Monday, January 30, 2006

Tomorrow is my first goddamned drawing class. The Jammy Jar can get me to the Elimination Chamber in two hours, but if i peddle peddle peddle my heart and lungs out, I can get there on my Raleigh Chopper in under 20 minutes.

British design has given us the Concord, the double decker bus, Doc Martins, Aston Martins, kooky phone booths, the mini skirt, thin umbrellas, bowlers and so on, but I think you will defere to my expertise when I inform you that the Raleigh Chopper is far and away the greatest single moment of brit design ever. My brother had one of these for a few weeks when I was a kid, some thugs stole it, raised it up a flag pole in front of our elementary school and let it drop, repeating the process until it was a pile of scrap.

I had a Concord when I was a kid until the bullies stole it awat and took off! The double decker bus I had lasted awhile until the upper deck hit an overpass--not pretty.
Now, I just take the A train.
I meant to sat "away" Awat is...I don't know what.
"Awat." You know, like in a lightbulb.
Corny! Good luck with the kidlets. Does your chopper have tassles? Please say yes.
I think the thugs hated true beauty & couldn't stand to live in a world where perfection exists, so they felt compelled to destroy it wherever they found it. I hope your brother survived the trauma.
This story makes me want to cry. I never destroyed stuff when I was little. I just made paper mache roses and caveman bone necklaces. I did however see if the neighbors wanted to buy the stuff.
I know, I hate that fucking mean psycho behavior too. Oh, your poor brother, Corny. Hope he made it through. I don't know if my brother could have survived such injustice. He had an orange Chopper and it was badass.
The suns not even out and yet I will ride now. Yes slothy, the Chopper has very very long tassels, my old pig tails and a pashmina weave.
My brother survived. He works at the Rand corporation in Los Angles. Torcher and disaster readyness are his areas of expertise. Twue.
Pd, oyu raae a clumsyee tpyer lik me, no? langaueg is an opprixamation of meenign nd I halways gat wot uoy meen.
Corny, I mush be reacting against my freelance ojb at a illiterary agncey--where evrethin must be prefect.
no way. i was obsessed with the rand corporation when i was in high school. i'd drive by everyday in my boyfriend's white mazda with my 7-11 coffee and wonder what the fuck was going on in there.
Dear Corny,
I wasn't meaning to blow you off. My comments thing on our blog was busted for a few days, but I finally fixed it today. And I just saw your questions from days ago. So to answer:
yes, you can go about your everyday business on the lemonade Master cleanse thing. Just make sure to bring a big jug of the stuff with you everywhere, and make sure you have enuf. It may be too harsh to attempt if you are working outdoors all day in the freezing cold. Do it when you can stay fairly warm. Also, yeah, together with the Mrs. is easiest. Day 2 or 3 can get a little rough, but it's not that hard, really. Good luck, but in the meantime, rock those egg/bacon etc. platters!
amra, how do you take your coffee?
Cream, no sugar. But back then it was the 7-11 special cinnamon coffee lightened up with Irish Delight.
Oh Corny, we teach on the same day. I am fried to fizzling, and you? I came back the slow way: Amtrak. Thank goodness for train delays. Otherwise I wouldn't remember the pain and sorrow of being human.

I like your mode of transport loads better.
rand has one of the largest installations of contemporary art in any set of office buildings i hear. ive been told it's like xfiles meets chelsea. i also heard that rand locks its employees in during the day in their offices so they don't leave until theirwork is done. is this true?
Yes It's twue. Luckily it's a windowless building so Rand "associates" don't even notice when they've been locked in all night. They do have an art collection, BrotherCub says I'm in there, down the hall from his office. I encourage him to steal my drawing and liberate it from the airless tomb but he don't listen
they the Randers also just put out a study on art- i forget the title, but it's funny to think of a contractor for the government publishing a study on it. has anyone read it yet?
dont know anything about it but will sus out the SITUATION.
it's called something like Gifts of the Muse or something with Muse in it. Muse referring to l'Art i presume.
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