Thursday, March 02, 2006

Knee scraping kowtoes for Charlie Atlas, film maker and video artist extrodinaire who just recieved the 2006 John Cage Award. Charlie has collaborated with many choreographers and dancers , and vent like figures over the years, I.E. Michael Clark (we'll get to him later), Merce Cunningham, DANCENOISE, and on and on. Atlas also collaborated with Leigh Bowery, his latest film is the documentary, The Legend of Leigh Bowery, if you haven't seen it, it's brilliant, Leigh Bowery was brilliant. Charlie we're sending you love and congratulations.

I haven't seen Legend of Leigh Bowery--but will definitely get it.

Hey Corns, when is Ridykelous happening? Is it at a gallery?
sounds amazing, Corny - I will seek it out. I have "Useless Man" by Minty on the iPod, and it always cracks me up.
Yeah, Charlie!!!!

The Mrs.
The Legend of Leigh Bowery is excellent. Saw it recently. Hi Gene.
Hi MM.

Corny told me we are now switching to opium. It's fine with me. I will bring the Mr. Fry and the wok....

The Mrs.
Opium totally works for me too. I will bring the family pak of Snickers and paper towels.

Dreaming fondly of debauchery overlooking Central Park in comfy gut-accomodation pants.

Yours truly,

Don't forget your scrunchy!
I will be there to assist, but just in case.

Truly yours,

The Mrs.
Oh God! I was going to say I would bring the scrunchies too but I didn't want to frighten you. That is so funny.
I am getting my haircut short, so no need to worry about me. I am also going to bring 8 pairs of clean underwear. You never know what can happen!
That's true, Gene. Good foresight on your part, very organized, very thoughtful.
Gene, are you you? Or Corny incognito again?
gene tierny = mrs. cub
I know, I just thought Corny might have been up to her tricks again, like yesterday afternoon.
It's time for me to drink now--sorry for the dumbness.
Gene: are you abandoning the long hair that made you a cinema legend? By the way I've heard Rydykulous is a radical eschatological text related to the coming end (no pun intended). Also that a bunker is being built in preparation. Is this true?
If the cover is any indication, the bunker is being built in someone's pelvic region. Entry from the rear and front is possible, from what I understand.
Yes - gives new meaning to "vestibule."
Yes! Vestibule is a great word and a great place to hang out.
mm: this bunker does not sound very secure. when the end comes i want to feel safe & loved. maybe in the basement fallout shelter of nearby high school.
Kelli, I don't know, we'll all have to find the right bunker when the end times come. You may be safer in the fallout shelter of a high school, but you may not get the love you need. Just saying.
MM: you might be right about the love but I think there will be tater tots & chocolate milk there.
laughing , Kelli, thanks for keeping it real with the tattertots and chocolate milk. can one fry chocolate milk?

I think the bunker you speak of on the cover drawing of ridykeulous is also a train track. Vestibule IS a Great word in relation to this drawing.

from Websters:

1. The Vestibule of the vulva, a triangular space between the nymphæ, in which the orifice of the urethra is situated.

2. Vestibule train, a train of passenger cars having the space between the end doors of adjacent cars inclosed, so as to admit of leaving the doors open to provide for intercommunication between all the cars.
I like the V of vestibule and the V of the bathing suit area, also a vest has some remarkably simmilar phyiscal characteristics to the female ach,hem...area.

just saying
Corny there are V's everywhere, I guess, when you know the tell-tale signs to look for.
ps - I love vests.
this talk is getting me very excited. just saying.
speaking of dorky, dirty etymology :
Just saying. Hey. I am watching Velvet Goldmine for like the 20th time and it is such a seductive great movie with a kick ass soundtrack. I hope I am not alone in these feelings. It's the same guy who made Safe, right? He is a genius, I am dying. Frivolity with a deep idealism underneath here.
jeez MM, I haven't seen it... I am rocketing it to the top of my Netflix list right now!
SLOTH, you must. It is so decadent.
I love the smell of ________ in the morning. Smells like... Victory.
that is not what I was thinking.
shamefully I haven't seen Velvet Goldmine either. Todd Haynes made it. He also made
Far from Heaven which was that Douglass Sirkish melodrama with Julianne Moore. Safe is on my favorite movies list in my profile area.

A review of the movie from the BBC said " Charles Atlas' film marvellously recreates what is already a vanished moment in British culture - the time when dressing up meant something and the cult of celebrity had yet to deteriorate into the stupidities of Big Brother."
I was inspired by him and came to realize Bowery as a transendant performance artist.
great link kelli. though I wonder why the original sound Coo? Of all the sounds to describe femininity, did it come from the noise of a bird that sounded soft and teasing?
Theres a missing link. From no word to a word, how did this particular sound come to be?
just asking
Leigh Bowery is so extreme and incredible to watch. Seeing that movie made me wish I was around in London then to have seen it. I totally agree with you, transcendent performance artist.

Velvet Goldmine is about the glam rock scene in London in the early-mid 70's. You must see it. Safe is brilliant, Far From Heaven, I liked but didn't love.
Safe is an amazing film. Far from Heaven was not so good. But did you see his short film Poison? I think that is what it is called--about AIDS.
Corny that's a funny link right? I knew that Chaucer used the c word & it's not really slang. I like to use the word & make pompous remarks about "the queen's English".
Poison was memorable... I saw it ages ago when it came out in the theaters. Really luscious, especially the Genet story.
Yay for Charlie! I love the Bowery movie. And Safe, too, speaking of. I love when the good people get the props.
Corny, I love your enthusiastic & supportive props & shout-outs.... you are a good egg, corncub.
Speaking of velvet goldmine, seems gary glitter is going to jail. Check out Boadweeblog...
oh yeah, I heard that on the radio this morning. He made some good musix; too bad about the sexual predator thing.
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