Monday, January 16, 2006

Gutenmorgen und Willkommen zur deutschen Anstrichwoche (yes, our german friends have a word for "painting week")!

Every day this week we will honor a different German painter. Today I beg you to revel in that which is Katrin Plavcak. Katrin makes videos and has a band, she's also a dog whisperer, a competitive kick-boxing champion, a mother of 6, she has a cooking show on German cable teevee called "Hallo Kleiner Frankfurter!" Moreover, she's co-scoring a musical salute to the human genome along with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Her hobbies include off road driving and leather tanning. She is ambitious and I like her painting. She uses a lot of photography in her work but her images are introspective and funny.
"Martin Prinzhorn associates Pavcak's transgressing forms of the self with a feeling that "characterizes the moment of waking and opening the eyes. Still blurred, the images perceived are on there way to, but do not yet appear as, interpretable images. Content comes only later and takes time."
-From the Slices of Life catalogue, a show curated by Karin Pernegger at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York 2005

#1 eh
#2 me likey
#3 looks like a Nicole Eisenman drawing but bigger and on canvas.

Was that Moronica who found himself standing in the ladies room after a hurried run from seeing "wolf Creek" (junk, btw)? Yessum. he is blaming it on the black north face parka that he wears which is cinched atthe waist and resembles the ladies room sign.
I saw that show at Outrageous Look.
Good stuff.
I love's how I see the city.
All the shows I've seen at Outrageous Look have been great.

The Mrs.
Where did you find it? Interesting read film editing schools
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