Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That's it, I give up. There is nothing I can add to the conversation thats not covered at Cute Overload. Every big eyed puppy and every kitten in a bag is a direct protest of the war in Iraq and a challange to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Tom Delay, Kenneth Lay, all the gready fuckers and closed minded biggots and fundementalist hypocrits who think they have the final word in family values and morality, who dread differance, who are religious but spiritually stricken, WalMart who pays their employies as little as they can, especially woman and other sinister companies that opperate out of greed not thinking at all about the bigger picture, these little animals say, NO to you! Their lovability (especially the ones with big watery eyes and wet noses) are a challange to hatred and hostility. Cheers to Cute Overload, and welcome to my links cloumn, your contribution to humanity cannot be overestimated.

Speaking of Walmart I was reading an article on living wages and Costco pays employees an average of over 15$ an hour. They did some survey and found that people were less likely to quit or steal shit. Who would have thunk it.
Yeah I hear good things about Costco. My mom swears by it, she has a room in her house just for storaing cases of tunafish and and kleenex. No kidding.
All Americans should have such a room so long as it is not their bedroom.
Corny, great to meetcha, and thank you for that frickin' amazing mix tonite; it whipped the bacchanale up into a frenzy!
Corny you are the coolest exercise dancer ever. Thanks for being funs.
pee ess, Cute Overload kills me... especially the "Cute or Sad?" section...
Slothy, I was too imbarassed to ask you last night seeing as we've only just met but, will you marry me? Just asking.

MM ditto, right back atchya
Cute or sad? sums up my entire life.
Amra... is that you babe?!?! I read yer book like a year ago and never told you how much I loved it... I'm thinking that sad is an inate part of cute, or maybe thats just my mood talking.
Thank you for this, Mr. Corn
it's me, i give you virtual visits. that's so awesome that you liked the book. it's being published next year by suspect thoughts press! when are you two coming to la?
thank you on the worst day blahwise in weks for cuteoverload-now I don't have to break my undrinking habit.
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