Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday. Ma and Pa Cub popped by The Mounds today with lox, bagles and a dish Ma cub calls "my delicious Sweet bread". Late Chanukah, (or Chanukkah? or Chanukka? or Channukah? or Hanukah? or Hannukah?) gifts were dispersed, Mrs Cub recieved a book on Kabbalah and I got a book on the secret inner lives of Hassidum. Will report back.

oh right on
does anyone like the Loretta lynn jack white album? Istarted listening to it again
I love Loretta lynn but have a frisky dislike of Jack White so didn't buy this album -can't offer my 2 cents.
Hi, thanks for this informative blog. I'm interested in anything related to Yoga. Thanks again. bikram yoga fort collins
Corny I had not noticed the yoga on blog but I know that you and your friends do a lot of base/ root chakra work. By the way you should not harsh on yourself for spelling and typing abilities. Will send you & the missus a present for National Secretary Day.
Thanks kelli, I took typing lessons with my little brother once when I was in High school. The teacher was hitting on my bro and then my mom fired him, leaving me high and dry at 20 words a minute.
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