Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Johnathan Meese painter/sculpture/performance artist/reigning enfant terrible of the German art scene. I love the unfettered energy of his portaits of evil. Megalomaniacs (Wagner, Fassbinder, Hitler and himself) emerge out of thick nasty glops of paint, his handywork translates beautifully to bronze sculptures, the ones I saw were gnarly faces covered with swastickas. Heres an interview with Meese and Tal R also the Saatchi site has a lot of pics to scroll thru.
Also please endure this related post about German Cannibals
with homoerotic twist

the best homoerotic cannibal movie ever is this movie called Ravenous about Early American soldiers. contains the pickup line " you'd better hope I die first because if you do I'm going to eat you".
yuckyyuk yuk
I had second thoughts about "Wolf Creek" which is not junk but a really smart picture that blends realism with impressionsism in plot and style twists, its kinda new and interesting even though I hate gory shite and only went b/c this cute guy wanted to see it
saw the Rauschenburg show and I can't believe how much influnce those pieces have had, like I look at Jessica Stockholder in a whole new light now, the show is good, and informative, i forgot that picasso invented collage wha??
the turquoise blue in the middle looks like a little bunny.
Apparantly none of you have seen Cannibal Rollerbabes. The title says it all.
Thanks for this, Corny. I did not know of this arteest. As for Rauschenburg--his early work is amazing. I did not see the show yet but am looking forward to it.
I haven't sceen Ravenous, Wolf Creek, or the Rauschenburg show yet, I got a lot of work to do.
But first I will go drink beers and watch tv, the posting war on the Friday, January 13th comment section is making me nervous. can't field bad energy at the end of a long day.
Pd, so glad you like Meese, I like him, sometimes his canvases more drawing then painting , leaving empty space and room just for violent scribbles. I find his confidence relaxing.
Corny, did not mean to add to bad energy with irritating Libran tendancy to see multiple sides of issues. Fence-sitting if you will. My friend Scott says also not to give you grief for having less porn than Dennis Cooper.
your friend Scott's got a good head on his sholders, listen to him. I don't post porn because Blogger has a porn policy. I guess people do post porn, (Boadweeblog does all the time) and they don't get shut down. I have a box of old Oui magazines from the 70s i use as referances and a few disturbing kiddy porn rags and some bear related stuff, also from 20 years ago. but thats it, I guess I don't post porn because i don't look at it very much.
But I will make a concerted effort to sex things up around here.
You did not add bad energy to that little spat, it was Anon and Shitayde, uh, I mean Ms.Andry.
You are fair and wise and a force for the good.
Kelli. I'm laughing that i just posted a picture of abstract flowers after i promised to sex things up. I know the instant you see todays post there will be a long drawn out yawn and then a switching off of the computer.
my friend said that Dennis Cooper has more cumshots as a matter of personal preference. there being a difference between literature and art and whatnot. heading to the Brooklyn crossroads ( Flatbush Junction) to cast a circle, honor Hecate and dispel bad energy. Don't know where I will go when they finish building Target there.
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