Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brit-poppers Hard-Fi played a rollicking set at Bowery Ballroom last week.I just read a shit review in Art rocker of their live show but I haven't seen anyone as tallented as these motherfuckers in a long time. They played a set of songs from their album Stars of CCTV and added in a couple of new songs. There's a dub sound they got going, mixed with catchy chorus's that sound like boy band material, but mostly they get compaired to the Clash, (late clash). Lead singer Richard Archer looked as if his vains were going to bust right out of his head the whole time. Alot of their songs are about life in a small town. When asked by the NME about Staines, the town he's from, Archer replies, "Small mindedness gets on my tits because it's so narrowminded". Exactly, It gets on my tits too Richard, all over my damn tits!

Met Katrin Plavcak for dinner tonight, Somehow she saw my blog post about her work and she happens to be in NY. She showed me her new stuff, it's interesting, much more abstract and complicated. I'll post some pics here if she sends jpegs.

Hard-Fi made it onto Boadweeblogs honorable mentions list for top of the pops 2005.
i was wondering when a bitch was gonna get some props!


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Because of a mention in an earlier post of yours, I got meself some Hard-Fi and lllllove it. Thanks Corny and Boadwee.
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Pd, was it you who was looking for music along the lines of CatPower? (slow yet grooving) I was just listening to Regina Spektor, have you heard her? She opened for the Strokes and got really big, she plays piano and bangs chairs and stuff.
also Anthony and the Johnsons is other worldly in a CatPower kinda way, I like the first album better then the second.
I have never heard Spektor, but will check her out. As long as she is not like Tori Anus...
I really like Anthony & the Johnsons, although I can't listen to him/them when I paint. I have been listening to some old garage rock / psychadelic stuff the last couple of days--Electric Prunes and Syndicate of Sound.
Electric Prunes - YES, pd!! Wow that brings me back. Have had a Jazz Butcher drinking song repeating in the bean lately. Have you heard Solex? Just curious. The first 2 albums are great. The last one -- eh.

Thanks for the tips, Corn-pone. Will check out your recommendations. Chan Marshall (Cat Power) did a number with the Handsome Boy Modelling School that I didn't like at first, but now love.
I have the second solex--I likey.
How is the new Cat Power? I loved her last one.
Haven't heard "The Greatest" yet, PD, but must to git.
I'm not sure I'm exactly recomending Regina Spektor but i know her sound and all i'm saying is if you like CatPower you might like her. She's infinately cooler and stranger then Tori Anus, (she works a sea shantny into her act).

I like my pop songs a bit brighter, snappier, toetappier, or just plain louder more aggressive then these girls but the NME gave Spektors new album high marks, so thought I'd pass that on. I tend to think their music reviews are on the mark.
Love solex's first album. I saw her play a few years ago Under Acme. It was a small audience and eveyone sat on the floor. She sat on a folding chair in front of us with a keyboard. Mrs.Solax's 2nd grade music class. It was sweet.
I know what you mean about listening to Anthony and the johnsons when trying to paint. It's like drinking a 30 year old bottle of wine when what you really need is a Gatoraide.
I saw Solex open for Stereo Total at the Knitting Factory a few years back. Great show, and Elizabeth Esselink was totally nice, hung out in the bar afterwards. Stereo Total was superfun live.
Speaking of women who rock: Rennie Genossa of Morgen. She's like Nico awake. Generous and open psych from the '60s. I heard them the other night for the first time and am in a fever to find it. Fever to find it. Fever to find it. I'm in. I'm in a fever to find it.
Best regards from NY! » » »
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