the fiber stuff. All I was commenting on was her overwhelming response to the Charlene Von Heyl by Saltz.
I posted there too PD but I honestly like Saltz. I think it is great that the ratio for his reviews is about even although there are so few solo shows for women. I think he is making a real effort. He is too quiet on the racial issue but maybe because that disparity is a huge gaping chasm.
Agreed Kelli, although I can't help but roll my eyes at his real-world holding-courtism which is on constant and nauseating display.

He trashed my ex's burgeoning career, and for that I can't decide whether to love or to hate him.
Slothy maybe artists should write art criticism like they did back in the day. You are sharp. Why not pick up the pen? Oops we could both end up like our old friend Mel. Scratch that.
I heard that when Corny got busted at that hotel she gave you a big pink diamond ring like the one Koby gave his wife. Is that just gossip?
You mean Muffin-Butt Mel? Yeeeesh. Gives me the shivers.

Kelli, don't believe everything you read on Page Six. My rock was twice that size, and pure as the driven snow.
Yes, you would be a great critic Sloth. I know Saltz does try with the 50/50 ratio--you're right.

Has Corny stolen you from me Slothers?
That is one big-ass diamond but the question is do you forgive her?
Oh yeah about the fiber art. I had a nightmare that I was older, had long hippie gray hair and had switched to ceramics. I was sitting at a potter's wheel. I woke up crying. No shit, a real nightmare.
PD, I didn't want to tell you this, but the wedding between you and MM has broken my heart into smithereens. I have been snacking nonstop on peeps and am starting to resemble one.
Kelli, that sounds horrible. I know how you feel; I keep having flashbacks to riding in my sister's stuffy minivan in Akron, Ohio over Thanksgiving with the kids crying in the backseat. I have to shake myself out of it & repeat: I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay...
Kelli--that is scary. Were you wearing black orthopedic shoes and black jeans and a multi-colored hand-knit vest?

Slothy please...you know I love you just as much, if not more. You are good peeps. What kinda peeps? Pink or yellow?
Yes Kelli - was there a dreamcatcher anywhere in the room? sort of a portal, maybe.
I couldn't see the color of the peeps PD, through the tears, you know.
Oh, I feel terrible. Don't make me cut into my karate arteries now. I am planning to spoil you rotten once we are united. Uh, don't tell MM.
OK, PD, I guess I'll take whatever you want to give (sniff)... I can keep a secret, I promise.
You deserve more and I will give you whatever you want. How 'bout the deli slicer? My most prized possession is yours.
I was wearing drawstring pants. Only have bad dreams about failing at art career. Never about being sick or alone or unhappy. I looked a little like a guant Kiki Smith.
Kelli, I am halfway there with the drawstring pants.
grey ones and earth shoes
oh oh, I am guilty of the drawstring pants. Eeks.
I never have dreams about art world stuff--I mainly have dream about losing my teeth.
I am typing so badly today.
When I move my studio into The Mounds it's going to be a drawstring pant bonanza! One for every day of the week with Brooklyn USA printed across the ass
My drawstring pants have "I'm off it ain't I?" written across it to prevent me from being lazy.
My problem is my ass is my fattest body part but I never have to look at it back there. It could cause a real problem as I assimilate into gay male culture. I guess drawstring pants are ok. When I have to stuff it into a drawstring Hefty bag it will be bad.
I like a big backyard. I am not making a pass at you kelli, just sayin.....
I got the big gut.
pd we can trade pants and wear them the other way around
I'm sorry kelli, but I don't think you have the same level of problem that FB had last October, around Halloween:




god, I can't help cracking up whenever I look at these...
I love some of the songs on Tigermilk, but it's because I am sappy and go for certain sentimental melodic stuff. But it's good stuff! Also jangly. I didn't even know about the Dear Catastrophe because I generally don't know about anything until a good 10 years after it's over.
Pd, I got the big gut, too. His name is Tony Baloney.
The first two albums are better because they were written by Stuart Murdoch but then he let the others write the songs on the two or 3 next albums which sucked, then he came back as songwriter on Dear Catastrophy Waitress, acounting for its goodness.
Slothy, Those pics are hilarious, (but also like looking in a miror). All thats missing is the MINNESOTA across her ass.
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Hi. Will somebody please kill me?
heh row. after mm is killed it is my turn.

also, about this record. it's funny. i really hated it on first and second listen. soo many whipspering apple blossom songs, cheesiness in a cloying way. but i kept listening to it for some reason and now i'm all on board. but i am sap. i like all their albums. There is still one song towards the end that i sometimes can't take.
Very nice site!
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