Sunday, January 22, 2006

This chicken scratch is Beethoven's Symphony #6 "Pastoral" ----------->

Mrs. Cub and I brushed off the cat hair and hiked up to Lincon Center last night to have Kurt Masure and the the NY Philharmonic crack our skulls open and replaced our spongy Celebrity Fit Club addeled brains with the answer to many questions that have been bothering us lately, like, "whats the point" and "why bother"? It was the greatest rush of serotonin one can get short of an eightball. Mrs.Cub said afterwards she was having visions of skimming along the water like a bird. I was imagining myself thumping over hill and dale on a very magnificent pink horse, making frequent stops to look at a bush or smell something. It was a genius night of music, the audience went ballistic at the end, people were actually breaking their hands clapping with excessive vigor, the cries of pain mixed with jubilation was disturbing to say the least but all in all an amazing night of music.

Also on the bill was a Liszt's Fantasy on Motifs from Beethoven's Ruin of Athens, Totantanz -Dance of Death (boring) and finally a Prokofiev piece called Scythian Suite, a work inspired by the Scythian tribes that rode horses around central Asia for several hundred years beginning in about the eighth century. The Prokofiev was really loud, along with all the usual stuff you find in an orchestra, they brought out a hulking monster of a base drum, the gong, the xylophone, the triangle, symbols, tubas, tambourines, bells, two harps, trombones, all in full affect.

If you don't know Beethovens 6th (you probabley do) I recomend it, also recomend Lizst's Fantasy on Motifs from Beethoven's Ruin of Athens. It's unbeelievably beautiful, good music to paint to if you tire of the new Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah CD.

Hooray for Ludwig! I heart him so much. I also heart Shostakovich, who also happens to heart Ludwig. I wish I coulda been there.
I used to play violin and we played the 6th Symphony in the Philthadelphia Youth Dorkestra. I love going to hear orchestral and chamber music. It does, it screws your head back on right, you remember the epic things, the things outside the ADD.

Sounds like an evening of excellence, Corns.

We have your bumper sticker on our door now. I want one that has the Call 1-800-Eat-Shit part. Perhaps I will have to order. We are definitely putting the other on our car.

Rock it Corny.
PD I'll check out Shostakovich can you recomend anything in particular? Luddy was amazing. I'm resolving to listen to more classical this year. MM, I bet you were the coolest little nerdball in all of Philly. I've got one of those stickers...if i can find your address, it's in the mail.
Was talking about creating break-off faggy clique within social circle &going to the opera. A few have signed up. Actually was trying to convince people to go camping with me, get baked in the woods & ditch the whole 80's thing but this sounds better.
Corny, it sounds fantastico and grande. If you're into smaller-scale ultra beautiful stuff, try Duparc's 17 songs, for piano and voice, which are over the top gorgeous and romantic. In general check out those turn of the century French fags, they'll really get you going. Or Messaen's smaller scale things, I can't remember names, but there is one little song I deeply love called pour que. He wrote some pretty heavy sad stuff while in Auschwitz or whichever camp, something about "for the end of time." Monteverdi, Belini, Donizetti all have beautiful songs, vocal duets and solos. Or for the excellent modernist/minimalist trip out, check out Morton Feldman, like Durations I - IV and Coptic Light.
I'd be interested to hear tips on anything good you find because I completely don't have a clue except for this and that beautiful thing that the Mrs. tells me about.
Holy Crap Capt'n I just got Messaien for piano a few weeks ago. It's amazing. I don't know much of his other works - I heard a choral piece once that was incredible. Your Mrs. sounds super cool.

Corny, in my nerdly opinion I agree with PD about Shostakovich - I love his pieces for cello, personally. And while we're on the classical music tip -

Here are a few of my faves of all time:

Bartok quartets (all great)
Biber violin concertos
Schubert quintets
Brahms' 2nd symphony
and Sibelius' 2nd

I know PD too will have a wealth of recommendations. It is good to switch gears once in a while, away from the 3 minute pop song and get really intensely into another space.
I've been rocking out to a lot of Bartok in my studio lately it all came from Limewire there is a lot of music you can get free on Limewire

MM I think I saw you play I used to go see the youth orchestra in the early 90's my friend Paul played the Viola

I highly recommend cleansing like the capt'n always says there's nothing like getting rid of that peanut m & m from 1976

it does really clear your head
Paul. The violist. Was he the one with the long curly-ish hair? What was his last name? The last time I played with them was 1990. So maybe you did see. Crazy. Gree C. Hair, what are your other qualities.
Yes he did have curly-ish hair his last name was Hewitt
and he had a younger brother who was kind of a hipster who played percussion
and they had a younger sister who played the violin who I was totally hot for hmmm-I guess I never learned her name mostly I could only look at the top of my shoes when she was around
maybe I did see you in 1990
lately my qualitites have been trying to get out of my house before 4:00 pm
and being the Capt'n correspondent
I'm not so sure if my life is better or worse since I discovered the world of google image
I totally remember both of them. Yes. They were both in the dorkestra when I was. Woweeee Greee Ceee!!!!!

Good luck getting out before 4!! There's still loads of time.
I'm heading over to the itunes store and tomorrow to Tower records and will pick up all these music suggestions. So awsome. I'm feeling really lucky right now to have our little blog cabal and sending you all waves of glowing love.

So much new stuff to take in. I want to do the clense thing Team Shredder did so I may be inhabited by the pure spirit of Messaien and co. sans 15 year old M&M which I now understand to be the root of what makes the sholders hunch up in perma-tention.
Oh I love this subject. MM and I have shared in Shostakovich's genius since long ago. I must say his chamber music is my fave, with the cello sonata being amazing as well as piano quintets. His string quartets--especially #8--will make you cry and his preludes and fugues will take you to another world. His symphonies are very raucous--especially #5 which kicked Stalin in the ass. Corny, I feel like I owe you for that hysterical bumper sticker, so I would glady burn you an instant Shostakovich collection. Just email me your address and I'll get them out to you.
And Schubert was no slouch!
Kelli, I'm interested in Die Zauberflöte at the met on 2/3...
My parents rented the Bergman film version of The Magic Flute for my 4th or 5th B-day party, I remember being entranced by it but I'm told the party was a flop.
I love this subject too, Pd I'm gunna take you up on that!
ok totally off the point i know, but this is what's clearing my head after a sonty night out at the EXCELLENT A. L. Steiner/Eve Fowler show here in LA LA land. classical in it's own right, i reccomend:
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEEDFrozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope(Relapse)
Second full length by this outfit led by Scott Hull (of Pig Destroyer and formerly of Anal Cunt).
i like sonty, but i meant stony. ah how the night lasts...
Liking medieval music: Thomas Tallis, Gesualdo. Really into medieval culture, video games, comic books. If I were a guy I would weigh 300 pounds & work at Forbidden Planet. Corny, would you still be my friend?
Kelli you funny. Would you play D & D too?

As for medieval, besides wanting to don their garb and eat with my hands only, never showering, the music from that era is another thing I really love. The aforementioned Biber is old like that, also Machault is really great. And there is some drum music I have heard that has blown be to smithereens. I am a smithereen right now, fighting with life to be alive.
MM: yes to D&D. also I would go see Underworld II this week. Supposed to be crappy movie but the combination of full body latex and food with butter on it would draw me out of the apt. I rent over mom's garage.
Wow this comment log is a bottomless pool of knowledge. Kelli, Mrs. Cub is into Medieval times, if she had her way, our house would be wallpapered with posters of Wizards and faires. I know, you're thinking "man alive, these people are cluelss, thats Middle-earth not Medieval! "There is some cross-over there, right? I'm adding your sugestions to the list and heading to Tower music right now. Thanks
okie doke

this is interesting, so far on Corn's GENERAL karmic path I have found Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Robert Mapplethorpe, and a few others.
More specifically, (you may not like hearing this) Sarah Jessica PArker, and the austronot Jim Lovell are listed as closer to what you are dealing with, i.e. they share your moon path or what karma you encounter.
Your sun sign, or how you express yourself, is shared with (talking birthday here) Jennifer Capriati, Alene Bertha Duerk(first woman US navy rear Admiral) Rosina Lhevinne (pianist)Eric Idle (monty Python member) and a bunch of others including Sam Walton from Walmart.

Your strengths in terms of this b-day are that you are idealistic, ironic and loyal
Your weaknesses MAY sometimes be that you are opinionated, unambitious, and aloof! lol RELAX not a big deal!
anywho, this is all based on this Yale MD guy Gary Goldschneider, who really speaks to me, but to each his own!
The Mrs. just told me that Meredith Monk's new piece is opening at Yerba Buena in San Francisco sometime around Valentine's Day. We know nothing of this piece, could even be bad, but Monk has done some experimental vocal stuff and some weird things too, mixed bag but interesting.
I spent this weeks pay check on all the music recomended here, will report back...
Anon, thats a lot of info to take in. Must sit for a day or two with the fact that me and Sarah Jessica Parker are sharing the same karmic path.
Not even sure what a karmic path is exactly.
anon, but really, thanks.. i'll put this knowledge to good use as best i can.
hey corny
to weigh in on the classy music:
shostakovich violin concerto (especially #1) is AWESOME.
i listened to it in high school a lot
and did anyone mention that if you like shosty you'll LOVE stravinsky, especially the titanically great Rites of Spring?!
BTW now that you're into classy music have you thought of attending the bard summer music concerts? i go every year. (I'm such a drip.)
this summer is LISZT. who cares about him but check out his funny droopy face on the music festival website.
I went to a Bard concert last summer in that amazing building. It was a Aaron Copeland. Pretty cool, except for one piece wrote by I forget who that required some spoken word about all the nations getting along (post WW2) and Mia Farrow comes on stage with her head mic and looks like a wax figurine. Puffy cheeks. Shiny, shiny.
Mia's daughter is our student at the bardo...

I went to a concert there the first summer it opened, some Krazy modern opera, god, i can even remember what it was. The stage set looked like a big toung.
Thanks amy I'm on it.
I should add that I sat through a talk at the Drawing Center with Robert Storr and he was all "irony is poison" I don't think he meant visual irony though, he is somewhat of a purist
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP » »
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