Thursday, March 09, 2006

breakfast stilllife Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Today we will have the breakfast of Champions so as to fortify for the day ahead. Our skin is thin, gray hairs are rocketing out of the scalp at an accelerated rate, annoyance and irritation abound like spry fawns through the thick clump of woodland I call worry.

Courage, Corny.
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God, that post published THREE times. Blogger freakout... sorry.
Thanks, slothy, as advised, I have the paramedics standing by in case of accidental stabbings, crushed spines or mental breaks.
As Dick Blue tells her voice students, "keep...PUSHING!" Take it on the chin, Corny, and know the Team is out here cheerleading you on. Perhaps you might want to consider a visit with the Monkee of the Sea sometime. We could take you out to our fave surf spot and have a good old time.
check these out... do you know of this guy?
Thanks for that forifing image!

Hey, Inka did well on PainterNYC

The next guy zack smith had a pretty wild point by point response, almost made me like him. Was he the guy in the same room with Sillman at the las biennial? Yuck, no intrest in that instalation. But I admit to having a soft spot in the heart for the illustrators.
Wow, cool. I got to spend sme time with that polish dude.

Thanks Capt'n. We're going to LA the day my class ends in MAy, maybe we'll pop down for some surf and scurf.

GTG, The Boss Of Me is going to have an anurism if I'm late.
Hi I'm back... Boss Of Me is comming to pick me up so I've bought another 1/2 hour in the ether...
Corny why not cause trouble by asking Miss Andry if you can stop to pick up a white chocolate machiatto on the way? I really like Zak Smith but like the complicated ones more than the portraits which just seem market-driven. I don't see why any of the arguments people make against him wouldn't apply to Tom of Finland. When people talk about the male gaze it confuses me because virtually all significant or radical Western art was made by gay not straight men.
Kelli, I'm running out the door, but man, as usual, spot on you are!
See you tomorrow
Well most historians think Michelangelo was bisexual but before the 20th century people made fewer distinctions between varieties of queer or androgynous people. I'm counting asexual people like Warhol too. Fun fact: "Florentiner" was German slang for fag in the Renaissance.
I was just reading PainterNYC and they said on Brad Kahlhamer's post you are a better artist than him. Are you two in a rivalry?
Brad and i are pals. We once went to sweeden together to do an art show and had a swell time, I think he's a got a gentle soul.
Actually thats really embarassing. I enjoy reading painterNYC but the unfailing nastiness on just about every artist gets to be a drag. It makes me feel sour to read people fighting.
I am not into the nastiness on Painternyc either. But I am into this still life--where's the food?? Is it just Special-K and a human skull? You gotta start your day on more.
My boss asked my co-worker to buy Special-K for the office--is that nutz?
Yeah, Painter NYC is freaking me out lately. I feel like I am witnessing some kind of reality show, American Idol, I don't know - it's catty, petty, sick, all the anonymous commenting, esp. the ones who are taking personal shots at the artist. I am all for critical points of view but hiding behind anonymous to sling insults??? I hate that. But the concept of the blog is genius and I suppose a democratic approach just leads to anything goes. There are great things said and I have learned a lot but I don't know....

The thick clump of woodland you call worry...that is very beautifully put, Corns.
I still think they are all 19 year old art students from Richmond who had their last show at a coffee house.
kelli, my last show was at a sub shop! in richmond! but i'm (almost) thirty-eight. LOSER.

i'm sure that kid found painternyc through my blog. sorry. that was embarassing.
Not trying to be disrespectful. I don't think it is bad to show art in social settings. I'm from Baltimore which like Richmond has lots of beautiful affordable housing. I guess my point was people should do this stuff for a few years before abusing people who have. The nastiness goes beyond a healthy mistrust of authority.
Zak is obviously too fond of girls for those portraits to be merely "market-driven".

Not that good, maybe, but by no means market-driven--besides, they make way less money than, say, the Gravity's Rainbow thing.
That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »
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