Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pd's post about Colin Blunstone got me a thinkn about all the great britpop moments Mr. Boadwee has turned me on to over the last few years. One that really stands out is 10cc's kooky 4th album, How Dare You! Humorously dubbing themselves "the worst band in the world", they sing songs with titles like, I'm Mandy Fly me and Art for Arts Sake. And the album cover? It's like looking in a mirror and seeing my split personalities staring back at me. This is worth buying, but you can also download these pleasingly peculiar songs and more 10cc for free here.

I don't know this album...but I know the third one...with that hit "I'm not in Love"--very dreamy--I can listen to it all day.
But I really get into "The things we do for love", you know, like walking in the rain and the snow when there's nowhere to go....
Must download the funny fourth album.
Like your split personalities Corny. You look very much like Linda Evans--post-Dynasty.
cheek implants?
Thanks Pd. This snap of my inner Linda Evans and inner Ken Lay taken while hashing out a divorce settelment.
You must have been beside yourself!
yes, Cheek implants. Her surgeon and surgical assistant are pulling up on the lawn for a special post op house call.
Did the divorce have anything to do with blogging?
Now that we have this all sorted, I am going to excuse myself to practice walking meditation.
The sanitation workers have left my garbage cans rolling around in front of The Mounds and there are packing peanuts blowing around everywhere (mine) also someone seems to have ripped open a bag of garbage which included some water damaged art catalogues which are scattered all over the street. I don't want to get into a row with the sanitation guys but they are singling me out for punishment and I don't know why.
lol. pd. Inner Ken Lay wont stop blogging. Just c a n t
s t o p
Do a blogging meditation...always works for me.
Corny, it looks like your inner Linda got the upper hand in this situation: the house, the kids, AND the sweet cherry-red wheelz. I'm guessing she usually gets what she wants...
Inner Linda also looks as though she "wanted" a healthy drinking habit. I'm guessing a pill or two are thrown in on most afternoons.
corny not to make you seriously paranoid but they're probably singling you out cuz....uh.... no offense to anyone here but shall i say it... uh, john gotti's mom lives in your neighborhood!!
interesting, do you know where?
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