Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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How many mornings have you woke up, shuffled into the kitchen and thought, I'm making myself a cup of coffee but what I really want is champagne. Or, I'm pouring myself a bowl of Natures Gate Flax & Fiber Crunch cereal but what I really want is more champagne. Morning meditation: Great Spirit, Amanda Lepore, let me live today in acceptance of your will. Today let us do it Your way.

Yes Corny. Yes. I have felt this way. Usually when I do, I skip the crunchy nugget special, starve myself, pop a tranquilizer or two, get back into bed and sleep until society tells me it's ok to have that champagne I wanted at 7 a.m. or whatever. You brighten my day!!!
I'm drunk off my ass amb aving a gland ol time, tranquilizers are nice but I'm a person (slurring) in society and I say it's OK to drink champagne starting now.
(falling off chair)
hide't in your OJ.
The sanitation workers are out side!!! WOOOOO-Hooooo
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I like a combo of oxy and Jack taken as often as needed.
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must go to studio... must, now...go
choking -gasp- go ....now.
I still have questions re: High Art, ok, when the And Dung character is looking at those photos of the girl in her office and they are like so NOT GOOD and she gets all serious Like "oh, are they set ups" isn't that the worst part? does anyone remember that? anyway Patty Clarkson rules with her hair
I thought that was so funny, Anh Duong being all art-critical post-understanding of photography - the pretentiousness was great. I don't know. I laughed. SOmething about thinking about her paintings in real life and telling a character who is playing an artist (who once played someone who danced with a robot - what was that movie?) that she deserves to be rejected for her photos of underwater Greta.....isn't that just inherently funny?
I didn't have my coffee yet. Now I understand what you meant. Oopsies.
I'm such a serious bore sometimes. i watched High Art kicking my humor to the curb like an used maxipad. At the time, we were all friends with Cholodenko (Mrs.Cub was dating her before I steped into the picture) and I took the movie at face value. I should watch it again for humor affect... I believe those photos were suposed to be based on Nan Goldin's work... junky bisexual photographer type.
I thought they were too but they were a much more neutered version. Corny, there are probably better movies to consciously re-watch than High Art, esp. if you had personal connections/feelings about it, but if it ever comes on late at night and you happen upon it remember to laugh. Maybe it will be better.
Your so right MM, that sceen with Anh Duong being the editrix was inherently funny, I love all representations of artists and the art world on teevee and movies.
is that jojo of the High Art photos jojo? You are so right about that, it would be really fun to come across it as a midnight movie.
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