Monday, March 06, 2006

unknowable forces of the universe* Presents:
Quotation Korner!

He who can doeth, he who cannot afford to, teacheths.


Good teaching ith one-fourth preparation and three forthths the donuths you bring to clath with you


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *We interupt your life to drag ungrateful and shamlessly boyant ass to the institution so to deliver fresh blood to the Needy Little Takers -as Team Shredder would call them. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Only taught once. Asked classroom alpha bully if he "wanted to take this outside".Personally I was a smartass who asked stuff like "why do you think Abelard was a romantic figure when he beat Heloise & knocked her up?"
Kelli, you rule for taking on the bully and relentlessly asking the tough questions! I'd take a class with you, should we start a bloggy book club, you can be the leader.
what are you reading these days?
whats anyone reading?

I'm 3/4 the way through A Clockwork Orange, I started it weeks ago, it shoulda taken one week of bed time reading to finish but I've dragged it out and now I'm losing steam. I hate not finishing books but I'm ready to move on.
please advise
Bully hit on me after class. He really was awful to the other kids. One kid spent whole class diligently working in corner & had helpful comments for everybody. I really like the book club idea. MM, Sloth & anonymouses we should all meet up at Central Park when the weather is nice.
Kubler-Ross: On Death & Dying
various: Perversions& Near Perversions in Clinical Practice
oops: Nuruddin Farah: Maps/ highly recomended book/ such strange art & Literature coming out of Africa. Don't know much about it but surprised by everything I see or read.
I am reading "Sweet Dreams" by former teacher Johanna Drucker. It's fun, but why does she insist on such blatant nepotism? I admire her, but I just don't think her pals are such great artists. It undermines her thesis.

Loved her pointy teeth. Sexy.

I'm being a bitch, sorry.
Kelli, I love your idea and your selections. I have many "near perversions" to offer up as talking points.
corny: it's okay to move on... really. life is long, but not that long.
the near perversons in the book are the most interesting. people doing weird self-defeating stuff to themselves& not even enjoying it.
Kelli, I am curious about Nuruddin Farah. I know absolutely nothing about African lit. Now am interested, thanks.
Has anyone read Dawn Powell? So good--so New York in the 40s. She had a very sharp tongue.
I taught a few times in short stints and boy was I zonked after. The "kids" (grad students) were so lazy and so scared to make a painting. C'mon, you're in school--live a little! They had all sorts of things to say about their ideas...but no visuals to support such ideas. It drove me crazy.

Back when I was a TA in grad school,I lugged a ten-pound book on the bay area figure painters to class for a student and she just looked at the cover and said: "neat"
That's it--she wouldn't even turn the page.
OMG pd, I thing that student has re-enrolled as an undergrad at my institution. WEIRD!
Thise are good recomendations. I like the African lit angle kelli, thats different. thanks. Also intregued by this Dawn Powell, love that name it must be a nom de plume, I'm pretty sure her real name is Debra Manishevitz.

Thanks guys.

PS Slothy You are not being bitchy, your just saying what you think. Please to think of ABCN as your little safety zone for speaking the mind. NBD my friend.
Must hit the big open road, I've got to drive to Wisconsin for my 1:30 class.
Actually, Corny, Dick Blue and Sea Monkee call them Selfish Little Takers, but I like Needy Little Takers, too. It evokes more of a sense of the black hole. I've never really taught. Not much in the way of credentials or desire. Seems too hard and scary. My friend Cool Chummy taught gym in North Philly and now San Francisco for years. One time she was teaching a new group of tiny kindergarteners, and they broke out into a debate over Cool Chummy's gender (she's pretty butch.) Chummy decided to go along with it, thinking it would be good for them, and interesting for her. "Miss Flemming, are you a man or a lady?" and so on. Finally one little girl said, "She's a woman, but she ain't no lady."
I'm trying to get going on Samuel Delany's Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, but having trouble getting on a roll. Also, Reiki, by Diane Stein.
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P.S. The clients are f***in sucken me dry. Oh mein gott in himmell! Give 'em an inch and they'll take a rope that goes to the moon and back and wrap it around your neck and pull until your brains come out your ears which they'll then eat followed by complaining. I've basically stopped giving assignments or reading. We just watch Godard movies and try to figure out where to buy the cool pants of the French New Wave.
Corn. When you're done with the book you're done with the book. Throw it across the room. I consider a book to be digested by me if I make it through the first page.

I'm staying with Sea Monkee this month, and she's turned me on to quite a few excellent books, as follows:

1. The Romanian: Story of an Obsession, by Bruce Benderson. First American to win the prestigious Prix de Flore! Un-put-downable.

2. The Tetherballs of Bougainville, by Mark Leyner. High-LARE-ious. Remember when we were staying at the House of Lesbian Alcoholism back in the day and we were reading Leyner's My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist, as well as Et Tu, Babe! and laughing our asses off? More o' the same.

3. The Cydonia Codex: Reflections from Mars, which proves once and for all that there are ruined cities on Mars whose monuments are exactly the same as many things Mayan/Egyptian etc etc. Ease your mind! The controversy is settled!

4. The Holographic Universe by James (Michael?) Talbot. On my 3rd time through. Actually finished this one. This book proves everything, once and for all.

5. Don't forget to check out the Team Shredder Press selection of titles, such as the instant classic The Penis, The Dollar, The Lie, by Dick Blew, and Creative Brooding: Readings for 34 Days to Sharpen Thought and Provoke Reflection, by Sea Monkee, who honors the Mayan calendar of 34 days out of respect for her Martian forbears. Forebears?

Debbye Manishevitz

p.s. Sea Monkee sends her love and is excited beyond words that you and The Cap'n got to sup together. You are her sunshine, Corny. She says she can't wait to stay in her new personal room!
A friend of mine once taught a class where she took the students to places like COney Island and Staten Island etc... where they talked and had lunch. These were grad students, I think. I don't think the class was supposed to be centered on field trips...but it was.
Debbuy, your suggestions
are a marvel!!!
May your distance from a wicked man be immeasurable
Yo yo that reading list is e-class dope, Yo it's da ball lil'Monkee
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